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Wed Dec 27 2023

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ATS Employment Agency for Recruiting Firms in 2024

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ATS employment agency

An ATS employment agency has become a vital source of help for business organizations. The agency helps them streamline their overall recruiting process. Do you know how? By using the ATS system! Check the blog below to learn more about how these agencies leverage the ATS software to help their clients.

Many US business owners have realized the benefits of using an ATS employment agency. These agencies help business organizations improve hiring and get the best hiring results. That is why more and more businesses trust employment agencies with their employee hiring needs.

Major Role of ATS employment Agency in Recruitment

Before you learn about the actual meaning of an ATS-based employment agency, you need to know the meaning of ATS for recruitment agencies. An ATS, or applicant tracking system, is a new-age recruiting tool that constantly helps recruiters and HRs in every step of recruitment. The software streamlines how business organizations manage, screen, rank, and hire candidates throughout their hiring cycle.

ATS recruiting agencies specialize in using the ATS system to manage the whole recruitment process to reduce employers' workload. For example, they post jobs, attract and screen candidates, interview them, onboard them, etc. They perform all these recruiting activities on the company's behalf and, ultimately, provide them with the best candidates.

The next step is to learn why you should trust these agencies for your recruiting needs.

Why should you rely on an ATS employment agency?

Partnering with an ATS employment agency can reap many short and long-term recruiting benefits for your company. Here are some reasons why you should think about relying on these agencies for special recruitment assistance:

They have the right expertise

An ATS employment agency has all the experience and expertise necessary to understand the US job market. In other words, the agency is familiar with the latest industry trends, the nature of job seekers in the market, job requirements, and the skills recruiters expect the ideal candidate to have.

They use vast networking

Because staffing agencies are in the recruitment business, they possess big personnel pools. What's more, from fresher to experienced jobs, these agencies can suitably recommend candidates for almost all kinds of work. They make good use of their massive networking, influence, and network.

They help in employee training

An ATS employment agency may also provide employee training and skills improvement classes to polish new employees 'capacities. Conducting employee training and development obviously requires lots of time. Hence, some employment agencies will take on this burden for you.

So, with these perks, let us move ahead and discuss how recruitment agencies use the ATS system to help their clients.

How do employment agencies make use of the ATS system?

After realizing that ATS helps to meet the special requirements of different employers, you have also come to learn that each agency has a slightly different automated resume system. The reason? Every recruiting software service company has its own ATS systems that work differently because of their features.

However, these software also have some common features. Here are the common ATS features that an ATS employment agency uses to perform its daily business operations:

Data storage

An ATS employment agency uses this feature to collect, organize, and manage candidate data throughout recruitment and post-recruitment. The data includes contact details, work experience, CVs, cover letters, etc.


Almost all decent ATS in the US market offer the candidate tracking feature. ATS staffing agencies use this feature to track many things, such as the number of resumes received, the number of candidates they contacted, the number of interviews conducted, and more. All this information helps agencies evaluate the effectiveness of their hiring process.


Screening candidates is a vital recruitment process that can only be performed effectively with the help of an ATS software. That is why ATS staffing agencies help businesses screen many candidates effectively. They use the ATS's smart screening questions, skill testing, and eligibility parameters features in the candidate screening process.


CV ranking is another important ATS function. Just as its name implies, this function enables an ATS employment agency to assess each candidate's resume according to specific standards. However, it is the recruiter who determines ranking criteria based on job needs and description. In this manner, the software scores candidates for agencies and helps them locate resumes of the people most suited to that specific job.


An ATS employment agency's tedious recruiting tasks are normally automated by this ATS software. Agencies can use the feature to automate any job posting, resume screening activity, interview distribution, and candidate management. For them, ATS software saves time and energy. The saved time is devoted to developing relations with the candidates.

What other benefits do ATS provide to such agencies?

There is a reason why the demand for staffing agencies has increased over the years. Earlier, these agencies performed hiring tasks manually. But in today's tech-driven recruiting world, almost all leading staffing agencies utilize applicant tracking software.

This modern software is reliable and accurate in managing and handling large volumes of recruitment data. But like any other modern software invention, the ATS software has some drawbacks. Here are some:

  • The ATS algorithms can sometimes make mistakes, and the software might ignore the perfect candidates and shortlist the unqualified ones.
  • There is no personal touch while using the ATS. As a result, the software cannot 100% judge candidates' character and overall personality.
  • The ATS only works based on the data an ATS employment agency inputs. It means if the professionals working in the agency make some mistakes, the software will not display accurate results.

The numerous benefits of ATS software overshadow its drawbacks. Moreover, staffing agencies overcome the software's drawbacks by promoting personal networking, integrating ATS with other tools, etc.

What are the stages of the ATS employment agency

Once you find the right ATS employment agency based on your unique needs, the agency's work will involve these four steps:


First, you will interact with the recruitment professionals in the ATS employment agency. They will ask you about the job role, job requirements, and your unique business needs so that they can customize their hiring process based on that.


The staffing agency will search for all the potential candidates in their database. In this step, they might also use their networking and connections to find candidate profiles that best match your job opening.


If the ATS employment agency finds some potential matches, the agency will shortlist those candidates for the next hiring round- screening and interviewing. The agency might also call you or other senior employers or recruiters from your company so that you can also be a part of the screening and interviewing process.


Once the agency finds the perfect candidate for your open job position, the agency will place the candidate in your company. But before this, it will also negotiate the job terms and conditions, salary, and other details with the candidate.

Now that you know what working with an ATS-based employment agency would look like, let us discuss how Pitch N Hire ATS for staffing agencies can help you in the hiring process.

How can Pitch N Hire help you streamline hiring?

According to the report 94% of recruiters use ATS for their hiring process.

Our applicant management system offers all the features discussed in the blog above. Moreover, if you use our ATS, you will find many other high-quality features and robust tools. These features include advanced third-party integrations, resume parsing, automated emails, candidate management, etc.

Do you know what is the best thing we offer? FREE ATS software demo! Yes, that is right! We provide a FREE software trial, as client satisfaction is our top-most priority. Moreover, we are transparent about our software's price and features.

Thus, you can be stress-free as you can hire ATS of PNH, with various numerous benefits.

Wrapping up

Getting help from an ATS employment agency might require extra effort and time, but it will lead to a successful hiring process. The significant reason is ATS if you incorporate ATS software, you do not need any external recruitment help. That is because this all-in-one hiring software can help you in more ways than you can ever think of.

Have you made up your mind about investing in an ATS? Book a FREE software demo of ATS software by Pitch N Hire today.

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