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The Duke Of Edinburgh Award: Its Meaning And Benefits

duke-of-edinburgh-awardPosted on Mon Aug 08 20222 min read
duke-of-edinburgh-awardPosted on Mon Aug 08 20222 min read

Achievements make you a better person on the personal as well as on the professional front. When you get an award for achieving something, you get motivated to do better. learning new things at a tender age is beneficial because there is a lot of curiosity and excitement. If you feel, you have that zeal to do something out of the box, to dream big and to bring a change in society, then you should get enrolled in The Duke Of Edinburgh award program. However, you can get into this program only if you are between the age of 14 to 24. Duke of Edinburgh International Award is a youth awards programme.

It was originally founded in the United Kingdom in 1956. A DOE award can add great values to your CVs or resume. It can make you outshine among the other candidates. Therefore, you must start preparing at an early stage for this programme.

Understanding: The Duke Of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh International Award is a non-competitive programme. It can be defined as flexible and voluntary programmes that include cultural and adventurous activities and challenges the young minds to go through the journey. The DOE award programme is a life-changing experience that provides you with the opportunity to learn new things, uncover new talents and interests. This award highlights your achievements that are very well recognised and appreciated by the employers. The programme was first started by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Presently, it runs in more than 140 countries. The Duke Of Edinburgh award was launched in 1962 in India to equip the young people of India for life and improve their intellectual, moral and social well being. The programme is divided into three progressive levels i.e., Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh award. To complete the bronze and silver, there are four sections and to complete, there are five sections. The sections are physical recreation, skills, voluntary service, adventurous journey and residential project.

The award programme with the registration followed by joining the Award centre chosen by you during registration. You should make sure that you pass the age criteria for award levels and you know about all the sections for the award levels. Next, you should choose an award level and find an assessor who will keep a record of the completion of the activities and your progress. Then, set achievable S.M.A.R.T. goals in four activity areas and act upon the goals, keep a record of the activities and achieve your set goals. Next, your frequency of activities will be recorded in an online record book and once you have achieved your goal, you will submit the award for approval. Once, your award is approved, you will be notified via email and a certificate, pin, formal letter is sent to you. Lastly, award ceremonies are organized for the Silver and Gold Awards.

Perks of the Duke Of Edinburgh Award

Participating in the DOE award is the best thing because it takes you on an amazing journey. Some of the benefits of the award programme are listed below –

Learn new skills 

The Duke of Edinburgh International award helps you in learning new skills and you can do it virtually. It helps you in going out of the box and challenges yourself to learn something different. It helps you in acquiring skills that can be challenging yet rewarding. The skills you learn during the programmes can also motivate you for the future life and can help you in identifying your real interest. It can be a great help in your career too. These skills open doors for new career avenues. The skills can encourage and motivate you to achieve better things in your life. 

Add value to the CV

There is a lot of competition for one job in the industry. If you have The Duke Of Edinburgh award, you have an edge over others. The award enhances your CV and makes you outshine. This award is highly respected by employers. It highlights your skills, qualities and resembles you as a confident individual who can be a valuable asset to the company. This award can help you in achieving great heights in your career and will make you see success.

Makes you a better person

Participating in this award programme can help you in becoming a better person. It helps you to grow and become a confident, independent individual. You become a responsible person. Not only this but the DOE award makes you a team worker and a leader that is always looked for by employers. Apart from these qualities that you acquire during the award programme, you also develop your physical fitness. The programme includes physical recreation that involves physical activities such as running, swimming and playing sports etc. It makes you a healthy and happy person.

Build your self-esteem and self-discipline

One of the four sections of The Duke Of Edinburgh award includes volunteering. It helps you in building your self-esteem, self-discipline, confidence and communication by giving back to the environment and society. You give back to them by volunteering which provides you with an enriching experience. It gives you the opportunity to help others, work for the environment, community, society and helps you in developing new skills. The programme makes you a disciplined person because it requires you to be dedicated and committed. You gain valuable skills that will remain with you throughout your life.


This programme gives you a lot. You achieve and gain many things. Not only recognition, experience and skills but also friends. You meet new people on the journey and get connected. This programme allows you to explore new things, it provides you with chances to do new and different things. It allows you to become a learner and an explorer. The Duke of Edinburgh International award demands a lot of time, effort, commitment but the result is satisfying and worth it. 

Concluding note

The Duke Of Edinburgh Award brings you out of your shell, helps you in facing challenges and provides you with an experience that makes you a completely different person. It helps you in knowing the best version of yourself. The award programme plays an important role in your career and personal life. It is great attainment that is appreciated and respected everywhere. If you feel you have that kind of dedication, passion and commitment for the programme, then you should go for it. If you feel, it is your time to develop yourself, give back to the community, society and environment, then this award programme is meant for you.

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