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Sat Mar 02 2024

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Top Applicant Tracking System Singapore with Free Demo

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Applicant Tracking System Singapore

Perhaps you are looking for an applicant tracking system Singapore for your business, or maybe you only want to know more about this modern software. Either way, you have clicked on the right blog. From ATS basics to its working and features, we will discuss everything. So, we hope this blog clears all your doubts.

As soon as you adopt an applicant tracking system in Singapore, it will speed up your hiring process right away. The right ATS software can help you enhance recruitment to a great extent, as it is a specialized hiring solution designed for this very purpose only.

If you are planning to invest in one, it is crucial to know what the software is all about. So, let us take a dig into it in the blog below.

What is an Applicant Tracking System in Singapore?

At its most basic, applicant tracking system Singapore is an excellent software designed to help recruiters hire top talent faster. The software can manage different hiring tasks efficiently.

These tasks include posting jobs, screening applications, communicating with candidates, and more. Simply put, ATS ensures every person involved in the recruitment process stays in the loop.

As a recruiter, you can also use the ATS system to identify bottlenecks in the hiring process and the hiring steps where candidates fall out of the loop.

3 Signs your Company needs an Applicant Tracking System

Here are the five signs that show your company needs to adopt an applicant tracking system Singapore right away:

1. Your hiring process takes too much time

If you fail to hire candidates quickly and your hiring process requires too much manual labor, you need an online hiring software system solution (ATS). The software can automate repetitive hiring tasks and make hiring quick. It will eventually eliminate all manual hiring work and promote a hassle-free hiring process.

2. You receive too many job applications

Usually, medium and large-scale companies receive too many job applications from candidates during job openings. If you are also one of those companies struggling to manage and track a large volume of applications, a high-quality applicant tracking system in Singapore is all you need.

The software can collect, store, and manage hundreds of candidate applications in an organized way.

3. You worry about data security and compliance

If recruitment data security and compliance is your major concern, it is also a sign to invest in an applicant tracking system in Singapore. Almost all best ATS ensure compliance with employment laws and regulations. Besides this, they also keep recruitment and candidate data protected in one place.

Now, let us go beyond the basics and learn how to use the applicant tracking software Singapore to make recruitment smooth and efficient.

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How can you use the ATS System to Enhance Hiring?

The above three signs highlighted the importance of the applicant tracking system in Singapore in automating recruiting tasks, managing job applications, and ensuring data security. But what about job posting, candidate assessment, candidate screening, and tracking hiring metrics? Now is the time to talk about these features.

The factors we will discuss now will highlight the importance of these particular features and how you can use them to enhance hiring. So, here are they:

1. Use ATS to post jobs on social media

Many companies have employed their best employees from online communication and collaboration channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. According to a study, 73% of candidates from the 18-34 age group found their last job through social media platforms.

It means millennials are driving the recruitment trend. Therefore, you must build a strong company presence on these interactive platforms to hire talented and skilled employees.

An applicant tracking software Singapore can help you do so effectively. The software can not only help you create an engaging employer brand, but it can also help you post jobs within seconds. This way, you can use ATS to ensure you do not miss out on the best candidates.

2. Use ATS to record interview notes

You can only hire good employees if you create a quick recruitment process in your company. That is because every company wants to hire the best talent. And if you do not hire them quickly, some other company will. In other words, a slow candidate can lead to not-so-qualified hires.

Luckily, an online applicant tracking system Singapore has a solution for this. The software can enable you to be careful, unbiased, and thoughtful while screening candidates. But the question is, how?

ATS offers advanced communication and collaboration tools to help employers learn more about the applicants before hiring them.

Moreover, the software offers an interview recording feature that you can use to record and store candidates' interviews. By doing so, you and your team can use those recordings to evaluate candidates better and make informed hiring decisions.

3. Use ATS to track hiring progress

Did you know? Top applicants are off the market within ten days, and a company takes an average of 27 working days to hire a new candidate. It proves that you can't hire top talent if your hiring process is inefficient, as it will be too late. Therefore, you need the applicant tracking system software in Singapore to sync up.

