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Tue Jan 16 2024

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Staffing Agency Scheduling Software - All-in-One Solution

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Best Staffing Agency Software

If you want to run a well-oiled staffing agency, staffing agency scheduling software is a must-have software in your tech stack. The software uses a modern approach to simplify shift management and employee tracking processes for you. Continue reading the blog to learn how this software can eliminate the need for spreadsheets.

Staffing agency scheduling software is increasingly becoming popular among staffing agencies in the USA and worldwide. This modern software can significantly transform your staffing agency by making it easy for you to create and manage employee schedules.

Not only this, but it can also help you save time and stay compliant. From the meaning and need of staffing agency software to its benefits and features, we will cover everything in this guide. So, read on.

The Role of Staffing Agency Scheduling Software

In the early days, managers working in staffing agencies faced many challenges while scheduling temps. Thanks to the evolution of modern technology, managers have now eliminated this stress with the help of staffing agency scheduling software.

It is an easy-to-use technology that performs all the hard work so employers can focus on matching the qualified candidates with the most suitable jobs. Earlier, workforce allocation and job scheduling was a hectic and time-consuming process.

And even a few small mistakes would result in big damage to the staffing agencies. But today, there is no scope for such big damages as the temporary staffing scheduling software does not make such mistakes.

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Why is staffing agency scheduling software so significant?

Many companies in the USA and worldwide are elevating their recruitment efforts by relying on temporary employees more than they ever used to. In this case, staffing agency scheduling software allows temp agencies to collect temps and store their information in an easily accessible database.

This way, managers can conveniently search and track temp employees’ availability. Thus, if you want to empower communication with temp workers, you need staffing software.

How beneficial is scheduling software for recruiting firms?

An effective staffing agency scheduling software can reap many short- and long-term benefits. This modern software can make your business operations systematic and organized. The software quickly searches for the right employees for short-term placements. Besides this, the scheduling software offers many more benefits, such as:

Quick adaptability

As a recruiter, you might have experienced shift clashes. However, scheduling software for staffing agencies will notify you in case of schedule changes. This way, you can quickly adapt to all sudden schedule changes in temp employees' availability. Not only this, but with the help of this software, you can mark temps unavailable in the temp portal and avoid temp no-shows.

Improved communications

Did you know? Studies prove effective engagement with employees results in a 31% lower turnover rate and more employee loyalty. Since staffing agency scheduling software helps you keep temporary staff informed, it will ensure that each one completes their assigned duties. Moreover, you can use the software to send automated alerts and schedule changes if you want to change the temp staff member's duties.

Enhanced consistency

During routine procedures, there is always a high risk of human errors. But you cannot afford to experience big consequences only because of some minute human errors. An agency scheduling software will effectively manage all the routine procedures and eliminate the risk of human errors. For example, you can use the software to easily track and process time-off requests and not misplace or forget them.

Organized workflow

Some of your employees might have fixed work shifts, while some might have dynamic. If you use a staffing agency scheduling software to manage shifts, you do not have to stress at all. That is because the software can effortlessly handle both fixed and dynamic work shifts. This way, it can help you maintain an organized and systematic workflow.

What are the features of temp agency scheduling software?

Staffing agencies in the USA must have access to high-quality software with advanced features that can help them enhance productivity and reduce costs. If you work in a staffing agency and hire many temporary workers, here are the three key staffing agency scheduling software features you should know:


You can easily integrate the staffing agency scheduling software with many third-party systems, such as invoicing and expense systems. This integration feature will allow you to generate automated invoices after the job completion. It will never make you forget the best part about the job- getting paid.

Schedule overviews

The software's schedule overview feature allows agency owners to view weekly, biweekly, and monthly schedules. This feature will give you an idea of your temp staff's schedule. You might find the customization feature in some high-quality software that you can use to customize your schedule view based on time, location, and many other factors.

Real-time communication

You must have real-time communications with your temp employees to ensure constant collaboration. In this case, you can use the staffing agency scheduling software to facilitate real-time communication through emails and text messages. Almost all scheduling software offers mobile applications so each staff member is updated and informed about new announcements and change notifications.

Tips to use staffing agency scheduling software effectively

Whether scheduling finance staff or managing a temporary team of healthcare workers across different locations, you must follow some tips. Here are the three tips that will help you to use a staffing agency scheduling software effectively so that you can enhance and make your overall scheduling efficient:

Define your scheduling needs

You cannot adopt an agency scheduling system without considering your agency’s unique scheduling needs. In other words, you should know your scheduling needs and overall business objectives before adopting a scheduling software. For example, you can consider the number of team members, availability management, types of work shifts available, and more.

Once you know your situation and requirements, the next step is to evaluate your options. In this case, you should only select the one that best helps you streamline scheduling, increase productivity, and eliminate errors.

Provide training

You can only make the most of the staffing company software when all your staff members can use the software without any difficulty. Therefore, you must give proper software training to all staff members who will use the software. Adequate training is essential for employees who face challenges adapting to new technological changes.

In addition, training will eliminate misunderstandings and misconceptions your employees might have about the scheduling software. Remember, you should encourage all staff members to download the software’s mobile application after the training. It will help them better understand the software.

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Customize the software

All staffing agency scheduling software comes with different features and functionalities. You cannot just adopt software without considering which features you genuinely need and which are extra. In this case, the best thing you can do is customize the software based on your unique scheduling needs. It will not only help you make scheduling efficient, but it will also ensure staff satisfaction.

For example, you can customize the software by setting up job positions, work shifts, and staff availability. Customizing the software to match your scheduling requirements eliminates the risk of errors and helps you save time and resources.

Which are the five best staffing agency scheduling software?

Now, you must have realized the importance of staffing agency scheduling software in automating agency tasks, managing shifts, and tracking staff. But you can only achieve all these results when you have the best agency scheduling software in your tech stack. Choosing the right software solution to best suit your business can be challenging.

Here is our list of the best staffing agency scheduling systems that you can confidently rely on:

Pitch N Hire

Used by a number of staffing agencies, Pitch N Hire is the leading staffing agency scheduling software that simplifies the staffing process by offering a unique mix of core ATS systems, new and innovative AI-powered features, and a CRM system. Some features include sourcing tools, job management and posting, email & job board integration, career portal, resume parsing, and AI dashboard reporting.


The software allows agency owners to streamline scheduling, time-off requests, and shift management effectively. You can use a desktop device to use this software or even download their mobile application, whichever is convenient. The best thing about Hubstaff’s staffing agency scheduling software is that managers get shift reminders and other alerts.

Buddy Punch

With staffing agency scheduling software by Buddy Punch, you can easily track staff time, irrespective of where they are working. Simply put, the software will make it easy for you to track remote employees’ time. This way, you can conveniently create, update, and handle schedules based on staff availability.

When I work

When I Work is the best agency scheduling software for businesses that employ hourly workers. That is because the software provides a simple way for managers to schedule and track the time and attendance of their hourly workers. Not only this, but the software also facilitates smooth communication with them.


Sling is an HR software for the systematic management of hourly staff members. With the help of this software, you can streamline your HR operations, employee scheduling, and time clock. It makes Sling an all-in-one software. It also allows staff members to swap work shifts.

Final thoughts

Staffing agencies need modern hiring tools and technologies to work effectively, cut extra costs, and optimize the workforce. In this case, adopting a staffing agency scheduling software is the best decision staffing agencies can take to ensure the agency's success. It was all about the agency scheduling software. If you want to streamline your recruiting operations, ATS software by Pitch N Hire is what you need.

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