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Fri May 10 2024

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Best ATS Software for Small Business: Features & Pricing

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best ats software for small business

Small businesses and startups often look for employees with the relevant qualifications and skills to make their operations run smoothly. Since the employees and customers are the backbones of small firms, you must take careful steps to ensure the steady functioning of the company's work. 

Having the right employees for your company can help you to carry out your missions and objectives. Moreover, the best-suited employees have immense influence over your customers and are responsible for your business's success. As a result, the first measure for the hiring process is implementing the best ATS software for small business.

ATS or Applicant Tracking System is a computer software program for recruiters and hiring managers to track applicants throughout the hiring and recruitment process. It helps to streamline the entire hiring process in an efficient way by collecting and sorting the candidates' resumes.

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How Does ATS Software Works?

Using the applicant tracking system software, the employer can enter the job request into the system giving relevant information related to the job title, required skills and experience. Hereafter, the ATS creates the job profile for the position. As a result, when the applicants submit their resumes, the ATS software will rank and sort their applications by matching their resumes with the job profile. Thus, the hiring managers could identify the best-suited and qualified candidate for the job.

The applicant tracking system software helps all kinds of companies to handle their business problems irrespective of their area of business and scale. For companies with a minimal budget and setup, a small business applicant tracking system helps to fit their needs. It helps to optimize their recruitment process and mould the foundation for future growth and success. Besides, there are more benefits to using an applicant tracking system for small business. Discover effective strategies to build a thriving applicant pool and improve your recruitment process.

Benefits of using ATS Software for Small Business

  • Save Time and Resources: Choosing the best ATS software for small business can create and handle job requisitions in one click. It helps you to screen the candidates' resumes and track their progress. You can even automate interview schedules and assemble qualified candidates in one go. As a result, you can accelerate the hiring process within a short time.
  • Improve Hiring quality: Using ATS helps to filter candidates based on the pre-defined job position requirements. Therefore, you can assess and understand the candidates' potential and make a quality hiring decision.
  • Simplify the Hiring Process: The applicant tracking system can streamline the hiring process, from collecting candidates' resumes to selecting the best-suited one for the company. Its automated system is well-organized and enhances the sourcing of top talents.
  • Create an Employer Brand: When using the best ATS software for small business, you can create the finest customized sites to grab the candidates' attention. You can add all the necessary information to prove your company culture, environment and brand authenticity to boost people to work with you.

The Factors to Consider when choosing ATS Software for Small Business

Since there are myriad choices for staffing agencies, small businesses and startups, it is essential to keep these factors in mind while choosing the best applicant tracking system. Given below are some of the factors to consider when selecting the best ATS systems for small business:

  • Cost: One of the imperative factors to consider when picking ATS is an affordable applicant tracking system software that fits your budget. Most ATS software can cost based on the size of the organization and the features offered. Therefore, before choosing an applicant tracking system, make sure of your financial constraint and recruitment needs.
  • User-friendliness: The purpose of using an applicant tracking system in the first place is because it eases the recruitment process. When choosing the ATS software, make sure it has a user-friendly interface. Look for software that is easy to use and work. As a result, it will save time, improve HR efficiency and provide a better user experience.
  • Integration with other HR software: Look for an applicant tracking system that can integrate with other HR systems used in the organization. It can save time and promote workflow automation with efficient performance management. Besides, integrating ATS with other systems like your website, human resource management system software, ERP, and candidate relationship management software helps to get necessary data and make decisions.
  • Applicant tracking features: Selecting the best ATS software for small business must depend on the features it offers according to your recruitment needs. The system must have all the relevant elements to make your hiring process effortless. Moreover, it should give a pleasant candidate experience and create a seamless solution that meets your organizational needs. 
  • Reporting and Analytics: One of the essential features of an applicant tracking system is the availability of reporting and analytics. This feature helps to understand the candidate sourcing strategies and optimize your recruiting procedures.

Efficient candidate management during a job can help you streamline your hiring process and find the best candidates for your organization.

Top ATS Software for Small Business

As discussed earlier, the best ATS software for small business depends on the tools and features it offers. It must help recruiters and employers streamline the hiring process in a company, from collecting applications to onboarding new employees. As a result, an ATS must serve the needs of the hiring managers to land the best-suited candidates. Below mentioned are the best ATS software for small business: 

  • Pitch N hire
  • Zoho Recruit
  • Bamboo HR
  • JazzHR 
  • BrezzyHR

We will discuss each software's features, pricing and pros and cons.

1)PitchNhire: PitchNhire is one of most popular applicant tracking system and fastest growing staffing providers. This system offers AI powered talent acquisition that helps you track and rate your candidates. Moreover, you can create and develop custom solutions for your hiring process.

Key Features of PitchNhire 

  • Candidate tracking 
  • Candidate comparison 
  • Multi-Channel Marketitng 
  • Skills Tracking 
  • Resume database


Pitchnhire offers free forever plan making it suitable for small business. They provide three pricing packages- Starter, Business and Enterprise Plan. The starter plan is $49 per month offering you services like workflow management and In-app notifications whereas the business plan costs $199 per month providing unlimited candidate pool and custom pages. Then there is enterprise plan for $2999 per year that offers you with unlimited services. For more details, you can check the website.