You can use the software's reporting and analytics feature to generate meaningful reports. In addition, you can use the analytics feature to measure your hiring success. Doing so is necessary to ensure you know where your recruitment process is heading, what time each recruitment stage takes, which phases need more focus, and more.

In short, the ATS software enables you to track hiring progress by providing insightful information on the hiring workflow. It will ultimately lead to an efficient hiring process.

What are the key features to look for in the ATS software?

Before we talk about the key ATS features you should look for in the best applicant tracking platforms, let us quickly review all the features we have discussed so far:

  • Automation
  • Data security and compliance
  • Data storage and management
  • Job posting
  • Candidate screening
  • Reporting and analytics

You will be surprised to know that an applicant tracking system in Singapore offers more features than the ones mentioned above. Yes. You read that right. All these features together contribute to making ATS a powerful hiring software system platform you can use to simplify recruitment. So, let us discuss these features too:

1. Resume parsing

If ATS offers this many features to improve different hiring stages, how can it leave the initial hiring stage-resume screening? Therefore, ATS offer an accurate resume parsing software. You can use this engine to gather, manage, screen, and rank candidate resumes.

2. Customization

If you invest in a top applicant tracking system Singapore, your vendor will offer your customization features. With its help, you can tailor your hiring workflow based on your unique hiring needs, business preferences, and recruiting goals.

3. Onboarding

An advanced ATS offers onboarding facilities to recruiters. It allows them to send automated offer letters and agreements to the hired candidates. That, in turn, contributes to an enhanced candidate experience.

4. Video interviewing

The best applicant tracking systems, like Pitch N Hire, offer video interviewing features that you can use to conduct online interviews with multiple candidates anytime and anywhere.

5. Integrations

A good applicant tracking system Singapore integrates seamlessly with the best job boards, social media channels, third-party tools, and other HR software solutions. These software include HRIS, background check software, payroll, etc.

While discussing the above features, we mentioned words like right ATS, best ATS tools, and good ATS. That is because only the best automated hiring systems can give you access to these advanced features. So, jump to the next section to learn all the best applicant tracking software in the Singapore market today.

Which are the Best Applicant Tracking Systems in Singapore?

Choosing the best applicant tracking system in Singapore is complicated, especially with the availability of numerous options. However, choosing the right one for your company is vital. By right software, we mean an ATS software that you can tailor to satisfy your specific needs effectively.

Here is the list of top applicant tracking systems Singapore designed to enhance hiring productivity, speed, and results:

  1. Recruitee
  2. Pitch N Hire
  3. Ceipal ATS
  4. Workable
  5. HR Mantra

Now you must be thinking why we specifically emphasized Pitch N Hire. So, let us move further in the blog and discuss what makes Pitch N Hire ATS stand out.

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Why Should you Choose Pitch N Hire ATS above the Rest?

By now, you must have realized that the ATS's features are crucial to make the software beneficial. It means there is no point in adopting an applicant tracking system in Singapore that does not offer the best hiring features. We understand this. That is why we have equipped our ATS software with world-class features.

In short, you will find all the features mentioned in this blog in Pitch N Hire ATS. Not only this, but our software is easy to use, and all your team members can use it without special training. Maybe this is the reason why we have become successful in satisfying the recruiting needs of many companies.

If you also want to adopt highly functional ATS software in your hiring tech stack, do not hesitate. Reach out to us from our website today. There, you will also get the option to book a FREE software demo that will help you understand the software's working and features better.


In conclusion, it would not be wrong to say that an applicant tracking system Singapore can remove the hassle out of recruitment and facilitate a seamless hiring process. Therefore, the software serves as a valuable treasure that offers many hidden gems (hiring features) you can use to make recruitment fruitful.

Now that you're informed about these details, consider promptly investing in an ATS today. Ensure to explore Pitch N Hire ATS as part of your evaluation process.

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