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Sat Dec 02 2023

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7 Important Tips To Create A Video Resume In Your Job Search

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A video resume is a short account of a career applicant’s technical background, skills, and preferences, sent to a potential employer in video form. Through quick edits on a device, the applicant can guide and adapt his video message to an employer and modify his video resume for a specific job opening. The benefit of a video resume is that it encourages a prospective candidate to show his public speaking, interpersonal, artistic, or professional expertise to a potential employer in a manner that a text-only resume does not. In this article, we will learn what is video resume and how to make a video resume. So read and find out.

Growing demand for video resumes

Recruiters propose that candidates should take into account even third parties in the video resume, who will tell about the qualities and achievements of the candidate. The candidate should also determine whether an immersive media platform is suitable for the industry before contributing time and money to the creation of a video version of the resume. For example, more conservative positions in legal or financial careers do not recommend video resumes, while an advertisement or fashion design company prefers to have a video resume of the candidate. The best video resume summarizes short and in-depth responses, excellent editing capabilities, and frequently a slice of humour.

Video resumes were produced and circulated historically using VHS tapes and then DVDs for decades. The appearance of YouTube, cheap webcams and wireless internet access has brought together an immediate revamping of this media medium, leading to the recording and sharing of videos by thousands of applicants. By using video resumes, both employers and employees can save substantial training and travel expenses. A successful video resume will raise a candidate over other candidates. However, videos that are poorly created or designed could destroy the job opportunities for the applicant.

A job seeker should just attach a webcam to a monitor or use a handheld video camera to capture a video resume. You may either upload the file to YouTube or to a specialized job Website to host video summaries. The applicant can connect his resume to a web-based blog or social network profile by sending the video via email or other electronic documents.

What is a video resume?

A video resume is a short video made by a job seeker and posted to the web for future employers. This video is usually used to add a paper resume, not to replace one. As for a print summary, a general or tailored resume of the video is possible for a given role or enterprise. You can create it for yourself through a specialist or make it by yourself using video-making software. Some career hunting and networking websites provide consumers with a way to use video resumes in their profiles.

How can a video resume help a candidate?

A video resume may be a beneficial addition to your career application, depending on your industry. You should remember that you won’t get a job from a video resume. It will, however, help you to sell yourself to future employers — if it is right.

Is it reasonable to make a video resume? 

It is an optional task to make a video resume when applying for a job. Companies rarely require or request a candidate video resume. A Robert Half survey reports the majority of companies to prefer either a Word Document or a PDF as a resume. Video summaries or infographics are only requested by just 3% of the companies. A video resume can show valuable skills for some job seekers, especially those in visual or creative fields. For example, a video resume helps show any performance work, be it stage acting, class teaching, or quarterly numbers.

Also, a video resume can be a great way to show your personality, and a video resume can be useful for people in customer-facing roles with charming prospective buyers. However, a video resume may not help you to further your candidacy if your role is not very visual. Also, bear in mind that in a video summary, it is easy to miscalculate—the risk of the script, filming style, or inappropriate location. Keep in mind that, like anything on the internet, you cannot control how it is shared once your video file is out. An inappropriate or unskilled video resume may prevent your chances of an interview. In the badest scenario, you can get out of contention and embarrassment through a badly conceived and implemented video resume.

Some employers will not even watch video resumes as they fear discrimination in the recruitment process. Thus, while a video resume may be a great way to be noticed, consider your options carefully before you begin to ensure a video resume is right for you and that your time is well taken.

Tips for creating a video resume

If you plan to create a video resume in your job search, remember these tips:

You must be professional 

Dress up and maintain your professional skill as you wish for an interview. Avoid cursing and slang, of course. Be careful with the jokes. It might not make people laugh at what is funny to you.

Search for good background

Be careful about the background of the video. Make sure that it looks smart and there is no noise behind it. You want the lighting to be good, too. A shadow over half your face may distract you.

Put the script in place 

You must have a sense of what you want to say and how you would express it. Don’t read from a script or your curve directly because this leads to a dull video. Consider the video as an example of why you should be recruited by a particular company. Your main goal should therefore be to express the benefits that you bring to the company and your goals, qualifications, and achievements.

Know your audience 

Consider who will watch the video and calibrate it accordingly when you plan your script and filming location. For example, a video prepared for a position in a bank might differ from a start-up video.

The show, don’t tell us 

Visuals should show your talents and skills to illustrate what you say in the video script. You may, for instance, film B-roll by assembling a PowerPoint if you apply to a job where presentations are an important part of the role. Use the images in your video resume if any of your presentations have been recorded.

Keep it brief 

Video resumes should be 30 to 90 seconds long. It is unlikely to be observed anything longer than that.

Share with family and friends 

Feedback from others is a major step. Ask a few to view your video and modify it based on their comments. Bear in mind that you no longer have control over who sees or how your video is shared when your video is on the internet. Take your family and friends’ feedback seriously. Do not send your video to potential employers if they think it is a misfire.

Final words

So now you know what is video resume and how to make a video resume. Remember that when you make a video resume, you should only include things that matter for the job you have applied for; anything else can ruin your chances of selection. So be careful while making a video resume.


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