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Tue Nov 28 2023

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5 Best Part-Time Jobs For Work From Home

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best part time jobs from home

Working remotely is the new normal now. And especially with the pandemic hitting, it has become very important for everyone to find some sources of income through which they can ensure that they can live a stable life making the quest of these best part-time jobs imperative. There was a huge surge in unemployment when the pandemic was at its peak, as companies were trying to keep them alive which came into effect by terminating several employees. So if everything is so uncertain, it is only wise to find a part-time job at home that can help you ensure some income flow every month. For this, you might just go on google and search for ‘part-time jobs work from home’ and maybe you might’ve received some good suggestions.

5 Top Part-Time Jobs to Work From Home

But here we will provide you with a proper analysis of every job and have tried to extract the best part-time jobs available for work from home. This can help you use your hobby to get money or maybe enhance some skills. For some, this can just be a means to pay some bills. Whichever your reason might be, we are here to help you with the best part-time jobs.

Virtual Call Center Agent

You might have talked to many call center employees. This can be on occasions when you needed some help with a product or a service, or on those where they called you to sell their product or service. Virtual call center agents can serve as a great part-time job at home. This is because here you just have to attend to the customer calls, make some sales calls, and do such tasks depending upon your job responsibilities.

The perks of this job are that you can do it at the ease of your home now and don’t have to visit a call center or such office to do this job. If you have good communication skills, it is recommended that you go for this job. It can greatly help you and ensure that you have a good income flowing in. As per the general national average, virtual call agents can make about $14.02 per hour which is fairly decent money for a part-time job where you are not required to invest all your hours.

Social Media Coordination

Social media is on a storm right now. With the pandemic and people sitting at home, our social media profiles have been as updated as ever. Especially for the influencers and social media stars, the demand for more content has increased since people are at homes now. So it can be an issue to handle everything together which is where a social media coordinator comes into play. As a social media coordinator, you will have to manage their social handles, ensure that all of them are updated with the content that they are giving you.

You might have to respond to the comments, engage in communications, post stories and do other such tasks on their social media handles to keep their handles alive. The general average salary is about $15.57 per hour which can be a great amount depending upon how you do your job.

Virtual Assistant

One of the best part-time jobs includes that of a virtual assistant which can pay about $15.79 per hour. This job will require you to do all the jobs of an assistant from the comfort of your home. You have to manage the calendars, schedule the work commitments, answer and make calls and do other things of the type on behalf of the person. You can also be paid more based on how you perform at your work. This job can be great for you if you have great organizational skills, management skills, and communication skills. It would also help if you have prior experience in this field of work.

Remote Teacher

The education department might have taken a crucial hit in the pandemic. The children are suffering hugely because of the sudden change to online classes and the lack of resources that some teachers might have as of now. In this circumstance, you can try to help and get a part-time job at home.

There is a huge demand for remote teachers or online tutors now. Many parents who can’t school their children themselves are looking forward to getting skilled teachers who can help their children grasp concepts and get going with their educational process. Therefore, it becomes very important that you have the appropriate skills for the job. If you do have the knowledge and are capable of extending it further, this might be one of the best part-time jobs for you. As per the national average, you can get about $19.21 per hour which is a great amount of money.

Online Writer

You might’ve seen a surge in content from many blogs that you might have subscribed to ever since everything began happening from the ease of your home with the help of technology. It is not feasible for the bloggers to themselves write regular content themselves at times.

They also might constitute a large team which has divided jobs and supplying regular articles can be quite a hectic task. They often find their way out by hiring online writers. This can be a great job for you if you have the proper language skills and writing skills for it. If you do, you can earn about $61503 a year which is a great price. Many people are willing to pay more for a good writer.


When you search ‘part-time jobs from home, you will get a list of jobs that might constitute many jobs that are not only impractical for you but also don’t match your skillset. For that, we have chosen a few jobs which can suit all skill sets and can prove to be the best part-time jobs. With a part-time job at home, you can be financially independent while learning something new which is the best thing to do in a pandemic. So try to figure out which one of these suits you the best.


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