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Sat Feb 10 2024

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Best Staffing Management Software For Sourcing Candidates

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Staffing management software is gaining popularity among various staffing agencies worldwide. As a staffing agency owner, you should know about this new-age software in detail. Hence, in this blog, learn what staffing agency software is, its functionality, tips to choose the best software, and future trends in this field.

Staffing management software is a vital tool used by multiple staffing agencies in the USA. It is also known as an applicant tracking system or recruitment software. There has been a surge in the software in recent times. Thus, with this background, you cannot overlook the importance of this software.

This blog will equip you with all the necessary information on selecting the right staffing software after considering its functionality, features, and the top software in the market. So, stay tuned and read further to know more.

How Staffing Management Software is Helping Staffing Agencies

A staffing management software is a system built to ease the workflow for hiring process for HR professionals in staffing companies. This software streamlines the entire hiring process for the staffing agency. As a result, they pave a smooth road for hiring candidates for their clients.

This software helps the staffing agency fill job openings speedily and cost-effectively. Moreover, it is designed using AI technology that staffing agencies can use to source candidates, parse resumes, screen candidates, post jobs, and automate candidate communication.

Now that we have de-coded what staffing management software is, let us look at how it enhances the efficiency of a staffing agency.

How is Staffing Management Software beneficial?

A survey by Timetrack says there are more than 25,000 staffing and recruiting agencies in the USA. Staff recruiting software is full of technological goodies that enhance the performance of a staffing agency entirely. Hence, the use of staffing management software is increasing day by day. It is how it boosts the efficiency of recruitment operations:

Automation of Clerical work

The best staffing agency software carries out the routine clerical work for the recruitment agency. It includes resume parsing, candidate sourcing and screening, timesheet management, and candidate tracking.

Explore the benefits of our advanced time tracking software for streamlined and efficient management.

Better candidate matching

Most of the staffing software uses powerful AI. Therefore, the staffing agency can use AI algorithms to match candidates precisely within a short period.

Centralized database

Staffing management software collects all data and puts them in an easily accessible storage facility. It further organizes the data to suit the recruiters' needs. This way, they do not have to spend too much time looking for it.

Real-time analysis and reporting

The staffing software provides real-time analysis of the company's performance. It includes analyzing the strategies of the agency. Moreover, with the reporting tool, the software provides insights into key performance indicators of the agency.

Enhanced communication

The staffing software enhances communication between the agency, candidates, and clients. That is to say, the software automates communication with the help of chatbots, automated emails, and similar.

Thus, it is how staffing software enhances the efficiency of the staffing agency. Moving forward, let us look at the functionalities of staffing management software.

What are the core features of Staffing Management Tools?

A survey by Get Apps says that 86% of recruitment professionals have found applicant tracking systems and other hiring software beneficial for faster hiring. That is because the staffing management software is highly functional in the following ways:

Tracks time and expenses

Staffing management tool provides features to track employee hours, timesheets, and expenses for reimbursement. This functionality ensures that the client is charged accurately according to the services as per their services and minimizes errors.


The ATS and CRM are the main components of staffing software. Applicant Tracking System provides candidate tracking, sourcing, resume management, and resume ranking. Moreover, CRM helps in managing the relationship between clients and the agency.

Job posting and distribution

The staffing management software is designed to post job openings on multiple platforms in a few clicks. This way, the software posts job ads on all the best job boards, job websites, and social media platforms. This way, it provides maximum visibility to the job opening.

Streamlines recruiting process

Staffing software streamlines multiple aspects of a recruitment process. It includes several administrative tasks that consume a lot of time. Thus, this provides the agency with an opportunity to deal with a huge number of candidates at a time.

Having understood the functionality of staffing software, let us look at how to choose the best onboarding software for staffing agencies in the next section. 

How can you choose the right staffing management tool?

Choosing the right staffing agency software can require deep research and consideration of multiple aspects. Therefore, you must consider the following points before choosing a staffing agency:

Understand your needs

Find a staffing management tool that well suits your needs. Select the software with the functionalities and features you need for the daily operations of your staffing agency.

Customization and flexibility

Customization is the key factor to look at while selecting a company software. Thus, it should be flexible and mouldable to your agency’s needs and wants. Moreover, it should be scalable according to the future agency's needs.

