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Don't Like Coding But Have A Degree In IT? Try 10, IT Jobs, Without Coding

it-jobs-without-codingPosted on Mon Aug 08 20222 min read
it-jobs-without-codingPosted on Mon Aug 08 20222 min read

If you don’t know how to code and you are looking for participation in the booming technology scene, then you must note that there are many job opportunities in the tech field that don’t need the knowledge of codes. In this article, we have jotted down some of the best non-programming jobs for computer science graduates.

Best IT jobs without coding

Following are the 10 best job for IT without coding:

User interface designer

The design of the user interface (UI) is similar to UX; however, the interface design is more important. This is one of the best IT jobs without programming. UI designers make the user interface look effective and sound. UI developers are also in charge of:

  • Visual design from brainstorming to engineering through every level.
  • Established wire writers, storyboards, user flows, and sitemaps to convey ideas and guidance to users.
  • Make the interface a coherent unit by designing each part of the website or application purposefully to make sure they function together.

User experience designer

Designers of user-experience (UX) build end-user products. Its key purpose is to improve customer satisfaction. The UX area is very different. Some UXers concentrate solely on user testing, while others will focus more on prototyping goods. Some of the main tasks include:

  • Review of users: User understanding through interviews or other methods such as card sorting.
  • The architecture of information: Knowing the best ways to organize content on a platform or application.
  • Design based on data: Make design decisions based on analysis of the results.
  • Removal and prototyping: Build website/web applications trial versions.

This job is too among the top IT jobs without coding.

Software quality tester

Software launch quality testers (SQTs) monitor the quality of software products to ensure their functioning is accurate. The sector is concerned with quality assurance but is separate from the QA sector. In an attempt to “break” the program to remove bugs and enhance the consistency of the end product SQT runs various functional and scalability tests through multiple user scenarios. Software quality tester is one of the best IT jobs without coding.

Search engine optimization specialist

SEO is often categorized as part of the marketing scenario but is distinguished by technological aspects of its own – notably the rankings of search engines with constantly optimized algorithms for up-to-date relevance. To ensure best practices of SEO within a website/mobile app, SEO specialists work with developers and web designers. SEO specialists have other general responsibilities:

  • Keywords study.
  • In the development of content, collaborate with content teams to drive SEO.
  • To boost the search engine ranking, optimize copy on websites.
  • Website analytics and PPC campaigns are followed, reported, and analyzed.

Therefore being an SEO specialist is also a great IT job without coding.

Data analyst

Data analytics jobs are ideal for those who have an affinity for the study of data collections, trend spotting, and strength to transmit the results to laypeople. The important part of the function of data analysts is strong mathematical and analytical skills, especially statistical expertise – the processing and management of large data sets are central to the job description. Also, some organizations may need observable acumen in programming. So it can be said that this is one of the good IT jobs without programming.

Web analytics specialist

SEO and Digital Marketing are related to web analytics. Specialists concentrate on web traffic measurement, site elements goal-setting, Google Analytics visualization for users, and A/B site changes tracking. Web analytics experts usually work with multi-customer organizations, but depending on the size of the agency and the workflow, they plan to run more than one website. There it is one of the most effective IT jobs without programming.

Enterprise software sales

Business sales of software can be a profitable sector for the right person who is searching for IT jobs without programming. Like any workforce, outstanding performance is generally rewarded by commissions and bonuses, which make some of the world’s largest companies top performers in the $400,000 annual range. Sales of software as a Service, more commonly known as ‘SaaS sales,’ mainly function as a B2B marketing system. As in so many sales positions, however, high rewards are highly risky. Quotas, high-pressure deals, and lengthy journeys frequently affect family life, so it is essential to know what you are getting into at the beginning.

Growth hacker

Often recognized as a user procurement expert, growth hackers are also part of the greater marketing environment and are among the top IT jobs without coding. Together with marketing, technology, and commercial creation, growth hackers are also used as start-ups with a laser focus on user acquisition. They create and execute on-board strategies, thoroughly experiment, evaluate outcomes, and, if required, tweak – or even discard – plans based on customer reaction and commitment. Such a task requires versatility and process efficiency to carry out effectively.

Tech support specialist

Some kinds of technical support jobs need a degree if the support you provide is technical, but there is no problem with a degree for others. Flexibility may be the most important advantage for many in this region. Many tech support companies allow flex planning, housework, or hybrid work. As long as you can contact customers and assist them with their technological challenges, whether in a cubicle or on a couch, it doesn’t matter. This role requires a solid familiarity with a variety of technology products and problems combined with good communication skills, and therefore it is a good option for IT jobs without coding.

Technical recruiter

Technical recruiters are mostly portfolios between big organizations and technical staff, including programmers and developers. Although the technologies or coding may not carry out hands-on activities, a fundamental understanding of the broader technological world is extremely critical to draw on the expertise required for the highly specialized roles to be undertaken. For a technical recruiter, excellent communication skills are the secret. Experience in technology is a bonus, as is a mature and trustworthy person. This job too qualifies for the top IT jobs without coding.

Final words

So now you must have got some great options for IT jobs without coding. So if you have an interest in the field of technology and do not know how to code, then you can go for these IT jobs without programming and shape your career and grow high.

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