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Sat Feb 03 2024

5 min read

Zoho Applicant Tracking System: What is Its Best Alternative?

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If you are from the recruitment industry, you must have heard about the Zoho applicant tracking system. That is because it is one of the most popular ATS. Many companies worldwide use it to accelerate their hiring process. But do you know the best alternative to Zoho ATS? If not, continue reading the blog below!

Many businesses have switched from the Zoho applicant tracking system to Pitch N Hire ATS. The reason? Well, that is why we are here. We will discuss everything you need to know about these two software. It will help you analyze which software will work best for your business.

But before we do so, let us first understand the basics of the Zoho ATS software.

Overview of Zoho ATS, Pricing Models, and Key Features

Zoho ATS is a modern software solution designed to help recruiters automate and streamline hiring operations. In other words, the software serves as a powerful database for receiving and managing job applications, screening resumes, tracking candidates throughout hiring, and more. Typically, this new-age software facilitates a smooth hiring process from beginning to end.

According to Tech Jockey, Zoho recruit pricing differs based on different factors. The software has different pricing plans. For example, the standard pricing model starts at INR 16,200, the professional plan at INR 32,400, and the enterprise plan starts at INR 48,600.

Many recruiters use the Zoho applicant tracking system because it helps them manage a high volume of job applications effectively. The software does this by providing companies with a digital platform where they can handle each hiring stage. These stages include posting jobs, screening resumes, tracking applicants, scheduling interviews, communicating with candidates, and more.

What are the key features of the Zoho ATS system?

Although the software offers many useful features, here are the five core ones:

Job posting and distribution

Zoho applicant tracking system allows employers to create and post job advertisements on numerous popular job boards, the company's website, and social media channels.

Not only this, but the software also enables them to do so simultaneously. The primary purpose of this feature is to identify and source potential candidates from multiple platforms.

Resume screening and ranking

Another core feature of Zoho ATS is resume screening. This automated feature allows recruiters to extract relevant data from candidate resumes.

Moreover, it ranks candidates based on the screening criteria specified by the recruiter. It helps recruiters identify qualified candidates from a large pool.

Data storage and management

The Zoho applicant tracking system stores all candidate and recruitment data in its searchable database. That means recruiters no longer have to enter and store data manually.

Moreover, they can conveniently access the ATS database anytime to search for candidates based on their names, qualifications, skills, and other filters.

Communication and Collaboration

Zoho ATS ensures that not just recruiters but candidates must also enjoy a seamless recruiting experience. As a result, it provides various tools to facilitate smooth communication between the candidates and the recruiters. These tools include built-in email templates, interview management, automated status updates, etc.

Besides this, the software enables the whole HR team to share feedback and boost internal collaboration.

Reporting and analytics

The Zoho applicant tracking system generates meaningful reports and analytics on hiring metrics after onboarding new employees. These metrics include time-to-fill, diversity statistics, and source of candidates. Such insights into the hiring workflow help HR professionals judge the effectiveness of their strategies.

What are the benefits of using Zoho ATS?

If we consider the features discussed in the blog above, we can make out that the Zoho applicant tracking system offers the following benefits:

  • Increased hiring efficiency
  • Improved collaboration among the hiring team members.
  • More streamlined recruiting process.
  • Better hiring decision-making.
  • Opportunity to develop effective hiring strategies in the future.
  • Reduced manual effort.

In short, the Zoho applicant tracking system is valuable software for HR and recruiting teams to manage the entire hiring funnel, from sourcing candidates to onboarding new employees.

How does the Zoho applicant tracking system work?

You must have realized that the primary purpose of using the Zoho applicant tracking system is to gather, store, screen, and shortlist candidate resumes based on their professional skills, educational qualifications, and industry experience.

Here is the step-by-step process to help you understand how the Zoho ATS software works:

Step 1

Recruiters and hiring professionals use the software to post jobs on various job boards and listing sites. This process involved creating a detailed job description and outlining the desired requirements for the role.

Step 2

Job seekers from different platforms read the job description and apply for the job by submitting their resumes.

