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Wed Dec 20 2023

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Top ATS For Staffing Agencies - Reviews and Pricing 2024

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Hiring the best candidate for your company is like searching for a needle in a haystack. In such scenarios, companies prefer to hire ATS for staffing agency USA. An applicant tracking system for staffing agencies has gained popularity in the past few years. This is because the applicant tracking system provides a fair chance of searching for the best candidates out there.

However, this might not work out when the staffing agencies face challenges with ATS. Challenges like high costs, unavailability of quick replies, no project-based approach and so on are common problems agencies face. Let us see what might be the reasons that ATS does not work for the staffing agencies, and let’s then discuss some solutions for them.

What is a Staffing Agency?

A staffing agency is a connecting link between the employer and the employee. These agencies find the best-suiting candidates for companies. The firm is then charged according to the number and post of the candidates hired with the help of the agency. ATS staffing agency has become quite famous because of its convenience.

Discover insights into the most common ATS software solutions in our latest blog post, helping you make informed decisions to optimize your recruiting process.

6 Reasons Why Staffing Agencies Face Problems Using ATS and their Solutions

Using an applicant tracking system can be quite difficult for staffing agencies. Below are some challenges that they face and the solutions we recommend:

High Costs

Purchasing a new applicant tracking system is a very big investment. It needs a lot of funds, and it can only be used mainly for the hiring process. This makes the staffing agency avoid going for an applicant tracking system. It is not at all affordable, especially for a small or new start-up. Thus, ATS for staffing agency USAfaces a little backlash despite it being popular.

Solution: One of the best solutions for this issue is using an open-source applicant tracking system. Not every business can afford an ATS which is specially customized to their needs. On the other hand, open-source ATS can be the best choice for staffing agencies as these are not pre-customized, so you can easily track candidates according to your needs.

Strict Automated Screening

Another issue faced during the use of ATS for recruitment agencies is that, at times, good candidates get rejected because of a few shortcomings in the format of the resume of the candidate. The ATS checks the resumes for the words fed into the software by the agency. Many a time, if the candidate is not aware of these primary words, they might end up not using those words in the resume. The system rejects them even if they have the potential and experience to become an appreciated employee of the company.

Solution: Try to increase the ambit of the keywords. Put in such words as keywords that good candidates will typically use instead of going for difficult and technical words. ATS for staffing agency USA can be improved by using this technique.

Project-Based Approach

The ATS cannot provide a project-based approach to the staffing agency. The applicant tracking system only tracks according to the qualifications, experience, and keywords fed by the staffing agency. It has no relation to the projects the candidate has participated in, as that goes a little too far from the ambit of the ATS providers.

Solution: It is better to just conduct a basic screening of the candidates, which removes all the unqualified applicants. Then, go through the project work of the candidates in person. This might sound difficult, but this is one of the most efficient ways to do so. This allows the staffing agency to understand the acumen of the candidate on a personal level.

Low-Quality Candidates

Many times, ATS for staffing agency USA can provide a poor quality of candidates for the job. Finding good candidates is a difficult job in itself. If the applicant tracking system also provides low-graded candidates, the staffing agency might face a lot of issues.

Solution: Install various pre-screening tools along with the ATS. Do not be completely dependent on the applicant tracking system. Install relevant tools that can pre-screen the candidates based on your requirements. Use tools related to grammar, analytics, and so on.

Lack of Communication

If the staffing agency is using a semi-automated system for replying to the candidates during their interviews, it might need your command to send replies to the applicant. This might cause a delay in the procedure and might cause the candidate to lose interest in the company.

Solution: To avoid this, ATS for staffing agency USA can use an integrated program for the ATS and automate the replies. This also helps to increase engagement with candidates.

Technical Integration Issues

The applicant tracking system can face problems while integrating with other existing software and applications. This might happen since ATS is not very adaptable to various software and applications.

Solution: The best solution for this is to try and integrate one software at a time with the ATS. This can be a little time-consuming, but you will know exactly where the problem is and which part of the software is creating an issue. This will create a smooth experience while using ATS for staffing agency USA.


Now you know what problems staffing agencies face while using the applicant tracking system. But these problems are not at all unsolvable. Want to install an applicant tracking system for your business?

Pitch N Hire provides one of the best ATS software in the market. It allows you to manage your hiring process, track the application status of candidates, and create various stages in the hiring process as required by you. In short, our ATS for staffing agency USA guarantees a stellar hiring experience. Book a free consultation now.

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