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Tue Aug 08 2023

5 min read

Finding Part Time WFH Jobs Near Me Ultimate Guide

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The work culture across the globe has changed at a very fast pace post-covid. Earlier, a person could only work from the office, but with the work culture changing, now, a person can do WFH as well. Firms across the world have created job positions that are meant to be virtual rather than in an office. 

If you are considering becoming a remote worker, you can find many organizations that may be advertising just the job you're hoping for. With the right resources, you can easily land the job of your dreams. With a large number of people looking for WFH opportunities, beware of sites that promote fake job ads and those that seem even a little bit fishy to you. Below is a guide for you on how to find “part time wfh jobs near me”.

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Where to Search for Part Time WFH Jobs Near Me?

Wanting to do work from home is one thing, but now the question arises, where to look for leads of “home based jobs near me”? As for the very first step, we recommend remote job websites. Now, the question arises: why? 

Well, the answer is simple. It is because they save you time and effort. And also because remote job sites are built specifically for WFH careers. In other words, you don’t have to spend time on different sites searching for the term “part time jobs near me WFH”. 

Top Sites to Search For “Part Time WFH Jobs Near Me”

Here, we have curated a list of best sites to search for “part time WFH jobs near me”. These are some of the best and safest places to look for WFH online.

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Pitch N Hire

Making it to the top of our list, we have Pitch N Hire. Pitch N Hire is one of the places you can look for “part time WFH jobs near me” online. Here, you can browse over more than thousands of job listings for free. Additionally, it has an active presence on all of the major social media platforms so that you can experience seamless customer support. Pitch N Hire also enables job seekers to post their resumes so that potential firms can approach you! 


Taking the second spot, we have FlexJobs. It is one of the reliable sites where your search for “part time WFH jobs near me” might end. It is a paid site. First of all, you need to create an account and then select a plan that suits your pocket. After completing all these steps, start browsing the roles that suit you.

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Remotive is a WFH job site that mainly specializes in WFH jobs from tech firms. If you’re in search of “part time WFH jobs near me”, then this site is for you. Even though it is a WFH job site that mainly specializes in WFH jobs from tech firms, not all jobs listed here are tech related.

Where NOT to Search for “Part Time WFH Jobs Near Me”?

We recommend you NEVER search for work-from-home jobs on sites like Facebook, Indeed, and Craigslist. Now, you must be wondering why? The reason for this is that although there may be some genuine opportunities, these platforms are mostly filled with a lot of scammers. Facebook even warns job seekers about scams targeting people in the guise of remote work.

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Also, be vigilant of multi-level marketing (MLM) schemes that promise work-from-home opportunities but may not actually offer real remote work. We strongly suggest reputable job search websites. For your own safety, be cautious of anything that seems too good to be true.


Still not sure where to start your job search from? Let us tell you a little secret. You can find the WFH of your dreams at Pitch N Hire! You can look for jobs from more than thousands of listings. Pitch N Hire might be the place where your search for “part time WFH jobs near me” might come to an end. 

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At Pitch N Hire, all the listings are real and are from verified firms, reducing the risk of scams and making it safe for job seekers. We hope you find the blog helpful and informative. Stay tuned for such blogs, and follow us for more tech blogs!