  • Easy to use 
  • Provides the best customer service 
  • Email template 
  • Budget friendly 
  • Provides fast hiring solution


  • Limited mobile application

2) Zoho Recruit: Zoho Recruit is an applicant tracking system software available on multiple platforms and suitable for businesses of all scales. It provides a robust security system that can handle sensitive application data. Moreover, it is a perfect applicant-tracking system for staffing agencies and in-house recruiters. It helps to automate all necessary tasks involved in the recruiting process.

Key Features of Zoho Recruit

  • Parse resumes
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • AI-powered candidate matching
  • workflow Automation
  • Customize your company career page
  • Social Media Integration

Pricing : 

Zoho Recruit offers to test-drive before buying, i.e. there is a 15-day free trial. They provide a forever-free plan with services like candidate management, e-mail management, and Interview scheduling. The affordable plan starts at $25 per month.


  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Advanced security system
  • Have detailed analytics
  • Have Google Chrome plug-in
  • Classify candidates' information.
  • Affordable


  • The user interface needs update
  • Provides limited mobile application

3) BambooHR: BambooHR is a suitable applicant tracking system for small businesses. It is an online Human Resources Information System that enables easy access to connect and manage people's data. It gives you the best solutions, pre-built integration and capabilities to achieve the business objectives and improve candidate experience. Moreover, it simplifies payroll and manages benefits for employees, thus taking your business forward.

Key Features of BambooHR

  • Integration with Job boards and social media
  • Employee Self-service management
  • User-friendly and easy to learn
  • Easy Onboarding features
  • E-signatures
  • Time and Attendance management
  • Customize tables and fields


BambooHR uses per-employee per-month pricing editions and offers two pricing plan models- Essential and Advantage Package. The essential Package starts at $6.19 per employee per month, whereas the advantage package starts at $8.25 per employee per month. Moreover, it provides a 7-day free trial before buying. For customized prices, companies can contact BambooHR.


  • Easy to use and learn
  • Robust time tracking system 
  • Diversified features and tools
  • Provides customized training


  • Limited functionality
  • Does not offer services to enterprises

4) JazzHR: JazzHR is a powerful recruiting platform that optimizes and organizes hiring procedures in less time. They streamline and simplify recruiting activities by replacing manual tasks using intuitive solutions designed to find qualified candidates for the job. As a result, this software helps to save time by automating time-consuming tasks.

Key Features of JazzHR:

  • Automate candidate matching
  • Interview management
  • Searchable resume database
  • Integration with job boards
  • Provide collaboration tools
  • Applicant workflow


They offer three pricing editions, namely -Hero, Plus and Pro ranging from $49-$359 per month. The Hero package offers Job postings and syndication at an affordable price of $49 per month whereas the Plus plan has interview and assessment at $239 per month. It also provides a free trial for 21 days before buying.


  • Post an unlimited job and recruit limitless candidates
  • Vast Partner network
  • white labelling
  • Easy to track and update feedback


  • Expensive plan packages if you are a staffing agency
  • Fewer features in Hero and Plus editions

5) BrezzyHR: It is a simple-to-use modern applicant tracking system software that enables advanced resume parsing and screening and scheduling of interviews. It offers a free forever plan and, as a result, it is one of the best ATS software for small business.

Key Features 

  • Email templates
  • Social Media Integration
  • Customizable workflows and stages
  • Background Screening
  • Candidate questionnaires


It has four pricing packages- Bootstrap, Starter, Growth and Business. Bootstrap is free forever plan that offers unlimited users whereas Starter ranges at $171 and provides more unlimited candidate pools. The growth package is $249 and the business package at $479. Both these plans offer more advanced features and tools for the hiring process.


  • Advanced features
  • Offers Free plan
  • Optimized candidate experience
  • Background checks
  • Free and premium Job Board integrations


  • Lack low-cost plans
  • The system is not intuitive


Choosing the best ATS software for small business not only helps to streamline the recruiting process but helps to find you the best-suited employee for your company. It aligns with your business goals and helps to save time by replacing the time-consuming process with automated solutions. Also, remember to select the best ATS that fits within your budget and provides the relevant features according to your business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) What are the features to consider when creating an ATS?

Since most hiring managers and recruiters prefer applicant tracking software for the recruiting process, they look for the best ones with rich features. Therefore, when creating an applicant tracking system, ensure your system has features like:

  • Robust candidate sourcing pipeline 
  • User-friendly application process 
  • Easy and well-established employee referral program 
  • Seamless interview features 
  • Analytics to understand the candidate pipeline
  • Dashboards to show metrics

2) Do small business use ATS?

Yes, small business use applicant tracking system software to hire qualified and best-suited candidates. It helps small businesses to facilitate the recruitment and hiring process without causing any hindrance to their core business activities. ATS software saves time and costs for businesses by assisting in recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new employees for small firms. As a result, a typical applicant tracking system can fulfil the basic recruitment needs of small businesses.

3) In what ways does an ATS help the HR department?

ATS software is helpful for the HR department because it mitigates the hassle and simplifies the hiring process. It helps to filter out candidates and find more efficient and qualified employees for the firm. Moreover, it automates the entire hiring process in one go, from collecting candidates’ applications to onboarding new employees. It saves time and cost by screening out applicants and locating the right talents efficiently.

4) What is the most popular ATS?

One of the popular ATS is Pitch N Hire which provides AI-powered tools to screen and track candidates. This system helps you to make smart hiring decisions by offering simple and intuitive solutions for recruiting procedures. It involves features like skills tracking, candidate comparison, job board posting, etc. 

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