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Fri Apr 12 2024

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Recruitment team structure: What are the major positions?

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A structured talent acquisition team is crucial to hire the most suitable candidates for your organization. Unsure how to build an effective recruitment team configuration? Worry not! Continue reading this blog, where we shall discuss the meaning, need, benefits, and many more things to help you better understand the concept of hiring team structure.

Recently, organizations can only become successful if they have a well-designed recruiting team structure. That is because recruiting team members are responsible for hiring employees for the organization. The better the employees, the more successful the company.

Therefore, to ensure you hire the best employees, you must have a professional recruitment team members have defined roles and responsibilities. But the question is, how can you build a successful recruiting team?

Let us unravel this in the blog below!

List of three key benefits recruiting team structure offers

As the founder or CEO, you cannot take charge of performing all hiring activities. That is not just because you also have other things to focus on. No! That is also because many steps are involved in hiring that require complete attention and diligence. These steps include candidate sourcing, interview scheduling, resume screening, and many more.

Sounds complicated, right?

Therefore, slowly and gradually, many business organizations are freeing themselves from this hiring workload by leveraging the features of applicant tracking systems and creating a proper team structure. Here are the three main benefits of having a proper hiring team as a part of your company:

Positive brand image

You might already know that a strong brand image is key to attracting the best candidates. Do you know why? It's because all the top candidates from the large talent pool want to land jobs in well-reputed companies. In this case, you can utilize an exclusive recruitment team to enhance your company’s image.

Moreover, the HRs and recruiters working for your company can use their relationship-building and networking skills to help you source the best candidates. This way, you can hire the best candidates for your formal recruiting role or open roles and, at the same time, build a positive brand image.

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Save company resources

Many small-scale companies try to reduce their expenses by not hiring an internal recruitment team structure and hiring new employees themselves. However, this hiring process only works best for small-scale companies and will not work for medium and large-scale companies.

That is because medium and large companies hire many candidates throughout the year. If they do so without proper expertise and knowledge, they will eventually end up wasting valuable company resources. Therefore, a dedicated team of recruiters and HR managers can help streamline recruitment and save costs.


Recruiters and hiring professionals know all local and international hiring laws and regulations. On the other hand, other company employees working in different departments do not have this legal hiring knowledge. And if you ask these employees to hire candidates for your company, you might unintentionally get yourself and your company in legal trouble.

Thus, the structure of a team specializing in recruiting is the only option for keeping to all hiring regulations. This can rescue you from the fines and other penalties that may befall you. A team of recruiting and hiring professionals can enable you to enjoy the above benefits.

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Hiring team structure: Why do companies need it?

The majority of small-scale organizations employ staff by themselves. In essence, they lack hiring managers and recruiters to assist them in the process of finding staff for their vacancies. However, this is not so among large-scale organizations! This is because these companies have high operations, and the focus should be more on the quality of hires.

Nevertheless, the US market is gradually turning competitive. In this case, only firms with a strong talent acquisition organizational structure will remain in business, while the rest of the companies lose the best brains to their competitors. Recall the higher the quality of your hiring team is, and then high-quality new hires prevail.

Holding an exclusive recruiting team will gain you a qualified candidate database and, at the same time, help boost the growth of your company. In a nutshell, the success of the company depends on the structures created by the recruiting team. Therefore, in this contemporary business world, where finding the “right” talent is a major hurdle, you should for a dedicated team of hiring professionals.

Let us discuss how companies structure their hiring teams in the next step.

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How do different-sized companies structure hiring teams?

How companies structure their recruiting team depends on various factors. Most importantly, the company’s size is the main factor based on which companies structure their recruiting team. Thus, we can say that all companies structure their recruiting teams differently based on their size and the number of employees they hire on average in a year.

So, let us see the difference in the talent acquisition team structure of companies of all sizes:

Small-scale business organizations and startups

Almost all small companies and startups hire 10-12 employees on average in a year. If we ignore the growth plans of such companies for a moment, we can say that these companies hire on a small scale. As a result, they do not require a dedicated recruiting team structure or even an individual hiring professional. That is because the company’s founder and senior employees are enough to hire new employees whenever necessary.

Medium-scale business organizations

Usually, medium-scale business organizations hire 10-20 employees on average in a year. It means these companies might not need a dedicated recruiting team structure, but they need one recruiter or HR. A single hiring professional or recruitment operations team can effortlessly handle all hiring operations of such organizations throughout the year.

Enterprise-level or large-scale business organizations

Enterprise-level and large businesses often have aggressive growth plans and many short and long-term business goals to achieve. As a result, a single recruiter alone cannot perform the hiring and onboarding process on a large scale and fill 80-1000 positions on average in a year. Therefore, large companies need a complete hiring team with at least 5-6 hiring professionals in different recruitment roles.

Now that you know how companies of different sizes structure their recruiting team, let us discuss the five key recruiting roles in the recruitment department.

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Recruiting team structure: Five must-have roles to know

A recruiting team structure comprises many individuals. Each individual has a different assigned hiring responsibility. Although the number of members in a recruiting team may vary based on the company’s size, every recruitment team leader must have these five key roles:

The founder or CEO

The company’s CEO and founders also play a crucial role in recruitment as they actively participate in hiring decision-making. Besides this, they are also responsible for welcoming all the new employees and making them feel comfortable in the company’s work environment.

The recruiter

A company recruiter is the person responsible for overseeing the entire recruiting process from beginning to end. In other words, the recruiter will ensure you find the right candidates for your open roles and that all candidates pass smoothly through the recruitment funnel.

The talent source

The talent sources are responsible for finding and sourcing qualified candidates from the large candidate pool. They search for candidates on different online platforms to identify the right candidates (candidates that best suit the job requirements).

The HR Recruiting Manager

The company’s HR manager or recruitment marketing manager is the head of the recruitment team whose responsibility is to oversee if recruiters and sources are doing their work right. Usually, the HR is the person who initiates the hiring process and works closely with all recruiting team members, especially the recruiter.

The employer brand marketer

The employer brand marketer is responsible for creating and maintaining a positive brand image in the job market. Companies hire employer brand marketers because 91% of candidates research the company's image before they apply for jobs.

Now that we have discussed the five must-have roles you should have in your recruiting team structure, the next step is to learn some tips to simplify recruitment team structure.

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How can you simplify your recruiting team structure?

Sometimes, you might want to have a recruiting team structure but not know how to make one. If this is the case, do not worry. To simplify your recruitment team structure, follow these five tips:

  • Define the roles and responsibilities of all members in the recruiting structure to avoid any confusion and misunderstandings.
  • Invest in tools and technologies to promote smooth communication and collaboration between the recruiting team members.
  • Evaluate your present hiring team structure and judge the areas where the team lags. After that, look for ways to fill those gaps.
  • Review your team structure from time to time and change the structure based on the changes in the recruitment industry and business world.
  • Invest in recruiting software such as an ATS system, as your recruiting team can use the features of applicant tracking systems to automate recruitment.

Wrapping up

It is important for businesses to understand the significance of the right recruiting team structure. Besides assisting you in marketing your collaborative hiring, it can help your company succeed. For quality hiring software that can enhance the productivity of your recruitment team, go for ATS software from Pitch N Hire. Visit our website now and schedule a FREE software demo.

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