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Fri Feb 16 2024

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Top Recruiting Agencies in USA

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Top Recruiting Firms in USA

Recruiting employees can require a lot of money and time. However, with the help of recruitment agencies, companies can find the best talents with minimum effort. The agencies have the expertise to match the employees with the job that fits them perfectly. Therefore, read this blog to learn about the top 8 recruitment firms.

Let's help you get the top talents with these 8 famous recruitment agencies.

Recruitment agencies help job seekers to get employed conveniently. It is difficult to find the right employee with job boards as numerous applicants are behind one job vacancy. With the help of a recruiting firm, the candidates get an opportunity to work with reputed businesses. Candidate management in recruitment is the hardest part of hiring and these firms handle that with ease. They are the best source to find a job according to the candidate's preference. The firms have expertise in their work, enabling them to give the applicants a chance to get the desired job.

The recruitment agencies offer various positions to the applicants, like temporary placements, temp-to-hire opportunities, and direct hires. Therefore, below are the best recruitment systems to get you highly talented employees in your desired company.

Work of Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies work excellently for the firms as they can hire skilled employees efficiently. There is no need to approach any job board or post an advertisement when the recruitment sites for employers do all the work for the companies. If your firm is looking for employees with a unique talent or skill set that is not commonly found, then the recruitment firm is the best place for finding bright candidates.

The agencies are pretty efficient as they search for the perfect candidate through their recruitment tracker spreadsheet, matching the company's requirements. You do not have to unnecessarily review the candidate's resumes that do not have the required skill set.

Top 9 Recruitment Agencies

After understanding the work of the recruitment agencies, now is the time to get to know some top agencies.

Pitch N Hire

In today's time, there is abundant competition in the business world. It is necessary to win the talent war to survive in the market successfully; therefore, looking for the most talented employees will make your company much more prosperous. And, with Pitch N hire, you can get the best employees.

  • Companies can make hiring much easier with our advanced ATS and CRM recruiting software.
  • Fast-track the process of finding the top talents that will save our company time.
  • We have more than 1M+ pre-assessed candidates, which helps the company select from a large pool.
  • Increase your company's brand image as the ATS system keeps the candidates engaged and gives them a smooth experience.
  • Systematically go through the hiring process as we have created a distinctive path from posting jobs to making selections.
  • There is no need to put a lot of effort into maintaining loads of paperwork when our software conveniently maintains all the data.

Adecco Staffing USA

Adecco staffing agency has over 450 locations, which are spread across 60 countries. This staffing agency helps numerous industries that range from accounting and finance to customer services. Similar to other recruitment agencies, various employment opportunities are provided to the candidates. This company also services small-sized firms, mid-size businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

With Adecco, the temporary workers have various benefits. Moreover, this company is also military-friendly, and for the same, they have won numerous awards for working with military personnel.

Manpower Group

Manpower Group has its reach all over the United States. This company started expanding internationally in 1956 and has offices in Canada and the UK. Manpower is reputed among the other recruitment agencies, with over 3,000 offices in over 80 countries. Moreover, they own hundreds of subsidiaries that speak for the company's reputation.

With this company, you can hire contingents, look out for permanent placements, and contract-to-permanent job seekers.

Allegis Group

Allegis Group was one of the biggest names in the recruitment agencies in engineering staffing. This group serves numerous industries, including technology and engineering, as its primary field of expertise. The company started by dreaming of fulfilling the needs of the aerospace and defense industries. Additionally, the company met the goal of earning 1M of revenue in its starting year.

For those looking for specific recruitment selection and staffing needs, Allegis Group is the right agency to get assistance from. They have the main focus on specific industries.

Robert Half International

Robert Half International is one of the famous recruitment agencies as it has been recognized as one of Fortune's "Most Admired Companies" since 1998, along with other awards. Moreover, the company is also known as “The Best Employer for Diversity” and “America’s Best Employer for Women” by Forbes. The motivation that the company follows is to give their clients the best talent from all over the industry to satisfy their requirements.

This company comes in the top list of many lists because of the exceptional work that they deliver. Additionally, Robert Half is the world's first largest accounting and finance staffing firm.

Kelly Services

Kelly Services comes in the list of one of the reputed recruitment agencies for job lookers in recent years. This company has a global workforce solution and a global network. With Kelly, recruiters can search for employees in the various areas of education, legal, health care, and creative services. Moreover, this firm also helps companies by giving them the service of outsourcing, consulting, recruitment, career transition, etc.

This company has clients of different backgrounds and cultures from three regions, which shows that Kelly has experience handling clients with different needs.


Randstad company is the largest staffing company when compared throughout the world. This firm has over 4,800 branches in more than 38 countries, making this Dutch company the top player in the recruitment agencies world. Companies get the option of temporary and permanent staffing in various industries like administration, engineering, finance and accounting, healthcare, human resources, light-industrial and many others.

Randstad aims to become a world leader in meeting the demands and supply of labor and HR services. The company desires to change society for the better with their impeccable service.


EmployBridge comes on the list as one of the largest privately owned recruitment agencies. Additionally, this company has over 400 locations in the US. EmployBridge has been expanding since it was started, and they are acquiring companies; moreover, they hold numerous subsidiaries.

With EmployBridge, recruiters can find employees willing to work in numerous industries. Therefore, companies that deal in manufacturing and transportation also have an excellent opportunity to look out for temporary or permanent employees from EmployBridge.


TrueBlue, along with one of its brands, PeopleScout, takes an active role in the Ready to Work Business Collaborative (RTWBC). The mentioned organization does the noble job of working with long-term unemployed, under-employed, veterans, and people with disabilities, as these people find it quite challenging to get employed. Therefore, TrueBlue is one of the rare recruitment agencies that work for their betterment by finding employers who are ready to hire them.

TrueBlue has the experience of working with businesses to offer them the ideal workforce solutions for their success. Hence, the company has the required people with all the required skill sets for businesses of various large and small sizes.

How to Select the Right Agency?

With so many options, selecting the best recruitment agencies that will suit your requirements can get quite confusing. To erase the doubts in your mind, we are giving a few tips that can help you decide on the recruiting ATS firm that suits your goals.

Know Your Needs

The first step that is of utmost importance is to know the needs of your firm. Discuss with your team the kind of employees your company is looking for. Further, explain the needs to the recruitment company perfectly so that they have no confusion in their minds. When you are clear with your requirements, it becomes quite convenient for recruitment firms to find perfect employees.

Ask Questions

Think of the recruiting agency as one of your candidates and ask them various questions. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask them any doubts that you have in your mind. The companies must know all the details about the agency before they search for the employees. Moreover, it is better to know whether the agency is transparent or not about the information.

Compare the Budget

If you want to save money, always compare the agencies before paying the money. The firm that charges high recruitment prices doesn't always need to be better. Previously check all the features the recruitment agency gives to the companies for getting the required services. If you have any specific needs, do not forget to convey them to the agency so they can clarify whether they will charge extra money.


Finding the best employees for the firm can be quite a task for the manager. Getting the job done perfectly with the help of recruitment agencies is the most helpful alternative. The firms have abundant experience in this field, enabling them to help with speedy recruitment. Moreover, the employees matched with the jobs are usually the top talents who will boost the company's performance. We hope this blog gives you an insight into the famous recruitment firms for selecting your employees.

If you are looking for a recruitment company worth its salt in the US, check out Pitch N Hire.

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