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Tue Jun 25 2024

5 min read

A Comprehensive Guide to ATS Recruitment Systems for 2024

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An ATS recruitment software can facilitate easy hiring for the recruiter. Maximum recruiters receive multiple job applications per day. As a result, it becomes difficult for the recruiter to manage and sort these resumes manually. However, using a good applicant tracking system can curb this practical difficulty.

Today, almost all giant companies engage an ATS recruitment agency for their recruitment process. This is the reason why these companies never fall behind in sorting the applications and replying to the candidates. Not only this! The applicant tracking system helps the company to be punctual in the hiring process.

Therefore, if you want to learn various aspects of ATS recruitment, then scroll further to learn more.

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What is an ATS?

An applicant tracking system is software that eases the hiring process for the company. It conducts maximum clerical jobs involved in the hiring process. As the name suggests, the main function of this system is to track the applicants through their applications during recruitment.

The ATS recruitment software makes the hiring process easy. It sorts and scans the received resumes with ease. These scanned resumes are stored and managed by the ATS efficiently. You must be thinking that ATS recruitment is made only for huge companies. But that's not true. ATS can be extremely useful for small and newly started companies, too.

After all, every business needs talented and loyal employees. Hence, ATS software helps in sourcing talented candidates for them. It comprises a large pool of candidates that gives the company a good variety to choose from. From posting the vacancies to conducting the onboarding process, ATS can handle it all.

An ATS software also creates a good database from scanned resumes. This database can be used by the company in the future. Sounds pretty convenient. Isn’t it? So, moving forward, let’s scroll further to learn the functions of ATS recruitment.

What are the main functions of ATS recruitment software?

Every ATS tracker conducts the above-mentioned basic functions. To know more, read further to know why you should use ATS.

Functions Related to Vacancies

The ATS uses a template to insert the information related to the vacancy and post it on various platforms. The software has multiple preinstalled templates for job postings and emails. The software also creates an ideal profile based on the job information it receives from the recruiter.

Functions Related to the Resumes

This is the most important function in the ATS recruitment process. As soon as the company starts receiving the applications, the software starts ranking them from the highest compatibility to the lowest. This ranking is done by comparing the resume with the ideal profile it created in the prior step. It also sorts the applications based on keywords. If the software does not find any related keyword in the resume, it straightaway rejects it. Ranking takes place after rejecting unwanted resumes.

Functions Related to Interview

The recruiter goes through the list of ranked resumes. They instantly know the candidates with high compatibility with the job. The recruiter then commands the software to initiate the interview process for the highest-ranked candidates. The software communicates with the candidate accordingly and schedules an interview according to the schedule of the recruiter. Most of the ATS recruitment software even reminds the candidates for interviews if needed. The software even conducts the onboarding process if needed.

Every recruiting applicant tracking system conducts the above-mentioned basic functions. Read further to know why should you use ATS.

Why should you use an applicant tracking system?

Using an applicant tracking system can benefit your business in many ways:

Shares Workload

ATS recruitment helps in dividing the workload of the human resource team. The HR team goes through a lot of work anyway. Adding another burden of sorting and scanning the resumes on their shoulders is pretty inhumane. The software conducts most of the clerical work related to the hiring process. This way, the hiring team only needs to overview this process. They need not waste their energy working hard on clerical work.

Efficient Hiring

The software has a list of ATS tools for recruitment. This includes tools for resume parsing, candidate sourcing, posting the vacancy, and so on. These tools lead the recruiter toward the correct candidate. Thus helping in efficient hiring.

Candidate Experience

The ATS recruitment improves the candidate experience. It communicates seamlessly with the candidates as soon as possible after receiving the application. It even communicates the rejection so that the candidate does not have to wait long to apply for other places. These features improve the image of the company in the minds of the candidates.

Huge Talent Pool

The ATS recruitment allows the recruiter to source candidates from various platforms. This gives a variety of candidates to the recruiter to choose from. The recruiter can choose the most talented candidates in the market.

Reports and Analysis

The software analyses the hiring strategy of the company and makes a report regarding it. In this report, the drawbacks of the current strategy and suggestions to improve it are given in detail, which helps the company to a great extent.

We have seen why a company should use ATS for recruitment. Scroll further to read about the best ATS software in the market.

List of the best applicant tracking systems for 2024

We have made an exclusive list of ATS for you. With this, you can conduct the best ATS recruitment 2024. These platforms are:

  1. Pitch N Hire: This is one of the most-loved applicant tracking systems by SMEs and Fortune 500 companies. It is an efficient and popular ATS recruitment software designed to revolutionize how you discover and recruit top talent. It provides a fast-track ATS hiring rate to businesses by streamlining the overall hiring process. No matter whether you are hiring remote or full-time employees!
  2. Greenhouse: This platform provides end-to-end hiring tools for hiring large teams. It is preferred mostly by large companies with huge teams.
  3. BambooHR: It is famous for hybrid and remote team management. It can be used to satisfy the high-volume hiring needs of the company. Many companies use it as an ATS recruitment agency.
  4. TallentReef: This platform specializes in recruiting, hiring, and onboarding candidates. It is an all-in-one software useful for small as well as large companies.


Many companies think understanding and conducting an ATS recruitment is a lengthy process. This is the half-truth. Selecting and understanding an ATS software can indeed take time. However, once the team understands the workings of the software, the recruitment process runs as smoothly as butter. The team need not pay attention to the clerical work of hiring. They just need to pay attention to choosing the best candidate among many. Thus, ATS recruitment is one of the most efficient and convenient ways of hiring candidates any company can have.

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