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Sat Dec 16 2023

5 min read

5 Best Time Tracking Software For Efficient Time Management

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time tracking software

Time tracking software is built for businesses and start-ups for being able to keep track of the working hours at which an employee is performing their job. These services are primarily utilized by freelancers, professional services companies, and contractors. Time tracking tools use digital clock-punching features to quantify how long workers want to complete assignments. 

The most important work involves keeping track of their activities like check-in/check-out, the entire number of hours worked, time spent on non-working varieties of stuff projects completed, milestones achieved, and making a summary of all the above-such elements on a dashboard to have an overall look. In short, it’ll empower you to possess lively control over your employees the way you would like. 

Online Time-Tracking Software

In this blog, we are going to discuss the best employee time tracking software so without further ado let us go through it. 


Hubstaff is an online time tracking software that offers business productivity by boosting up effective features. It’s easy to use and is an effective tool to trace work hours, payment to team members, client invoicing, and in-depth reporting. The software is offered for desktop and mobile devices. Hubstaff offers features like time management, team management, and project management. Hubstaff allows track time through its desktop app. Employees can choose once they want to record their time. Once the app is running, it monitors which websites and applications your team is viewing, their screen activity, and the way much time they spend at their desktop. 

It then gathers all this data and creates individual reports for all of your employees. Your team members also can track what proportion of time they spent on a selected task or project. Hubstaff adds the time logged in by various employees and tells you ways much time it took to finish the whole project. It also automatically creates an invoice using this information and allows you to bill your clients supported by the hours spent.

Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch offers monthly yet annual billing options. Buddy Punch is best for small-scale to large-scale businesses. Buddy Punch is an employee time tracking software with a customizable interface. It may be integrated with popular payroll management products. 

It’s a straightforward web-based time-tracking tool. This software will simplify your timesheet online. It’ll allow you to manually generate weekly reports. The features of Buddy Punch features line reminders or notifications. Buddy Punch is easily integrated with accounting and payroll software. 

You can log in to the system through multiple modes like username & password, email address, identity verification, etc. It provides GPS tracking features that will track and audit every single shift of every day. It will allow you to line a rule and assign it to any number of employees that may facilitate yours with automatic brakes.


Paymo is a full-fledged work management tool that pairs task management with advanced time-tracking functionalities under an intuitive digital workspace. Paymo is a popular option because it also integrates planning, resource management, and invoicing. Paymo helps to manage your entire workflow and ensure you’re getting paid fairly. There’s also a free desktop widget available for people who are softer engaging from their Mac or Windows. You can use the mobile app if you are stuck at meetings or conferences. They also work offline, just just in case you lack an Internet connection. Paymo is also one of the best open-source time tracking software. 

All-time logs are instantly recorded into the Timesheets module to provide you with an accurate insight into how your team is spending their time. You’ll be able to then easily turn them into time reports that may facilitate your invoice to your clients, spot any bottlenecks, and act as accurate benchmarks for your future projects too. You can use Paymo as an automatic time-tracking option if you ever forget to start your tracker. All you’ve got to try to do is hit Record and you’re prepared. At the tip of the day, what’s left is to pair up some time entries with their corresponding tasks or find a rule to try and do this for you.


Built by creative professionals for the creative industries, FunctionFox has the tools to assist you to manage your projects effectively. You can track both billable and non-billable work using this software even if you are working alone. FunctionFox is intended to scale back your admin time and improve productivity. Use the timer function to trace time as you’re employed, or add time in manually. Time summaries are often reviewed in an exceedingly daily, weekly, or monthly view. In addition to time-tracking features, FunctionFox also includes features for managing project timelines, budgets, and expenses. It is to make sure that you simply aren’t over or under-servicing clients.

FunctionFox is straightforward to use and made even easier with the tutorials and support provided. The tool provides dedicated onboarding, and every customer support is unlimited, ongoing, and included within the subscription cost. This software has provided detailed help documents in its software. 


Wrike is a powerful and popular time tracking software. The tool is suitable for teams with anywhere from five members to a limitless number of members. Wrike is known to be highly configurable. You can customize your reports and workflows in Wrike. Well, Wrike offers automatic timers and also the ability to log time manually, yet as simple reports to work out exactly how time is being spent weekly. Users can drill down to a private or project level. You will be provided with advanced reports based on your time and project management allocation. The Wrike real-time insights of the schedule will be sent to you as time management.  

Wrike incorporates a dedicated help center with interactive training, videos, a ‘Getting Started’ guide, and a thriving community. Wrike is pretty easy to process with an intuitive interface and properly structured documents. Wrike has an increasing number of pre-built native integration including software like Microsoft, Google, etc. It’s online project management software that gives flexibility to users to manage projects with project management features like time tracking features, project planning features, project organization features, an interactive timeline, online collaboration features, communication features, and far more. You can find the worker database and mobile time tracking options with Wrike. It’s even useful for employee vacation/leaves tracking.


Time tracking tools base their recordings almost entirely on time. A time tracking tool is used in industries like construction, transportation, and manufacturing services that are inclined to live by rules, structures, regulations, and terms, involve traveling, and specific conditions. These were the best, most powerful shortlisted online time tracking software that will make your daily working life easier.  

Unfortunately, not every time tracking tool within the field offers this level of tracking, so take care to ask your prospective vendor if they provide this level of oversight. You’ll be able to also choose tools that supply more comprehensive project management. We hope we could help you and found what you were looking for.