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Sat Jan 13 2024

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#1 Diversity Recruiting Software for DEI Hiring in 2024

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Diversity Recruiting Software

Before you use the diverse recruiting software to hire a diverse array of candidates, you must be familiar with this software. It means you should know enough about the software to leverage it effectively. And guess what? This guide can help you do it. Continue reading to learn all about diverse hiring software.

Diversity recruiting software has become popular in the recruitment market. That is because diversity promotes an organization's growth in many ways. DEI (Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion) initiatives have become a key factor in companies globally, as they help prevent exclusion based on gender, race, nationality, and color.

Hiring is purely based on merit, enabling businesses to attract a wide range of talent, retain employees, and improve overall productivity. However, human biases are often deeply entrenched. In this case, you must use the right tools and technologies to stay ahead of your competitors in this game. Luckily, diversity hiring software does just that.

So, here is a guide where we will cover everything you need to know about this modern software.

What is Diversity Recruiting Software and its types?

Earlier, recruiters used to find and attract suitable candidates themselves. But today, they rely on automated software to do so. Diversity recruiting software is a modern tool that helps recruiters automate the candidate sourcing process in recruitment.

Simply put, the software attracts qualified candidates for current and future job openings on behalf of recruiters. The best thing about using these tools is that they effortlessly create a diverse talent pool and eliminate the scope of bias from the hiring process.

Although there are many diverse recruiting software in the US software market, here are some of the most popular ATS software:

You can choose any diversity hiring tool that best suits your diverse hiring requirements and company's needs. Now that you know the meaning and types of diversity hiring software, you must be confused about whether you need this software.

Do not worry. The below section will clear this doubt of yours.

Why do you need diversity recruiting software?

Did you know that most candidates expect employers to manage and satisfy a diverse workforce properly?  Incorporating effective talent pipeline management strategies is crucial, as it not only supports diversity goals but also enhances your company's standing in the competitive job market as of 2024.

Apart from helping you attract top talent and foster a diverse workforce, here are some more reasons why you need to add diversity recruiting software to your tech stack:

Enhanced innovations and creativity

If you only employ people from a specific background, your organization will not grow and become stagnant. It is because there are no new ideas, experiences, and opinions.

On the other hand, if you use diversity recruiting software to build a diverse workforce, you can easily overcome business challenges using unique solutions.

Better decision making

Imagine having people from different walks of life working in your company. All of them will have different viewpoints, perceptions, and experiences. They will combine these viewpoints to make more informed decisions. Thus, the diversity hiring system promotes better decision-making.

More market understanding

A diverse workforce reflects the demographics of the international marketplace. Therefore, by implementing effective methods of recruitment and selection and hiring candidates from various backgrounds, you can better understand your customers' needs and preferences.

Further, let us move ahead and discuss how the diversity recruiting software can benefit your company.

What are the benefits of the diversity recruiting platform?

The diversity hiring software uses modern technology to perform different hiring tasks. For example, it creates unbiased job descriptions, identifies talented candidates, manages candidate data, etc.

Usually, recruiters integrate diversity recruiting software with recruiting applicant tracking software (ATS), a hiring automation system, or online job boards.

Below are the four key benefits the software provides:

  1. It supports companies in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategies and promotes diversity recruiting initiatives.
  2. The software can implement filters to redact any data and information that can go against a candidate during the hiring decision-making process.
  3. It removes all the unconscious bias candidates may experience during the screening or interviewing process in recruitment.
  4. Diversity recruiting platforms allow hiring professionals to attract, retain, and engage applicants from different backgrounds.

In short, the diversity hiring tool creates a skilled and diverse workforce in a company. Thus, you can use this tool to practice diverse hiring. Companies that practice diversity in the workforce are 70% more likely to become successful by capturing new markets than companies that lack diversity.

What are the core features of a diversity sourcing tool?

