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Wed Nov 15 2023

5 min read

Why You Should Take Software Testing Career Path in 2023

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Software Testing Career Path

The Software testing market grew to 40 billion USD in 2020, estimated to expand by over 7% CAGR between 2021 and 2027. The Software Testing Career Path is challenging and helps improve quality throughout the software development circle. After the pandemic propelled an unpretending growth took place in technology, this factor has accelerated demand for software testing in IT industries to reduce the time efforts and provide a better customer experience. These days software is built, testing is performed to check its accuracy, and it is sold out to the business or is constructed for its purpose. It gives a variety of jobs to the youth, as to why they must take a software testing career path.

What is Software Testing?

Software Testing is a process of assessing any software product to check its software functionality. This process allows us to know the defect or errors and fix them to match the expectation before software installation or making it live for the end users.

Why is Software Testing Essential?

Taking Software testing as career path is one of the best decisions for any graduate. Manual testing takes lots of time and may only be able to catch some of the issues and defects of the software product. Therefore there is a requirement for software testing tools to identify the mistakes. Here are some factors that determine why software testing is essential and very important.

1. Software Testing helps in saving money. The cost-effectiveness factor of any project is the best reason why organizations go for it.

2. One of the most considerable points of software testing is that It helps maintain the quality of the software product.

3. Customer satisfaction is one of the best factors, as every product owner has the primary objective to provide the best satisfaction to their customer to have the best user experience.

4. It also helps in enhancing the development process. Quality Assurance is directly proportional to the best development of the software.

5. Software testing also helps in determining the performance of the software.

Why Become a Software Tester?

Many people do not take the software testing career path option. It is the consequences, results, and demands that have led to so many people opting for a software testing career path. The best part about it is that it does not require people from a software or engineering background, and its best opportunity for non-coding background IT job. Rather, any person with knowledge and skills in it can make a huge career out of it.

People who chose testers as their profession often are led up to business analyst, management, and development fields. This is how the career path for testers is growing in different companies. The software is constructed based on needs and requirements, but evolving technology like Blockchain for bitcoin and AI for smart systems plays a crucial role in its development. This becomes challenging for the testers since they have to keep up with the changes in technology. Some of the challenges can be overcome by learning to gain control over the command line and learning to use and solve the queries through query languages like SQL and Hive.

Skills Required for Software Testing Career Path

Unlike its name, a software tester requires both technical and non-technical skills. To become a software tester and establish a huge career out of it, there is a requirement to develop interpersonal skills. Because as a software tester, there should be good connections between you and your subordinates to make the quality assurance of the software. Below mentioned are some of the skills that a software tester needs:

  • A software tester requires a professional and learning attitude. The tester should not shy away from upgrading his/her technical skills with the advancement of technologies. The tester must always be willing to test the software to any extent to test its working capability. 
  • The tester should know query language and Linux commands. Since the systems store a vast amount of data, it is essential that the tester knows the queries to extract appropriate and required data from them. Also, the data is stored on web machines or different databases, which require Linux knowledge and commands to access and maintain the data.
  • The tester should have experience in tracking the bugs or defects in software. They must be well aware and confident enough to keep track of the bugs and find solutions to fix them.
  • The data analyst's job is to analyze the data and derive conclusions and provide solutions to existing problems. The software tester also has superb analytical skills, so it helps him/her in breaking complex software into simpler software.
  • Software is built to meet the requirements or to solve existing problems that demand attention. A software tester with good communication and behavioral skills. With can readily understand the purpose of the software depending upon the customer's requirement. They can also look through the report drafted while building the software so that they understand its construction procedure. Having efficient writing and verbal skills is efficient for a software tester.

Software Tester Salary

The software testing career path includes the following opportunities from the basic position to the high-level position. It has interesting positions that let the tester serve before moving to the next position. These positions are QA analyst, senior QA analyst, QA team coordinator, test manager, and lastly, senior test manager. The salary of a QA analyst in India is about five lakhs per year, whereas the salary of a senior QA analyst is almost nine lakhs per year. A QA team coordinator earns about seven lakhs per year. A test manager earns more than 15 lakhs per year. In contrast, the salary of the senior task manager is 20 lakhs per year.

So if the youth diverge their attention into jobs of testing, they must opt for software testing. They must build and polish their skills so well that they are promoted to positions that will fetch them lakhs per month.

Software Testing Career Growth

Software testing career provides brilliant job opportunities with blazing salaries. It has different and various job positions. But as the position changes, so do the challenges with it. The demand for the development of software and coping with different technologies increases the demand for software testing and testers as well. If one opts for this field as a career, one must be able to keep up with the current and future trends in software and the IT sector.

With the advancement in technologies like Big Data Analytics, Blockchain, IoT, and AI, the requirement for software testing further increases, which ensures faithful future opportunities. Software testing is not just one field. It comprises of hundred other testing fields within itself. These testing fields are smoke testing, regression testing, sanity testing, automation testing, data migration testing, performance and security testing, complex scenario testing, and many more. It's simple, as the technologies are evolving, so is the growth of software testing, and the coming future ensures that the technology is just going to evolve more.

This was an insight into how and why one must opt for a software testing career path.


After reading the blog, you must have clarified your doubts regarding taking a software testing career path. In this article, we discussed software testing, how to become a software tester, and what skills are required. Hope you liked the article and must have cleared your doubts. Thanks for your patience reading.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Does a software testing career have a future

Ans. Yes, Software testing is going to be more complex in the future. As we know, the era is getting digitalized, so the more the software product, the more requirements for software testing as it is the only factor where we can give feedback on software working regarding technical issues.

Q2. What should I do to get a job in software testing?

Ans. To become a Software Tester, you need a degree in computer, math, or science. There are a lot of certification courses that you can join to become eligible for this position. After being eligible for the software testing job, you can apply on the Pitch N Hire career page for the job.