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Tue Jun 11 2024

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Pitch N Hire: World's Leading Employee Recruitment Software

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Employee Recruitment Software

It is no news that employee recruitment software has gained in the HR industry. But still, many recruiters are not familiar with this software. If you are one of those recruiters, worry not. From the meaning and working to the benefits and usage, we will discuss everything about hiring software in this blog.

Finding top talent is challenging, and that is why it is driving recruiters' interest in employee recruitment software. Many recruiters have realized that adopting a high-quality hiring system is the only way to hire the best candidates. And guess what? They are right.

These modern systems are designed to enhance hiring efficiency for both recruiters and candidates. If you are a recruiter looking for a top hiring tool, this blog is for you. Here, we will inform you enough about these modern tools so you can invest in one. So, read on.

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Transform Your Hiring Strategy with Employee Recruitment Software

Employee recruitment software is a modern hiring tool that digitalizes the recruitment process, helping a recruiting team save time and effort. Did you know that 98% of Fortune 500 companies use hiring software?

It proves that today, almost all smart recruiters of leading business organizations use hiring tools to create a seamless hiring experience for everyone involved.

Although many recruiting systems are available in the US market, an applicant tracking system (ATS) is the most common. You will better know about this new-age software when you know what it can exactly do in recruitment. So, let us discuss the next step.

What can the employee recruitment software do?

Now you know that employee recruitment software helps businesses optimize their hiring process. But you do not know how yet. Almost all recruiting tools can perform some or all of the following processes in recruitment:

Talent sourcing

Candidate sourcing is the first step of recruitment when employers find and attract suitable candidates. Hiring software can be very helpful in this step as it can use many tools and platforms to attract active and passive candidates and create custom hiring pipelines.

In other words, the software can encourage many potential candidates to apply for the open role.

Resume screening

Once the recruiting software posts jobs to various platforms, it will start gathering and storing applications and resumes of the candidates who will apply for the job. After this, the AI recruitment software will automatically screen and rank all candidates' resumes based on how well they match the job requirements. This way, the hiring tool will make it easy for the recruiters to evaluate and identify qualified candidates.

Candidate engagement

Almost all high-quality employee recruitment software provides CRM features such as custom email templates, candidate assessments, etc. Recruiters can use this feature to engage and interact with candidates.

It is the best way to ensure all candidates stay informed throughout recruitment. Moreover, recruiters can use these features to know all candidates better and find suitable ones quickly.

Hiring and onboarding new employees

After the recruiting software helps HR professionals complete the candidate screening round effectively, it will move on to the next step, i.e., sending offer letters to the selected candidates. The software can create customizable offer letter templates for different job roles.

Not only this, but the hiring system can collect digital signatures from all candidates to ensure they get them on board as quickly as possible.

So, the above are the hiring steps you can expect a general employee recruitment software to take. Further, let us discuss the difference between hiring software and some terms recruiters use in context with the hiring software.

Employee Hiring System vs. Applicant Tracking System vs. CRM

Employee recruitment software is a comprehensive term that covers many hiring systems such as ATS, CRM, AI video interview software, etc. On the other hand, applicant tracking systems (ATS) and candidate relationship management software focus on individual hiring aspects.

For example, CRM software is primarily designed to help recruiters develop and cherish meaningful relationships with applicants. One thing to note is that ATS software is different from CRM. Earlier, recruiters mainly used the traditional ATS systems to manage job applications and screen candidate resumes.

However, modern ATSs in the market use cloud technology to automate many hiring phases. Simply put, these modern tools go beyond application management and resume screening. Now, they help recruiters manage the overall hiring workflow. That is why we can call ATS as an all-in-one hiring solution.

68% of hiring professionals believe that investment in modern HR tools is the best way to enhance recruitment results. Let us move ahead and learn how the employee recruitment software benefits recruiters and candidates.

How do hiring systems benefit recruiters and candidates?

