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Sat Dec 16 2023

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Diversity Recruiting Websites For More Diverse Hiring

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Are you looking for diverse candidates? If so, you're not alone. Presently, millions of organizations are aiming to adopt a diverse workplace for multiple reasons. It increases their creativity, ensures higher returns, and helps in better decision-making. However, the process of hiring diverse candidates is not easy unless you are using diversity recruiting websites.

This article will share how to get the most out of these websites and what they do for your organization.

What are Diversity Recruiting Websites?

Workplace diversity is gaining more attention currently. As per a recent survey byForbes, companies those have culturally diverse teams can make up to 33% more than average profits.

A diversity recruitment website is a targeted job board. It is composed of jobs from multiple backgrounds, including Black, disabled people, LGBTQ+ communities, and more.

When you post a job, they connect you with candidates from diverse backgrounds, experiences, identities, and perspectives. Therefore, they are the bridge between potential employers and employees.

Listed below are a few diversity recruiting websites:

  • They allow job postings targeting minority communities across multiple industries.
  • Pitch N Hire: This website ranks among the top websites to allow diversity recruitment with its AI-powered ATS. It selects candidates based on their skills and qualifications and not on caste, race, color, or other discriminating factors.
  • It claims to be the largest African-American online career community. They offer job opportunities to the black community.
  • FairyGodBoss: It is one of the top diversity recruiting websites for female candidates. They connect you with female talents and offer a community for women in the workplace.
  • Pink Jobs: It lists part-time and full-time opportunities for LGBTQ communities in specific regions. It includes Canada, Europe, North America, and Australia.
  • Workforce50: It is a unique job board for candidates above 50 who want to return to work later in life.
  • abilityJOBS: It allows recruiters to hire candidates with disability and veteran candidates with a disability.
  • VetJobs: It is one of the most significant military diversity recruiting websites with more than 2 million listings, and you can find candidates with military backgrounds here.
  • 70 million jobs: You can find top talents that others don't select due to a previous criminal record or felony charges.

How are diversity recruiting websites beneficial for your company?

Diversity recruiting websites help companies to fulfill their goal of achieving an inclusive workforce. It is not only a legal requirement but also benefits companies implementing a diverse workforce. We have listed a few benefits of diversity recruitment in businesses.

  • Strengthening your brand reputation as an equal opportunities employer.
  • Resulting in higher productivity, innovation, and performance.
  • Improving employee retention rates and promoting your company's positive brand.
  • Giving access to a broader talent pool regardless of profile.
  • Protecting you from claims of disparate treatment and adverse impact discrimination.
  • Helping you build an ethical and sustainable business.

What are the five effective ways to get more out of diversity recruiting websites?

Research says workplace diversity can boost your company's creativity and innovation. It further leads to better decision-making and a more professional workplace environment. A Harvard Business Review says companies ensuring greater diversity are 70% more likely to capture better markets.

If you are interested in making a diverse workplace and improving your overall business performance, then use the diversity job sites. They offer a range of benefits, as discussed before.

Listed below are five effective ways to get more out of diversity recruiting websites.

Utilize top diversity recruiting websites

While creating an inclusive workforce, it is essential for companies to use different diversity recruiting websites. However, the process can be daunting with tons of options available in the market.

Some top diversity hiring sites are,, FairyGodBoss, Pink Jobs, and more. But before you use either of these websites, research them and check whether they can fulfill your goals.

Craft inclusive job descriptions

Now that you have searched for the best website, you must craft an inclusive job description that appeals to a diverse audience. Besides highlighting your inclusive work environment, tailor an unbiased job title and use inclusive language in the job post.

Your job posts mustn't discourage particular groups from applying for a position. It is good to focus on skills, experiences, and qualities necessary for the role in your job description. Furthermore, ensure the website uses blind resume screening techniques and AI-powered applicant management software for a better recruitment process.

Highlight diversity initiatives and benefits

While you are using one of the best job boards for diversity, take advantage of the platform to spread your DEI (Diversity, Equality, Inclusive) initiatives. You can explain how your company values diversity and inclusion and what initiatives you have implemented to ensure a healthy, diverse workforce.

To point out the uniqueness of your organization, share images in your job post. These often resonate with potential candidates and encourage them to apply for your openings.

Leverage employer branding

Any organization must establish itself as a strong employer brand to attract talent. Now that you are using diversity recruiting websites, you must also have a user-friendly website. Why? Most candidates check out their employers' websites before actually applying for the job or accepting an offer.

For this purpose, you can showcase inclusive and diversity initiatives. Additionally, use employee testimonials and success stories from diverse backgrounds on your website. These add credibility to your brand and help you attract talent.

Engage with niche communities

These websites often host multiple communities, forums, and groups focused on specific demographics. It includes people of different age groups, colors, gender, or LGBTQ+ communities. You can engage with them by participating in their discussions, sharing your insights, and being responsive.

Additionally, you can consider collaborating with diversity-focused organizations, like women's networks or minority professional associations. These organizations can help you increase your reach and visibility among potential candidates.

Final thoughts

Diversity recruiting websites are helping companies in building an inclusive workforce. It provides you access to a wider talent pool with varied skills, creativity, and perspectives. Thus, helping you make sound decisions and build a successful business. One of the top diversity hiring sites is Pitch N Hire, where we target talents by their skills and experience and not by personal details.

Our AI-powered applicant tracking systems screens candidates without acknowledging their race, color, and other discriminating factors. We source only the best candidates applying for a job opening and matching the recruiter's needs. If you want to develop an inclusive workforce, contact us today.

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