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5 Easy Steps For Publishing An eBook On Amazon

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An eBook is a digital book that can be read on any device. It is usually created as an e-book file. It can be easily accessed online through smartphones, tablets, and computers.

There are also many benefits to creating an ebook, as publications can be distributed more quickly online, saving time and money. If you make a traditional paper book, you want to do a lot of advertising to reach the audience.

How to Create an eBook?

When creating an eBook, keeping a few key steps in mind is important. First, make sure you have the right tools and software.

  1. Choose the topic you want to write about in your book. You should focus on a specific theme or genre.
  2. Research what other people have written on the same topic. It can help you learn from the experiences and ideas of others.
  3. Plan to write your book. It will include creating a title, typesetting and formatting your text, and creating cover art/illustrations.
  4. Once you've finished writing your book, it's time to proofread the ebook.

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What are the Benefits of Self Publishing Ebooks?

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform, also known as KDP, is the world's most prominently used self-publishing platform. Jeff Bezos's Amazon is now accountable for 85% of eBook sales worldwide. If one wants to be a best-selling author, they must learn how to use the Amazon self-publishing platform.

With self-publishing on Amazon, one can reach the world's largest book audience and earn up to 70% royalty on eBooks. But there are many steps to follow to learn how to write an eBook. At the end of this article, you will surely consider being an eBook author, and we will show you exactly how. Before showing the steps to becoming an Amazon self-publishing author, let us familiarize you with the benefits of being one.

Publishing Made Easier

In earlier days, an author had to wait a long time to get his book published by a publishing house. Also, he had to contact different publishers to launch his book in the market. Nowadays, publishing eBooks is the total opposite. Just a click, and your book will reach your readers.

Costs a Lot Less than Books

Publishing an eBook is free on Kindle Direct Publishing. However, you will have to invest in professional services like cover design and formatting to get your book ready to be published.

A Vast Audience

Readers can now access your eBook from all over the world with just a click. No more hectic mail issues and export charges.

A Source of Regular Earnings

Many people publish eBooks for regular earnings, which normal books do not guarantee. A writer uses a book royalties calculator tool to determine the profits earned by the sale of eBooks.

Ensures Growth

Bloggers, entrepreneurs, and online business owners use eBooks to influence their platforms, build a fan base and customers, and create book channels to increase income.

What is Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing?

  • Amazon is the largest paid search engine in the world.
  • Amazon leads the eBook market.
  • Once you start selling a convincing number of copies, Amazon refers your book to others who have never heard of you.
  • Amazon makes it easier to publish. It also lets you climb the bestseller lists faster.

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How to Publish an eBook on Amazon?

Here are the 5 easy steps for publishing an Ebook on Amazon.

Step 1: Write the Text

The first step, of course, is writing the text to be published. The text can be written in three types of drafts: Vomit draft, Review draft, and Editorial draft. They also have multiple versions.

Step 2: Formatting

The next step is to format and design the cover. Do not forget to use an image that is a JPEG file and at least 2500 pixels on the longest side with a height/weight ratio of 1.6, as stated in Amazon’s publishing guidelines. Double-check and proofread the text either by yourself or by an expert.

Step 3: Get Ready to Publish

A writer needs to follow these 10 simple steps to publish the text and convert it into an eBook.

  • Go to Amazon's official self-publishing website and sign in through your account.
  • Fill in your taxation information for royalties.
  • Click 'Bookshelf' and then 'Add new title.'
  • Fill out the form asking for the book title, description, and keywords you want people to search for to find your eBook.
  • Upload the cover file or image in JPEG format.
  • Upload the text of the eBook in a file format.
  • Preview your book with Amazon's online viewer to ensure everything is alright, then click 'Save and continue.'
  • Next, go to the 'Rights and Pricing' page and choose 'Worldwide rights.'
  • Choose a 70% royalty rate and select your price. Let the international prices adjust based on the US price.
  • Click Save and Publish.

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Step 4: Launch and Promote

You are now finally ready to reveal your eBook to the world. But before that, you need some reviews. Reviews are vital because they promote and introduce your work to new readers.

Send the book to friends, family, and followers online before the launch to leave a review. Once the book is published, also remind your first few readers to leave reviews. All of them do not need to have 5-star reviews. A few honest reviews of your work will do.

Send an email to your list of friends and family announcing your book launch. Promote the book via word-of-mouth and social media. Another effective approach is to use a team of volunteers to help you spread the word. Share your ebook with online discussion sites and book encyclopedias. 

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This was all about publishing an eBook on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. But what about people who love physical books? Do not worry Amazon does have a solution for this problem as well. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing allows for paperback publishing as well. This feature is print-on-demand, which means Amazon will print your book when someone orders it like that.

Hence, self-publishing on Amazon is the easiest and most cost-effective way to publish a book. You can write and upload a Word document as your eBook, and it will still rock on the platform with no publisher fees and printing costs. Use Pitchnhire for writing jobs.


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