Employee recruitment software can enhance the hiring experience not only for recruiters but for the candidates as well. Let us understand how the software benefits both individually:

Benefits to recruiters

The significant benefit the HR software solution offers to recruiters is automation. Automation reduces the burden on the recruiters' heads and helps them save time to invest in other priority tasks. Besides this, some more benefits the software offers to HR professionals and recruiters are:

  • Hiring software enables recruiters to build strong professional relationships with active and passive candidates.
  • Employee recruitment software allows HR managers to speed up the entire recruiting process and, at the same time, offer a seamless recruitment experience to candidates.
  • Recruiting tools help recruiters store hiring data in one place and use it to make data-driven hiring decisions.

Benefits to candidates

Did you know that a streamlined recruiting process helped KinCare decrease candidate drop-off by 60% and helped attract high-quality candidates? No other tool can create a systematic hiring process other than hiring software.

Here are some benefits the software offers to candidates:

  • The hiring software eases the application process for candidates.
  • Employee recruitment software ensures call candidates stay informed throughout recruitment.
  • Hiring systems offer interactive chatbots to help candidates communicate effectively with recruiters.

Clear with the benefits the employee recruitment system offers to recruiters and candidates? Now, let us understand what types of business organizations should use the hiring software.

What types of organizations should use the hiring software?

Usually, all large-scale business organizations need to use cloud-based applicant tracking systems to streamline their HR operations. That is because most hiring systems are best suited to satisfy the needs of large businesses. These software have high implementation and maintenance costs and advanced hiring features that only enterprise-level companies can afford.

Another reason employee recruitment software is best suited to large businesses is the large number of candidate applications these companies receive. Sometimes, they also receive thousands of candidate applications during their job openings. Without an automated recruiting solution, it would become difficult for such companies to manage and store such a high volume of applications.

However, small businesses also often struggle with too many manual hiring tasks. For this, they rely on complicated spreadsheets and emails. However, they do not know that many recruitment software providers in the USA offer automated hiring system for small businesses. Hence, small business owners can adopt any of those tools to eliminate repetitive manual tasks from their hiring process.

In short, companies of all sizes and natures can use employee recruitment software to carry out their daily hiring operations quickly and effectively.

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What makes Pitch N Hire ATS the best recruitment software?

Pitch N Hire ATS is a one-of-a-kind employee recruitment software that offers every feature required to streamline hiring easily and precisely. If you invest in our hire ATS software, here are the three key benefits you will surely enjoy:

Screen candidates with ease

The best employee recruitment software offers the tools to screen and evaluate candidates quickly and accurately. We provide numerous screening and assessment features, such as automated resume screening, seamless video interviewing, etc.

You can use these features to make the candidate's screening process in recruitment unbiased and fair. In addition, these features will also help you enhance hiring quality.

Source top talent

You cannot hire the best talent if you attract unqualified candidates. It means you should use the right platform to target the right audience at the right time. Luckily, our high-end ATS software integrates with many job boards, social media platforms, and listing sites.

Not only this, but our ATS can help you create compelling job descriptions and engaging job ads and post them to multiple platforms. This way, you can attract the best talent from the large talent pool.

Make better hiring decisions

We offer a user-friendly interface that every recruiter can understand and use to hire top talent effortlessly. The cherry on the cake is you can use our ATS platform to make well-informed hiring decisions.

The reason? We offer comprehensive application and interview insights, candidate management and tracking, and customizable reports and dashboards. You can use these features to keep track of your recruitment process and measure your hiring outcomes.

So, if you want to automate your hiring workflow and make a positive impression on candidates, try our ATS software today by booking a FREE software demo from our website.


Ultimately, employee recruitment software can help businesses fulfill their unique hiring needs and achieve their recruitment goals. Moreover, the software can also ensure all candidates enjoy a smooth hiring experience. So, if you want to adopt a hiring platform, stop thinking and do it. But remember, always choose the software that best suits your needs.

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