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Tue Nov 21 2023

5 min read

4 Easy Steps to Call in Sick to Work Professionally

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call in sick

In this weird turn of events with such a pandemic going on around us, the sudden attention people have started paying to their health is huge. Now whenever you’d get sick, you would always want to focus on yourself. As a responsible citizen, it is also safe to quickly isolate yourself from others even if you’re not sick because of the virus. Whichever reason that it might be, some days your health just doesn’t let you go to work. Even if you’re working remotely, it can be very difficult to work in an atmosphere where you are struggling with your health.

In this case, it is always better to call in sick. But if you’re calling in sick, you might think how do we even do that at all? What are your responsibilities towards your company and your fellow employees? This is important since it forms essential in answering the main question, how do call in sick to work?

Steps to Call in Sick to Work Professionally

Below are the steps given:

Make it As Soon As Possible

If you think you’re sick now and your condition will only worsen as the day goes on, inform your boss immediately. It is a very professional thing to do rather than just trying to wait for it off and then informing him at the last moment. When you call in sick right at the last moment, it can create a lot of chaos and is also a very unprofessional move to take in all.

Therefore, you should inform as soon as you think you might need medical leave. For this, you can easily use any form of communication that your company or boss prefers, be it text, call, or email. In addition to this, you can also be careful about the timing of your call.

If it is late at the night, it is better to send a text or an email. However, if it is in the morning, it can be a better option to call your boss about it right away. It will give him the information directly and he will not be left wondering where you are that day.

Tell Your Co-Workers Separately

Even when you are calling in sick and informed your boss, your work is not finished. It is also important to simultaneously inform your teammates, department workers, your co-workers, or anyone who can be professionally bothered by your absence.

It is better to call in sick over a group text if your coworkers have a group chat formed. Otherwise, you can be called in sick with the person to who you’re closer and someone who can relay the message. In any circumstance, it is important to inform everyone.It becomes especially important if you are working on a certain project together or if you have some work commitments or deadlines to deal with. During these circumstances, your presence becomes very important, and therefore if you’re calling in sick during these times, the least you can do is inform everyone of your absence.

Explain How You Can Help

You might call in sick but there is still a lot you can do to try to help your coworkers at their job. Especially when you have an approaching deadline, it becomes even more important to still participate in the chores of your workplace when you’re you’re here and are sick.

However, there might be circumstances wherein you are too sick and you can’t reach out to them at all. Whatever your circumstance is, it is important to state it to your teammates immediately. In the email, text, or call through which you inform them, try to tell them if you’ll be available at any hours of the day. Or can they just email you throughout the day so that you can check and approve? With such things, you will be able to ease them out a lot and therefore be able to ensure that you’re not dumping your entire workload on them randomly.

But when it is instructed that you stay away from anything and get good bed rest, or if you don’t feel good enough to work at all that day, just say it. Hardly will anyone object to it and they will mostly just wish you good health.

Mention Any Commitments for the Day

It is additionally very important to mention any important commitments for the day that you had. If you had to meet a client, or attend a meeting, or do anything of the sort. It is not only professional of you but also responsible to have informed someone about these commitments so that they can take care of it.

If you had a meeting to attend, you can just inform your boss that someone else will attend it in your place or you can refer him to someone who would have all the information required for that commitment. This will save your coworkers and employees from running into any hassle because of you calling in sick. If you can manage everything smoothly so that the company is not much affected by your sick call and they can run everything smoothly.


If you ever think about how to call in sick to work, the only correct response to it would be in such a manner that nobody is disturbed by it and nobody has an excess workload to handle. Although when you call in sick there isn’t much that you can do about it and you are struggling with your health yourself than calling in sick responsibly is the last thing that you can do. This will help everyone to manage the workload rather than being burdened by it.

Randomly burdening your boss and coworkers with your workload is not a very nice thing and if you continue to do it in the long run then it can even strain your relationships with your co-workers. Therefore, you must call in sick responsibly and take care of your health too.