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Mon Feb 26 2024

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Best Applicant Tracking System UK with Free Demo

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Applicant Tracking System UK

Applicant Tracking System UK simplifies the process by centralizing data, enhancing efficiency, and improving engagement. Key features include customization, user-friendly interfaces, advanced search tools, collaboration capabilities, and smart analytics. Pitch N Hire offers a comprehensive solution, empowering recruiters to make informed decisions and hire top talent seamlessly.

The recruiting process can be overwhelming. Multiple stages, thousands of candidates' applications, scheduling interviews, sending emails, and whatnot. We totally understand your trouble. This is where the HR superhero sweeps into your rescue.

The applicant tracking system in the UK helps you keep a centralized database of all the information about job applicants. Further, it helps to keep track of the entire hiring workflow and keep it organized. This way, hiring becomes easier and faster with the help of the applicant tracking system.

Choosing the best ATS Systems UK for your needs might be difficult with so many alternatives available. But the right choice can be groundbreaking for your hiring needs. This article is here to help you figure out what to look for in an ATS system.

What is an ATS?

As the name suggests, the software keeps track of the candidate's information and status in the recruiting process.

Recruiters automate multiple manual tasks using an ATS, from writing a job description to posting jobs and resume parsing, interview scheduling, and even onboarding for new employees. Prospective candidates can even submit their applications through an online applicant tracking system UK.

It has tools like visual dashboards, analytical tools, etc., that help figure out the best fit for the role and the company.

Thus, the applicant tracking system in the UK is the companion that helps you through every step of the recruiting process. Want to learn more about the benefits of using ATS? Come, let's see how it will add value to the process.

What is the Importance of ATS?

It was found that 94% of hiring professionals who use ATS have said that the software has improved their hiring process. An applicant tracking system UK certainly helps in reducing the manual work in the hiring process, but it also has many other benefits. Let us look into them:

1. Attract the Best Talent

Some of the best ATS software help create customized and brand careers pages for your business's hiring needs. This can allow you to attract the top talents for your open position.

In today's candidate-centric job market, creating an image of a trustworthy employer brand is crucial for attracting the best talents. An applicant tracking system UK can also write compelling and informative job descriptions based on your requirements. It can also help post your ads on multiple job boards with a single click.

So, you end up saving both time and money and also reduce the chance of errors.

2. Improve Efficiency and Lower Costs

The best quality of ATS is that it reduces the time consumed in the recruiting process by a huge margin. It boosts efficiency by organizing and automating hiring tasks, like sorting resumes and scheduling interviews. This saves time for recruiters and managers using automated hiring software.

Plus, it cuts costs by reducing the need for manual work and speeding up the hiring process, which means less money spent on hiring resources. Since an open position causes a money drain for an organization, using an ATS can expedite the process of recruitment, thereby saving some important resources.

3. Enhanced Candidate Engagement

When the recruitment team doesn't communicate well, can't track where applicants are in the hiring process, or forget to share important information with them, candidates often lose interest. But you can be on top of your engagement game when using an applicant tracking system UK.

An ATS often sends automated replies to candidates and informs them of any critical details, like rejection emails, interview scheduling emails, feedback emails, etc.

This is crucial, as it can also work toward building your company's reputation while keeping candidates engaged throughout the hiring process.

4. Optimizing the Onboarding Process

After the recruitment is done, the onboarding process begins. The applicant tracking system UK helps simplify the process of welcoming new hires. It ensures that when people accept a job, they have all the information they need to start working immediately. This helps them do their job better and stick around longer.

These are the prime benefits of an ATS system. You can now understand how having an ATS system is needed to attract and hire the right talent.

Let's see what non-negotiable features are required in an ATS system. You can use this as your checklist when searching for the right AT system.

What features should an ATS have?

When finding the best applicant tracking software UK, you must look for the following features:

1. Data Security and Stability

You cannot afford to miss this feature. An applicant tracking system UK stores all the data about the candidate and a big chunk of your business process. Thus, choose an ATS application that is safe, resilient, and fully secure.

Verify that your recruiting process and data are in reliable and safe hands by checking on data encryption, protection, retention, disaster recovery, uptime, access, and security compliance.

2. Customized Solution

On your career page, candidates can find out more about your business. You should choose an ATS system that lets you personalize the design of your career page. Every business has different needs and brand values, and your career page reflects that.

3. User-friendly Interface

Every candidate, even though eager to get a job, wants the hiring process to be smooth. So, when selecting the best applicant tracking system UK, ensure that the candidate's experience in the recruiting process is smooth and efficient.

Also, the HR and hiring team shouldn't have to spend days trying to master the ATS. The purpose of an ATS is to ease the work and reduce labor; a complicated interface will be destructive to the purpose.

4. Advanced Search Tools

As a recruiter, you will receive hundreds of resumes. A good ATS will have advanced search tools to ease your search process. It will properly rank the incoming resumes based on who best matches the job qualifications. Keyword filters and knock-out questions will help you further in selecting the right candidate.

5. Collaboration Tools

If you have a huge recruiting team and you need to keep everyone informed, choose an applicant tracking system UK with collaboration tools. That way, you can easily share information about an applicant with colleagues.

6. Integration Capabilities

The ATS system should easily integrate with other HR tools. Further, it must integrate social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. Top ATS also connect with other tech tools, helping employers see how hiring affects the business.

7. Smart Analytical Tools

Having smart analytics tools in the applicant tracking system UK will give you an edge in providing insight into the hiring workflow. It helps track candidate sources, the time required to hire, and the effectiveness of methods. This data enhances decision-making, saves time, and cuts costs, optimizing the recruitment process.

Why Choose Mobile recruiting?

While not crucial, having a mobile app for the ATS system makes it even easier for candidates. This ensures smooth mobile functionality, allowing candidates to apply for jobs effortlessly, whenever and wherever they are.

How to choose an Applicant Tracking System UK?

To choose the right application-based system, first understand the needs of your organization and hiring requirements. Check how much storage is required. Identify what all features are non-negotiable. You must first understand the recruiting problem you are trying to solve.

If you're struggling to find great talent as a recruiter, consider using an applicant tracking system in the UK. It makes it easier by generating exciting job descriptions, handling skill tests before interviews, and using AI applicant tracking system to sort through candidate profiles.

If your recruiting process lacks communication parameters, pick an applicant tracking system UK that focuses on human interaction and tracking progress during the hiring journey.

As a recruiting manager, you have the responsibility to choose what is best for the organization, be it the right candidate or ATS system. So you must be careful.

Learn how applicant tracking systems for remote companies optimize hiring processes and foster team collaboration.

Top 5 reasons to choose the ATS system of Pitch N Hire

We have a one-stop solution to all your recruiting problems. Pitch N Hire ATS to make your recruiting process efficient and cost-effective. Attract the right talent. These are the 5 features that make it different from the other ATS systems:

1. Insightful Data Analytics

Our strong, data-driven ATS offers unmatched insights into your talent pool. We develop practical solutions to your recruitment problems by combining domain knowledge with descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analysis.

2. On-demand integration with top job sites

Hire the best talent from the best job sites. Our ATS system can easily be integrated with popular job sites and other recruitment tool.

3. Interview and Assessment

Assess candidates in real-time with our MCQ, live coding, and integrated video calling.

4. Career Site Network

Get access to a ton of data from our huge network of business job websites. These sites bring in millions of job seekers from various places every year.

For these reasons, choose Pitch N Hire as your applicant tracking system UK, and hire the right candidate without any chaos. Feel free to check out more about the services we provide. Book a FREE Demo today.

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