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Advanced Candidate Proctoring and Feedback

Elevate your recruitment process with our cutting-edge candidate proctoring and scoring features. Ensure a secure and fair evaluation environment through advanced proctoring technology, including facial recognition and browser monitoring.

Stats Speak for Themselves

98%User Satisfaction

5M+Pre-Assessed Candidates in Pool

4.9Average Reviews


Seamless Candidate Capture - Real-Time Verification Made Easy!

Streamline candidate documentation with our innovative capture feature. No need to request photos separately- our platform enables real-time verification, automatically capturing candidate details during the process. Embrace a hassle-free experience, ensuring accurate and verified information for efficient hiring!

Seamless Candidate Capture
Anti cheating measures

Stay on Track - Live Assessment with Anti-Cheating Measures!

Track candidate progress in real-time with our cutting-edge assessment tracking. Our platform employs robust anti-cheating measures for recruitment assessment tests, detecting any potential copy-pasting attempts. Ensure fair evaluations and authentic results!

call recording

Capture Every Interaction - Screen and Call Recording!

Never miss a moment- our platform allows you to record and preserve all essential interactions during candidate screenings and calls. Screen and call recordings offer valuable insights, enabling thorough evaluation and confident decision-making throughout the hiring process!

Data-Driven hire

Data-Driven Hires - Automated Scorecards and 360° Feedback!

Experience the power of data-driven evaluations with automated scorecards and 360° feedback on job interview assessment tests. Enjoy simplified assessment processes and comprehensive insights into candidate performance. Leverage valuable feedback to identify the best-fit candidates for your organization!

Application Status

Stay Organized - Effortlessly Manage Candidate Application Status!

Take control of your hiring process with our user-friendly platform that allows you to effortlessly manage candidate application status. Keep track of each candidate's progress and streamline communication, ensuring a seamless and organized hiring journey from start to finish!