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Wed Nov 22 2023

5 min read

5 Essential Tips For Improving Employee Motivation In Achieving Goals

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Employees are the biggest pillars of any organization. They are the building stones of success. If your workforce is effective and efficient, the organizational goal can be achieved easily. Employee motivation is vital for the growth of the organization. If your workforce is motivated, they perform with double energy and enthusiasm. Being a manager, supervisor, or leader, it is your duty and responsibility to make sure that employees are happy with the organizational setup. You must ensure that they don’t have any problems, there are no internal conflicts and the work culture is suitable for everyone. You must be aware of employee motivation tips to build a great workforce. A motivated employee brings creativity, energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to the organization daily. Whereas a demotivated employee can be a hindrance to the growth of the company.

Employee motivation is about how connected an employee feels with the organization and its objectives. If the organizational goal and employee objectives align together, they work with double dedication. One of the employee motivation tips for leaders is that you should make sure that employees feel that they are important to the organization. If they feel their importance, they see their value in the organization’s eye and that motivates them to do better. There are two kinds of employee motivation, first is intrinsic motivation. When an employee feels motivated from within then it is intrinsic motivation.

One of the employee motivation tips for leaders in the case of intrinsic motivation is praise. If an employee gets praised for any of his work he feels motivated by his inner soul. The second one is extrinsic motivation. When an employee gets motivated by external factors such as rewards, awards, positive feedback, and recognition then it is an extrinsic kind of motivation.

5 Tips for Employee Motivation

Employee motivation tips can help you in building a motivated team that can be beneficial in achieving goals. Being a manager or supervisor, you must be aware of employee motivation tips for leaders. If you are not familiar with these tips, you will not be able to make your employees feel happy at the workplace. 

1. Maintain a Two-Way Communication

Leaders have to lead the whole team. You will have to manage a team of different minds and communication is vital. If your communication skills are top-notch, you will be able to disseminate the message properly. You must maintain two-way communication with your employees. You must communicate to your employees about the objectives of the organization, changes in the organizational setup, and what they can do for adding value to the company’s growth, etc. At the same time listen to what they have to say, their problems, and their grievances. If you are clear and precise, the employees will understand everything easily.

They will also feel connected with the organization if you share the necessary details with them. They will feel that they are an important part of the organization and they will get motivated to work with full enthusiasm. Therefore, you must maintain effective communication with your employees so that you can make them aware of their concerns as well as get information about their concerns.

2. Give Feedback 

Feedback is an effective tool for motivating employees. If you give feedback regularly to the employees, they feel motivated. Positive feedback or negative feedback, are equally effective. Feedback shows that their work is being registered or noticed. Employees want to know whether they have succeeded in performing their job correctly and truthfully or not. They want to know if their work has made you happy or disappointed. If you provide them with positive feedback, they will make sure that their productivity is maintained. When you provide them with negative feedback, they do feel bad for some time but they get to know that they have to work with double focus, energy, enthusiasm and dedication. Hence, feedback is a significant tool for employee motivation.

3. Use Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation 

Employees get motivated when they receive proper praise, reward, and incentives. Being a leader, it is your responsibility to make sure you praise the employees for the good work done by them. You should organize employee motivation programs such as award functions where you can facilitate the employees for their achievements, dedication, and faith in the company. Also, if employees get proper incentives they feel motivated.

If they start feeling that they are being paid less in comparison to the amount of work they do or they are not being provided with bonuses and other benefits such as insurance, residential benefits, outdoor holidays with family, etc, they get demotivated and their productivity starts declining. When employees get recognition for their work, their productivity increases and they remain motivated.

4. Good Work Environment

A good working environment is an effective tool for motivating employees. If the work culture is stressful, employees will get discouraged resulting in the generation of demotivated employees. If the work environment is peaceful, pleasant, and friendly, employees get positive vibes that make them happy, stress-free, and optimistic. If the employees feel safe in the company, they feel free and work efficiently. You should make sure that the atmosphere of the company is lightning and refreshing. Employees are provided with ample time for breaks between work.

You should make sure that they are provided with goodies and beverages. Also, provide them with regular health check-ups and other health-related benefits. This makes them feel good about the company, increases their loyalty, and motivates them to do better for the growth of the organization.

5. Set Achievable Goals

Every work requires time to get completed properly. Hence, provide ample amount of time to the employees so that they can give their best. Break big goals into smaller achievable goals. This will help the employees in providing quality work. If they will get overburdened by the work, it will get difficult for them to work effectively. Therefore, you should make sure that your employees feel comfortable with the amount of work. This will make them feel that their mental health is given due importance and eventually they will get motivated to work with full dedication.


Employee motivation should be the top priority for every organization. Being a leader, the responsibility to maintain an effective workforce comes on your shoulders. You should make use of employee motivation tips and tricks to build a great team. A great leader is one who walks holding the hands of his followers and guides them at every stage. Employees are the biggest supporters of any organization and you must look after them. If they remain motivated, your company will grow higher.