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Sat Feb 24 2024

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Best Video Interview Software for the Recruitment Process

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As technology advances and the world becomes more and more connected, the way we do things changes with it. Businesses are no different, and one of the areas that have seen the most change in recent years is recruitment. The traditional face-to-face interview is no longer the only option for employers to meet potential new hires. Video Interview Software is becoming increasingly popular, and it is not hard to see why.

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has forced businesses to adapt and change how they operate. One of the most significant changes has been how companies recruit new employees. With traditional face-to-face interviews now off the table, many businesses have turned to video interviews to screen candidates, as video interviewing has many advantages.

While this may be a new method for some businesses, video interviews are not a new concept. Indeed, 89% of professionals in the Middle East and North Africa anticipate a rise in video job interviews in the upcoming months, according to a recent survey.

In this essay, we'll be providing a guide on how to prepare for a video interview, including the crucial video interview tips to enhance your interview experience. Our discussion will also include some of the most likely asked video interview questions that need to be addressed. Let's begin with the basic definition.

What is Recruitment Process?

Recruitment is a process in human resources to find and attract candidates for employment. Recruitment aims to locate, screen, and select qualified applicants for the open position.

The future of recruitment includes the use of Video Interview Software as a way to connect with candidates all over the world. Global companies are using video interviews to connect with candidates who cannot travel for an in-person interview.

Why Video Interview Software?

The future of recruitment may not seem like it's in the hands of video interviews, but they are playing a more prominent role than ever before. The number of companies using video interviews has increased dramatically in recent years. The answer is straightforward: they are effective.

Video interviews save time and money while allowing you to screen candidates effectively. They are also a great way to connect with candidates worldwide, becoming increasingly important as the world becomes more connected.

Video interviews are not just for businesses that can't conduct interviews in person. They are an excellent tool for any business that wants to screen candidates quickly and efficiently. Now that you understand what recruitment is and the significance of Video Interview Tool in the contemporary world, let's begin the second part of our guide - how to prepare for a video interview.

How To Prepare For a Video Interview?

Be it in-person or through video interview software, preparing for one can be a daunting task for many. It takes more than just Googling a list of questions and answers the night before. Preparing for an interview is just as important as the interview itself and can make all the difference in whether or not you get the job.

However, following the below tips to enhance your interview journey and practising the interview questions can massively impact the success rate of your interview. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your following video interview.

Top Video Interview Tips

  • Get Ready just like a face-to-face one.
  • Always present yourself better.
  • Never sit too close or too far apart.
  • Give the area a well-lit background.
  • Be ready to make the best eye contact.
  • Be prepared by practising your video interview techniques.
  • Examine your voice for quality.
  • As little as possible, avoid interruptions.
  • Come on time.
  • Keep a straight back.
  • Make an effort to communicate non-verbally.
  • Behave in a conversational manner during your video interview.

With all those tips in place, we'll jump into the crucial questions that recruiters target during interviews with the candidates. These questions are focused on providing the interviewer with an understanding of how you would perform in the role you're interviewing for.

Recruitment With Video Interview Software

The answers to these questions should be clear, concise, and to the point. To help you, we've listed a few commonly asked questions and provided tips on how to answer them. We hope this guide will help you in your future video interviews.

Crucial Video Interview Questions

1. Describe Yourself

Employers may use a video interview to screen applicants. You can expect them to ask open-ended questions like this to learn more about your personality and interests. Employers use this query to determine whether you would fit well with their corporate culture.

2. What Makes You Want to Work For Us?

Employers are seeking candidates who will be enthusiastic about their positions. They use this inquiry to assess your commitment to working for their business.

3. Why Should We Employ You?

Employers ask you this question to learn more about your qualifications and skill set. They seek someone who can confidently articulate their contribution to the team's value.

4. What is Your Knowledge of Our Business?

Always arrive at an interview prepared by researching the business's mission and target market. Employers check your preparation for the discussion by asking you this question.

5. What Kind of Workplace Would You Prefer?

Employers ask you this question to determine whether your ideal workplace matches what they have to offer. Try to learn about the workplace culture and environment of the company before the interview.

6. Which Position Do You Envision Yourself in After Five Years?

Employers use this inquiry to assess your career goals. Since employee retention can result in higher employee morale and greater productivity, employers prefer employees with a strong chance of growing with the business.

Stay Ahead with Pitch N Hire's Recruitment Platform

Are you stuck with too many irrelevant resumes, tired of searching for the right candidate? Do you wish there was an easier way to find the needle in the haystack? Well, your search is over!

Pitch N Hire is the perfect tool for busy employers looking for qualified candidates quickly.

The platform helps employers post jobs and follow up with candidates with the help of an applicant tracking system to track the progress of their hiring process. With Pitch N Hire, hiring managers can easily find candidates and make better decisions about who to interview.

Their exclusive array of services includes:

1. Job Pipeline

PNH offers an insightful solution that can be modified to satisfy organizational needs. You can track applicants and see where they are in the evaluation process using their job pipeline feature, allowing you to create filters specific to a given job. Reduce the manual work required during the hiring process by dragging candidates through the pipeline as they are moved.

2. Incredible Career Pages

With career pages that enable you to quickly highlight the best aspects of your organization while maintaining the necessary aesthetics, you can raise your brand's visibility and attract more qualified candidates.

Pitch N Hire assists with various options across different categories to help create a career page that is highly appealing to candidates.

3. Managing Candidates

Do you get tired of seeing so many resumes from potential employees? PNH will quicken the process by publishing job openings and disseminating them on various platforms:

  • Applying simultaneously is possible through the career page for many applicants.
  • Create manual candidates to manage them if discovered through another source.
  • Keep track of the candidate's status as the interview process progresses.

Get in touch with PNH today to find the best candidates in the industry on the go!


Video Interview Software is becoming increasingly popular in the recruiting process. The ease of use and ability to conduct interviews with candidates worldwide has made this type of interview a popular choice for employers. Hope you find the guide useful and have solved your issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why will hiring be done more through Video Interview Software?

Ans. Video interviews give resumes more character and give candidates a fair chance. Additionally, they facilitate improved moral judgment and save time and money on the hiring process overall.

Q2. How can video enhance hiring?

Ans. Video interviews improve candidate screening by saving time and money on hiring. By utilizing pre-recorded video interviews, you can significantly lower recruit costs by Save recruiters' time. Cut back on some administrative expenses, like phone and travel expenses.

Q3. Why is Video Interview Software crucial?

Ans. Video's real advantage is that it makes your job, business, and employees come to life. This aids candidates in selecting themselves by enabling them to decide more effectively if your position is a good fit for them. You'll have more time to focus on what you do best: finding top talent.