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Tue Nov 28 2023

5 min read

5 Amazing Benefits Of Writing A Thank You Letter After The Internship

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Once you’ve done an internship, what might be the reason to look back at them you might think? It might be a norm of the world to just get on with your business once your time of serving there is finished, but can you stay a little longer and put in a little bit of effort? There are many reasons why you should wait around and write a thank you letter to your peers and seniors at the end of the internship. It can help you in many ways. Many people don’t pay attention to an internship thank you letter. But it can end up putting a lot of impact on your life.

Therefore, it becomes important to look at these little things if you want to advance further in life. What might seem like a few-minute effort to you has the potential of changing your life. So keep reading till you find out all the benefits of writing a thank you letter after an internship.

Benefits of Writing a Thank You Letter After an Internship

Below are the benefits given:

Makes You Stand Out

One of the biggest things about an internship thanks you letter is that it makes you stand out. There might be many other people who were hired alongside you. But what is the probability of any of them writing a thank you letter after the internship? Probably very low. However, if they do end up writing an internship thank you for a letter, it is only profitable if you join the clan because that will help you stand out with the employer. An employer might hire many people in a day so remembering them, even if they have amazing work, might become difficult after a while. 

However, if you find someone who has not only done amazing work while he was at your firm but also thanked you at the end of the internship, there will be more chances of remembering him. So, if you want to stand out, it is important to pen down a thank you letter after the internship since it sets you apart from the herd and leaves a lingering presence of yours in the mind of the employers.

Gives You Opportunities

Ever considered getting new opportunities from old ones? You should consider it now. When you write a thank you letter after the internship, there are more chances of you opening doors for new opportunities. Although you should not intend at writing an internship thank you for letter just for another job offer, it might help you get that anyway. With a good thank you letter after an internship when you’ve set your impression, you can catch the eye of the employee. Now, if you’ve also worked judiciously and given it your all, it is possible but not mandatory that you might get another offer from the same firm. 

Additionally, the firm might just recommend you to another firm that’s working in a similar field. That could be a big career booster for you. Now you might think that you could land this opportunity without the thank you letter as well. But that’s highly unlikely because the employer is considering that you don’t want any future contact since you just went away after the end of the internship.

Leave the Internship on a Positive Personalized Note

An internship thank you letter enables you to leave the internship on a more personalized and positive note. Even if you faced some problems during the internship with your employers, a thank you letter after the internship signifies that you’re leaving the internship on a positive note. Also, since it will be coming straight from you, it will be a more personalized note and will not be a mundane thank you note that they might’ve read before. A little tip for an internship thanks you letter would be to write different letters if you’re trying to write to different people. Do not use the same letter for everyone. The thank you letter is supposed, to be honest, and authentic, right from you. It is not supposed to be a copy-pasted formality that you’re doing just for the sake of it. 

Establishes Network

The importance of a network is not unknown in this era where everything runs on connections. If you have a good relationship with your previous employers, it can create a good networking possibility for you. You will be more likely to stay in touch with them for a long time. Additionally, you’ll also be more likely to get good referrals whenever someone is trying to contact them about you. Good referrals and contacts will come in very handy while you’ll be trying to progress higher in your career. With good support from an establishment that you’ve worked at, you’re more likely to get a good job offers later in life. Also, employers are more likely to recruit a person who has good referrals from his past employers. 

For Appreciation

Sometimes, a thank you letter after the internship is not only for your benefits, it can just be to appreciate your employers and your supervisors. You can just try to express your gratitude for the opportunity that you got and the exposure that you got while working with them. These works might not take up a lot of your time, but they can make your day worthwhile. Regardless of the selfish reasons, it is a good gesture to send a thank you letter after an internship as it helps the employer know that you’re grateful and that you respect the opportunity that you got. 


An internship thank you letter might just seem like any other business letter that you might be writing to your employer. But many key points you’re missing along with it. You can get a lot of benefits for just writing or typing a thank you letter after an internship. So rather than just walking away after the end of it, it is better to write a token of appreciation for the people that you worked with and those that helped you learn more each day. This gesture can help you greatly in life and will put a smile on their faces too.


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