Step 3

The Zoho applicant tracking system collects and stores all candidate resumes in its database. After that, it uses keywords and algorithms to scan and parse each resume and cover letter to extract relevant details about the candidates. These details include job title, education, skills, certifications, accomplishments, contact details, etc.

Step 4

The software forwards the resumes with the maximum number of job-relevant keywords for further review. In other words, the resumes that meet the predefined screening criteria get shortlisted for further hiring rounds. On the other hand, resumes that do not meet these criteria are rejected and stored in a separate database.

Step 5

The company's recruiters and hiring managers use the Zoho applicant tracking system to search for information about the most suitable candidates.

Step 6

Once the HRs know all the suitable candidates, they move to the interview round with those candidates. That means after resume screening, the interview round is the final screening round to decide which candidates are qualified for the role.

Why is Pitch N Hire the best Zoho ATS alternative?

Pitch N Hire is an AI-powered applicant tracking system offering many robust features. Here are some things that make Pitch N Hire unique:

  • MCQ, live coding, and integrated video calling features to access candidates in real time.
  • Mass emails and text messages feature to send personalized messages such as updates and interview invitations to candidates in bulk.
  • Next, access to extensive database with advanced search capabilities to filter and identify potential hires based on specific qualifications, skills, and experience.
  • Finally, high-end tools to sort candidates, conduct assessments, and analyze hiring performance.

No, this is not all. Pitch N Hire has many more features to offer to recruiters. Some of which we will discuss in the next step!

Why should you choose Pitch N Hire over Zoho ATS?

You will be surprised to learn that besides offering the features discussed in the blog above, Pitch N Hire ATS provides many more features to recruiters. This is why many companies have shifted from using the Zoho applicant tracking system to Pitch N Hire. Here are some additional features of PNH you should know about:

Easy job posting management

You can use the Pitch N Hire ATS to post jobs to multiple platforms, and that too, within a single click. Not only this, but you can use this software to promote clear communication with your team and track each application throughout the hiring process. It will ultimately help you and your team make the entire hiring process cohesive.

AI assessments and interview scheduling

Pitch N Hire ATS can help you build better rapport with applicants as it offers automated robotic video interview features. Moreover, the software generates automated scorecards after the interview based on candidates' personalities, behavior traits, and skills. These scorecards will help you make well-informed hiring decisions.

Powerful hiring automation

The software can help you accelerate your recruitment process by automating all your daily heavy-lifting hiring tasks. Simply put, Pitch N Hire automates almost all hiring tasks, such as resume screening, interview reminders, notifications, alerts, etc. This automation will eliminate the need to perform any hiring task manually.

Seamless integrations

Pitch N Hire applicant tracking software has a simple interface and offers more easy-to-use features and integrations than the Zoho applicant tracking system. This ease of use and convenience of the Pitch N Hire ATS interface will allow you to focus and complete priority tasks. It will not only help you save time, but it will also help you increase hiring efficiency.

Advanced reporting and analytics

You can use Pitch N Hire ATS to access advanced analytics on each applicant in every stage of the recruitment life cycle. In addition, you can use this feature to practice predictive hiring, understand applicant repositories for future hiring needs, and get useful recommendations for rejected applicants.

Now that you know that Pitch N Hire offers a broader range of features than the Zoho applicant tracking system, you will agree that Pitch N Hire is the best alternative to Zoho ATS. So, recruit top talent through the recruitment process with the Pitch N Hire applicant tracking system!

Final thoughts

In conclusion, choosing the right ATS between the Zoho applicant tracking system and Pitch N Hire ATS can be challenging. But with the right expertise and knowledge, you can make the best decision. Remember, ATS technology and automation are not enough to streamline hiring. You still need to add some human touch to enhance your hiring process.

Throughout this blog, we have discussed Zoho and Pitch N Hire to help you decide which software will fit your company. But do you know what? You can make this decision-making process easy by taking a software demo. And guess what?

We at Pitch N Hire allow our clients to book a FREE software demo from our website. So, do not keep waiting; book the demo today to better understand our high-quality software.

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