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Thu Feb 01 2024

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Best Automated Interview Software with Free Demo

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Automated Interview Software

As of 2024, choosing the right automated interview software has become daunting for recruiters. That is why we are here with this comprehensive guide on interviewing software. Here, we will cut through the noise and help you choose the best virtual interviewing system to align perfectly with your unique needs. Continue reading the blog further.

Have you noticed a general shift in the current interview process? Virtual interviews have become a norm over in-person or in-office interviews, especially in the initial rounds.

Almost all hiring teams worldwide are confused about whether to settle for general video conferencing tools like Zoom or adopt automated interview software. However, the companies that have already adopted this new-age software are enjoying the many benefits the software offers. The market size of interviewing systems is rapidly growing, with so many options in the market.

Your duty as a recruiter is to pick the best tool and use it to hire top talent for your company. But before you do so, you must understand what the interviewing software is all about. We are here to help you. We will cover every vital aspect of video interview software in this blog. So, read on.

What is automated interview software?

The online interview process is becoming popular in the modern recruitment world. In this case, recruiters needed an automated tool to enhance the interviewing process.

The automated interview software helps them conduct online interviews with multiple candidates seamlessly. Simply put, the software makes it easy for recruiters to interview candidates by providing an easy-to-use shared platform.

Convenience is the key reason for the increase in the popularity of video interview tools. These automated interviewing tools are convenient for both parties (recruiters and candidates).

Now that you know the meaning of an automated interviewing tool, let us dive deeper into the blog and discuss the difference between automated interviewing tools and traditional video calling tools.

How is interview software different from video calling tools?

Although you can use general video calling tools like Zoom, Skype, and Teams to conduct candidate interviews, these platforms are not scalable. That is because these tools were not designed with recruitment in mind.

Therefore, such video conferencing tools are only good when you want to video chat with colleagues in your company. Moreover, if you use these tools during recruitment, you might not get the best outcomes because of the following reasons:

  • These platforms do not offer real-time support.
  • They lack vital interview features such as writing pads, evaluation forms, recordings, reminders, etc.
  • These tools cannot integrate with your current and largest applicant tracking system (ATS)

On the other hand, automated interview software offers advanced interviewing features and functionalities. You and your hiring team members can use this modern software to perform different interviewing activities in recruitment effectively. That is why, today, most US companies rely on digital interview software, as it is the more advanced alternative to video calling tools.

What are the benefits of using an automated interview tool?

Usually, you can make the most of your automated interview software by incorporating it with the ATS system. The reason? These two software combined offer a higher-quality hiring platform that you can use to simplify the overall recruitment process.

Here are some benefits you can enjoy if you use the interviewing software together with the applicant tracking system:

Less time-to-hire

If you use the automated interview software during your screening or interviewing process, the software will make hiring efficient for your organization.

Do you know how this will help? It will result in a faster hiring process and decreased time to hire and fill your open roles. In other words, you can quickly complete the hiring procedure and get the best employees on board in less time.

Enhanced brand image

You might already know that your company's image in the job market depends on the experience of the candidates with your company. Leveraging the interview tool is the best way to engage with candidates and offer them a seamless experience during the recruitment process.

This way, you can enjoy a good reputation in the market. That, in turn, will also help you attract the best talent.

Diversity in recruitment

Utilizing the hire ATS integrated with the automated interview software enables you to conduct a variety of video interviews, thereby facilitating the efficient hiring of diverse talent. Now, you no longer have to hire local talent. Instead, you can use the video interviewing tool to expand your reach and hire top international candidates. It will ultimately result in a diverse workforce.

Did you know? 62% of candidates prefer automated interview software to save themselves from time-consuming back-and-forth communication with recruiters. It shows the importance of this modern software in attracting high-quality candidates.

Essential Features to Consider While Choosing An Interview Tool

Finding the best-automated interview software is not easy. But remember, you have to make the right choice because the software will impact your entire hiring process.

For this, you need to know what features are essential and what is not. So, here are the four key features that every best interview assessment tool will have:

High-end video and audio capabilities

High-end video and audio capabilities are the most vital features to look for in the interviewing software. That is because software that offers unclear communication is of no use.

On the other hand, stable video interview software will ensure no technical audio and video interruptions during the interview.

Integration with the online calendar

Integration with the online calendar is another vital feature you must search for in the top automated interview software. All the best software offers seamless integration with online calendars. It makes interview scheduling less stressful and quick for recruiters. Not only this, but also integration will ensure that the candidates are available during the interview.

Data security and privacy

Securing your recruitment and candidate data is vital to avoid data breaches and ensure privacy. Therefore, you must look for a video interview system that adheres to data security standards. With software like this, you can conveniently protect interview recordings and follow privacy regulations such as GDPR.

ATS integration

To improve your recruitment process, you must ensure that the automated interview software integrates with your current hiring software, like ATS.

You can only transfer information if the interview software offers integration capabilities. It will also save you from manual data entry and eliminate the scope for a simple phone interview.

Besides these four key features, customization, flexibility, collaborative tools, and AI-driven insights are other must-have features you should look for in the interviewing software.

Now that you know how to make the right software choice, you will surely make the right decision. This is the time to learn about the future of automated interview software. So, quickly jump to the next section!

What is the future of automated interview software?

If you observe the recent trends in the job market, you will notice the increasing demand for remote work. It means more and more US companies are offering remote job vacancies to job seekers. That underlines the need for automated interview software.

Yes! Modern recruiters have realized the significance of this tool in hiring on-site and remote candidates.

With the rise in innovation, recruiters will see many new features in these tools. For example, the upcoming interview scheduling software will use AI-driven analytics and ML algorithms to help recruiters better understand the candidates' capabilities.

In addition, the emphasis will also shift to enhanced user experience, more integrations, easy-to-use features, and high-end security measures.

According to a report in 2021, the market size of the video interview system was USD 237.68 million. This market size is expected to grow at a CAGR rate of 15.09% and reach USD 552.4 million by 2027.

In short, companies will use automated hiring systems to enhance their hiring operations in the future. As a result, automated interview software with the best features and advanced functionalities will stand out in the coming years.

How can Pitch N Hire help you in video interviewing?

If we talk about scheduling and conducting impactful virtual interviews, Pitch N Hire is the leading ATS provider in the industry. Our high-quality AI applicant tracking system offers a video interviewing feature that you can use to connect with multiple candidates virtually.

Here are some reasons to invest in our software:

Real-time interactions

Our user-friendly ATS software will simplify the candidate screening process by facilitating real-time interactions with candidates. Not only this, but you can use our customizable questionnaire feature to ask candidates questions about their experience, skills, and qualifications.

Effortless interview scheduling

With our best interview scheduling tool, you need not worry about the candidates' availability. Instead, you can use our automated interview scheduling and reminder features to inform them about the interview dates and timings.

Automated assessment and grading

Once you have used our software to evaluate candidates, our automated grading feature will give you instant results. It means you will get data-driven evaluation outcomes without making manual efforts.

Isn't it amazing? You can get all these features by booking a FREE software demo from our website. So, do it today and get access to the best-automated interview software.


Now that you know all about automated interview software, you must have realized that it is high time to invest in one. It indeed is. No candidate today wants to work for a company that spends weeks and months to hire them.

Therefore, you need the interviewing software to make hiring fast and efficient. Do not forget to use the interviewing software with ATS for better hiring outcomes.

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