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Tue Sep 05 2023

5 min read

10 Best Ways to Get More Job Applicants During Hiring

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Are you looking for the top job applicants for your opening? If so, don't worry; you're not alone. Billions of organizations want to attract top applicants as they are the pillars of success in the long run. However, attracting and engaging top talents is not easy. It needs time, effort, and a great recruitment strategy combined with tech support. 

The more the number of applicants job search USA for your vacancy, the higher your chances are to engage top talents. In a survey, 86% of HR professionals said that recruiting has become similar to marketing. It means if you can market well, you gain more job applicants. In this article, we have shared the 10 best ways to get better job applicants for your openings. 

What are the 10 Best Ways to Get More Applicants During Hiring?

Every company, irrespective of size, must have a recruitment strategy while filling positions. It is a plan of action that helps you identify, attract, and hire top talents successfully for your openings. The starting point of hiring is a job posting and sourcing job applicants through a traditional recruitment agency or modern strategies. Listed below are the top ways to attract potential applicants looking for the best jobs USA.

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Ask for Employee Referrals

Most companies have an in-built source of referrals from their employees unless they're hiring for the first time. You can create exciting employee referral programs to gain job applicants through your current staff. Research says companies can increase their talent pool ten times by recruiting through employee referrals or networks. 

Use Social Media

Social media has turned out to be a great recruitment tool today. Besides connecting with people in similar industries, candidates encounter numerous job posts on these platforms. You can use such channels to share job postings with your entire network and enable two-way conversations. Even if it is not relevant to a candidate, they often share it with other job applicants who are currently looking for such openings. 

Use Multiple Job Posting Platforms

You can post your openings on multiple job boards and websites to source a substantial number of candidates. These platforms often use an ATS to source and screen the best candidates relevant to your job post. Therefore, not only do you get a large volume of job applicants, but also the chances of meeting top talents increase. 

These websites or job boards list full-time, part-time, and remote job opportunities across multiple industries. However, some boards like Pitch N Hire, FlexJobs,, and We Work Remotely mainly list jobs from home USA. 

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Post Clear and Concise Job Descriptions.

Job descriptions are the first interaction point between job applicants and your company. It defines the company and your requirements for the role. Therefore, you must research and identify the qualifications, skills, experience, and personality of the candidate you want to hire. Include them in the description along with responsibilities, salary ranges, benefits, and perks. So, as a whole, they help in attracting, engaging, and hiring real talents. 

Simplify your Application Process

Thousands of candidates seem to leave in between an application when it's unnecessarily lengthy and time-consuming. Therefore, you must have a clear and concise application form that mentions only the details required for the post. They must be quick to finish, easy to fill out, and mobile-responsive.

Optimize your Job Posts

One of the best ways to get the most number of job applicants is through search engines like Google. For example, if someone looks for part time WFH jobs near me, they can find you among the top results if you are offering the same. However, ranking at the top of search engines is not easy. Therefore, you need to optimize job posts with an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professional and use target keywords in the title and job description. 

Attend Job Fairs and Industry Events

Most job fairs and industry events are arranged to bridge gaps between potential employers and talents. Therefore, you can participate in such events to grow your network and reach out to top talents. They can later convert to promising job applicants and increase your chance of hiring the best. 

Offer Flexible Work Arrangements 

Candidates are looking for flexible work arrangements to manage their life-work balance. More and more companies are adopting remote work or allowing hybrid working models (in-office + home working) to attract talent. Similarly, if you are targeting a large volume of applicants, make sure to offer them work flexibility, along with multiple benefits and perks. It will also open up the job to talents from different geographical locations, backgrounds, and domains.

Enhance Employer Branding Strategy

Research says companies with positive employer brands receive two times more job applicants compared to others. You must boast your plus points, like flexible work, work-life balance, etc., across all your channels. Additionally, you can share photos and videos from company events or day-to-day office life on social media that promote your employer brand.

Improve your Career Site

The best job applicants often take time to research a company before applying for an opening. Additionally, people applying directly through the company website can visit your career page to look for openings and apply instantly. This increases your chances of getting more applicants. Therefore, you must provide specific details on the career page like company vision, goals, initiatives, employee testimonials, diversity programs, benefits and perks, etc.  

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How does Pitch N Hire Help Get the Best Job Applicants?

Pitch N Hire combines the power of ATS and CRM systems to change the way you discover and hire top talents. We help you manage your pipelines, access multiple candidates, conduct video interviews, and make confident selections. 

You can create, track, and manage job openings smoothly from one destination. Additionally, Pitch N Hire assists you in crafting compelling job descriptions to promote your openings globally and attract best-fit candidates for your company. 

Furthermore, we give you the option to request missing candidate data. It ensures you make sound decisions and hires people who align with your company's values. You can also make notes for each candidate, create a centralized document repository and gain real-time insights and analytics on your candidates. What's more, we help you create branded career pages such that you stay equipped in every way possible and gain more job applicants. To know more, book your demo session with us!

Final Thoughts!

While you target a large volume of job applicants at a time, you must consider numerous factors that attract and engage these talents. We have listed the top ten ways that can help you in crafting a high-quality recruitment strategy. However, if you're still unable to get more applicants, try Pitch N Hire