Budget management

Opt for an affordable applicant tracking system with competitive rates. It's important to note that the costliest software may offer comparable or even fewer features than their more budget-friendly counterparts. Therefore, select a cost-effective applicant tracking system that encompasses all the necessary features for your recruitment needs.

Size of your agency

The size of your staffing agency directly impacts the kind of staffing management software you choose. If your agency deals with hundreds of candidates daily, you should invest in staffing software that can handle huge commercial loads.

Easy to use

Choose a staffing management software with a simple interface and navigation. User-friendly software helps reduce the learning graph for the team members. Moreover, choose software that provides training manuals and sessions.

Thus, you can easily choose the best staffing software with the help of these ways. So, are you curious about the finest staffing agency software of the year 2024? If yes, you should not miss reading the next section.

List of five finest staffing agency software for 2024

Searching for the finest staffing management software needs precision. We have found the top five staffing software based on their performance, features, and prices. Here are they:


Bullhorn is famous for increasing sales and speeding up the recruitment process for staffing agencies. The software offers no free trial, and you can find the price of the software on request. It has the following features:

Pitch N Hire

Pitch N Hire is one of the best ATS for staffing agencies. The software offers a free trial. However, it also suggests plans that are fully customized according to your needs. It streamlines the entire hiring process flawlessly and has the following features:

  • Insightful job application management.
  • Branded career page.
  • Streamline talent pipeline.
  • Extensive candidate tool.
  • Customizable interview process and assessments with scores.
  • Powerful AI support.


iMocha specializes in enhancing the assessment and recruitment process for the staffing agency. The software’s pricing starts at $50 per user. You can also customize the plan on request. It has the following key features:

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Multi-field assessments.
  • Report on candidate performance.
  • Highly compatible (integrable) with other software.
  • Helps in informed decision-making.
  • Streamlines recruitment process.


Workbright is one of the best softwares for staffing agencies. The company offers no free software trial, and you can visit the company’s website to request the software’s price. Moreover, it carries out multiple HR tasks and has the following features:

  • Real-time data analysis and reporting.
  • Improved data accuracy.
  • Amazing integration capacities.
  • Helps source top candidates.
  • Employee document management.
  • Time tracking and timesheets.


Recruitflow is known for having a comprehensive candidate database that engages passive and active job seekers efficiently. The software’s pricing starts from $99 per user per month, and you can have a 14-day software trial period. It has the following features:

  • Recruiting automation.
  • Multichannel sequences for outreach.
  • ATS with recruiting CRM.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Customer-focused training and support.
  • Integration abilities.

What is the future of staffing management software?

According to a survey by LinkedIn, the global staffing management system market is as huge as $2271.16 million in 2022. Moreover, it is estimated to grow up to 3585.8 by the year 2028. Thus, this ever-growing market is going to go through multiple changes.

AI-driven precision

The staffing management software, as a result of its emergence, will make use of advanced AI algorithms to enable more precise candidate matching and talent acquisition.

Increased data security

Future staffing software will prioritize robust security measures from hackers, cheaters, and frauds. This means the software will enhance candidate privacy and data protection.

Remote work integration

86% of professionals prefer remote work over office work for at least part-time jobs. Thus, staffing software will facilitate virtual reality to cater to this increasing need.

Why is Pitch N Hire the best staffing management tool?

More than 150 companies worldwide trust Pitch N Hire's high-quality staffing management system services. We have a whopping candidate database of 2.5 million. Moreover, we have over one million pre-assessed candidates in the pool, with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5. That is because we hold expertise in the HR applicant tracking software development field. Our software offers multiple benefits. To list a few:

  1. Level configuration studio with advanced features.
  2. Scores with 360-degree feedback on assessments.
  3. Video interviewing with basic fronted questions.
  4. Premium customer support.
  5. AI recommendations and resume parsing software.

Thus, we can not only help you streamline your hiring process but also help you find the perfect candidate for you from all corners of the world. This is Pitch N Hire for you, the best staffing management software in the USA.


Agency recruiters and hiring professionals have a tough job as they have to manage a high volume of job applications and candidate pools. However, they can reduce their workload with the help of staffing management software like Pitch N Hire. This software plays a crucial role in easing the entire hiring process for staffing agencies. So, invest in Pitch N Hire’s new-age software today and automate your recruitment operations.

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