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Mon Jun 24 2024

5 min read

No.1 End-to-End AI Video Interview Platform | PNH

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Many US employers do not know how to prepare themselves and conduct an AI video interview. Moreover, they do not know how to streamline the interviewing process using video interview platforms. To help you with this, we have discussed some tips in the blog below to help you schedule video interviews.

More US employers are using AI video interview modules to vet job seekers seeking remote positions. Nonetheless, as a recruiter or an employer, you may not achieve successful video interviewing without relevant knowledge and technology.

Basically, there are some things you should take into account prior to entering into the artificial intelligence-based video interview space. In the next blog, we will provide you with some helpful tips or effective strategies that can assist you as follows.

The following suggestions will guide you on how to pre-interview and interview several candidates for the vacancies by using automated interview software. In addition, this will enable you to tap into the potential of the video interview platform to improve your hires.

So, let’s then jump right to the blog and not waste any more time.

How should you prepare for an AI video interview?

It is believed by almost 50% of the recruiters in America today that no need for long interviews shall be witnessed in the coming times with AI taking over the job. Source: Tidio

A modern-day recruiter needs to properly conduct a study before undertaking an AI video interview. However, good preparation is the only way through which a professional video interview can be crafted. In addition, you will be in a position to provide interactive interview sessions to the prospective personnel.

Here are some tips to create a structured virtual interview environment or plan.

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Know what questions to ask

Before starting the AI video interview, you must know which question to ask the candidate. This translates into the need to come up with a set list of carefully thought-out questions prior to preparation. The questions should be relevant to the candidate’s qualifications, experience, and competencies.

Manage the time well

Avoid too many questions at a go for the candidate. The reason? They may consume the entire interview time, and it wouldn’t be possible to make other queries. Therefore, it is important that you learn how to use your time properly and dedicate a certain time period for each question.

Prepare a backup plan

Technical disturbances are likely to occur when conducting interviews using an automated interview scheduling system. Hence, ensure that there are alternative ways to carry on in case one fails to work. Therefore, the backup plan should probably involve rescheduling or continuing the interview by telephone or other means.

Dress professionally

Think once: this is an AI video interview. You cannot dress as you wish like that! It is important that in any type of interview, one needs to wear an appropriate dress sense. This portrays an element of professionalism. Additionally, it shows your sincerity and commitment to following through with the actual interview process.

Having learned how to set up an environment for automated interviews, the next step will be to learn about the automated interview process itself.

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How should you conduct an AI video interview?

Did you know? As stated by ResumeBuilder, almost 43 percent of companies are currently using AI tools for interviewing. Other companies plan to go for this approach soon. Therefore, you must know how to do video interviews. Here are some tips that will help you go through this entire automated interview process using artificial intelligence:

Introduce yourself to the candidate

At the beginning, inform the candidate of yourselves and the structure of the interview. Hereby, this means that you should explain what constitutes an AI interview to the candidate as well as any question or issue that may arise. This will give the potential employee a good first impression of you and your organization.

Take care of your body language

Also, body language is another way of communicating, which talks a lot about you. Therefore, your entire body language will say it all: it is necessary for you to sit and smile in such a way as to form an impression of a serious person but with a good sense of humor. You can do this by sitting straight with sureness and body language that reflects the same.

Maintain eye contact

Eye contact is an important part of your behavioral interaction, whether you are talking to someone in front or online. It speaks of your character that you are an attentive listener who is a courageous person. However, if we focus on keeping eye contact while having an AI video interview, it is important for you to look directly into the camera. This will foster communication and openness throughout an interview session.

Be an active listener

You should also engage in active listening together with the active speaking part. Remember also that at the close, it is you who will be trying to find out more about the personality of the candidate with regard to their character and potential. Therefore, you should pay attention to the respondents’ answers and not be afraid of posing additional inquiries.

Make the candidate comfortable

Though video interviews are almost similar to personal interviews, they can sometimes leave the interviewees with a feeling of detachedness. So, it is of paramount importance that you do whatever possible to put the candidate at ease. To achieve this, you need to be warm and understanding with the candidate during an AI video interview.

Now, you must know how to prepare for and do a video interview. You will, therefore, also have to master the use of these video interview platforms.

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How should you end an AI video interview?

Conversely, terminating AI video interviews positively can be a manner of enhancing the employer brand. Here are some tips that you should remember while ending a video interview:

Allow the candidate to ask questions

After you are done on your part as a recruiter, always ask the candidate whether he/she has any questions. They may be related to the role, salary, your company, or anything else. In short, keeping the candidate informed and updated by addressing all doubts and queries is how you can end the interview really well.

Inform the candidate about the further steps

Every employee wants openness from the employer. So you need to be open and let the candidates know their position in regard to the hiring process. It does not necessarily mean that you should inform them if they got shortlisted. No! This means that you should conclude the interview in a manner that will let the candidate know what he or she is expected to do next.

Thank the candidate

The only effective way to create a positive brand image and provide candidates with a smooth interview process is to make sure the interviewees leave good impressions. Even when you are about to reject a candidate, make an effort to end the AI video interview on a positive note. This can be done by appreciating the candidate for showing interest in your company’s job.

And that is the end of my part in this AI video interview; up next is an evaluation of the candidate. This means it is appropriate to place the candidate in a particular box now and go far with the recruitment. There are three categories, i.e., shortlist the candidate, reject the candidate, or wait.

How can you use the video interview platform effectively?

You can only claim to have understood all about scheduling and conducting AI video interviews once you figure out how video interview platforms work. However, if you do not know how the platform and its features work, then all these measures will be in vain. Here are the two main features of the interview platform that you can use to conduct successful interviews and hire the best candidates:

Screen sharing feature

The whole stream for the video interview consists of extensive document and file sharing by both parties. At such a time, one can use a window to share documents using the screen-sharing feature that is available in AI interview software. In addition, this function can allow you to make an online presentation with visual support and encourage buzzing around.

Recording feature

Video interviews can also be a common feature in video interview platforms. This is a nice feature, especially when you want to refer back to the interview later on with your recruiting team members. Therefore, one should post the recording function if saving interviews for later.

With all these from this blog post read through, conducting a successful AI video interview cannot be a miss for you. It means that there is no geographical limitation to where top talent might originate from. No wonder a good interview always leads to the hiring of successful employees.

Wrapping up

To maintain the efficiency, speed, and effectiveness of the AI video interviewing process, proper software for video interviewing is required. Hence, you can go for Pitch N Hire's AI-powered video interview software. Our premium video interviewing platform has a number of cutting-edge components to liven up your recruitment process. So why not go ahead and visit our site? Also, you can schedule a free software demo.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I prepare for an AI video interview?

For an employer, getting ready for the AI video interview is simple. You only need the following things to prepare yourself for a virtual interview:

  • Strong internet connection
  • Operational desktop device, such as a personal computer or laptop
  • An automated interview software
  • Questions to ask the candidate

2. What do AI video interviews look for?

The main reason recruiters conduct interviews is to assess a candidate’s traits and character. Recruiters usually have some outline of the ideal candidate. They, therefore, leverage AI video interview software to determine its suitability for their open role.

3. What is automated interview scheduling?

One selection tool that hiring software offers to recruitment managers is automated interview scheduling, which helps minimize time to hire and time to fill. An AI video interview scheduling tool is used by recruiters to schedule and hold automated interviews with candidates.

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