You might be surprised to know the number of features the diversity recruiting software offers. Here are some core features you should know:

Diverse talent sourcing

Utilizing candidate sourcing, recruiters can leverage this feature to identify the best candidates from various talent groups in the employment market. In other words, they can hire top talent irrespective of a person's gender, culture, race, etc.

Data and analytics

You used many diversity sourcing techniques and took many diversity hiring initiatives using the diversity hiring tool. Now what? You require some tools to track the effectiveness of these initiatives.

In this case, you can use the data and analytics tools to collect and analyze data. This way, you and your HR team can better judge the areas of improvement.

Identifying unconscious biases

The diversity recruiting software offers many features to ensure that recruitment is unbiased. You can use these features during the candidate sourcing and screening process in recruitment to eliminate the scope for bias.

So, this was about the core features. But the question is, do you know the "must-have" features you should look for in the best diversity hiring tools? Let us address this next big question.

What are the must-have features of diversity hiring tools?

Indeed, finding the right diversity recruiting software for your business in the software market is difficult. However, you still need to ensure the software you choose can help promote a fair and balanced hiring process.

Therefore, if you want to make the best of diversity sourcing tools, consider looking for these three key features:

Automated candidate grading and ranking

Before investing in diversity recruiting software, always look for the automated candidate grading and ranking feature. Looking for this feature is not enough. You must also ensure that the features use artificial intelligence to screen candidates based on the job requirements.

This feature will allow you to simplify recruitment, reduce bias, and identify top candidates from different groups. And since the features automate the screening and filtering process, it will save you time and effort.

Creating and publishing job descriptions

Remember, the diverse hiring system you choose must have the ability to create compelling job descriptions. Besides this, also check if the software uses the right language and terminology while doing so.

You can check this by asking your best recruitment software provider if the tool offers an in-built job description feature. By doing so, you can attract diverse talent to apply for your open roles and, at the same time, customize the job description based on the specific job role.

Legal compliance

It is your responsibility as a recruiter to make the hiring process fair for all applicants, irrespective of their gender, race, and personal characteristics. The best way to do so is to ensure the diversity hiring tool follows all legal rules.

The right diversity hiring software must adhere to EEOC and other legal regulations. Ensuring this is vital as it will save you from discrimination. Not only this, but it will help you improve your DE&I efforts.

We informed you that the diversity recruiting software will help you improve your DE&I efforts. But the question is, how will you measure these efforts? Read on to know.

How do we measure DE&I efforts with a diversity hiring tool?

You must track the right metrics to measure your DE&I efforts. Only then can you use the diversity recruiting software effectively. Keep your eyes on these three vital KPIs:

  • Check the current number of diverse candidates in your organization and the number of diverse talents you attracted for your new job openings.
  • Check the metrics of how many diverse candidates accept job offers from your end.
  • Measure the retention rate of diverse talent in your company.

Discover the ultimate efficiency in recruitment with PNH's best candidate management tools, streamlining the hiring process for optimal results.

How can Pitch N Hire help you enhance diversity hiring?

If you are ready to hire diverse candidates, why not invest in the Pitch N Hire applicant tracking system? Our ATS software offers many high-quality features to ensure your hiring process is bias-free, smooth, and quick.

These features include custom questionnaires, collaborative assessments, video interviewing, resume screening, and more. Apart from these core features, our advanced job application management system also provides the following:

  • Integration capabilities
  • High-quality customer support
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Customizable and collaborative features
  • Easy-to-use interface

So, focus on your primary recruitment goal: hiring the best candidates from diverse backgrounds and creating a diverse workforce. Want to learn more about our top hire ATS? Check out our website and contact our experts today.


Ultimately, it is safe to say that companies should diversify their employees. To do this effectively, they should use the diversity recruiting software. That is because leveraging this modern software is the best way to explore different backgrounds to hire the best employees.

Adding this software to your tech stack can benefit you in ways you can never imagine. Therefore, we suggest you invest in one today. Do not forget to check Pitch N Hire ATS for the same.

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