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Mon Apr 22 2024

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What is Job Requisition Meaning and How to Write it?

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job requisition meaning

Job requisition and job description are two of the most commonly used terms in Human Resources. As your organization grows and new hires come on board, you can use a job requisition template to set a budget and prepare for onboarding new team members. The job requisition document allows managers and department heads to request new hires whenever the need arises to increase the productivity and efficiency of their department. 

There exists a lot of confusion and uncertainty between job requisition meaning and job description or job posting. However, the terms are distinct from one another, and each serves a unique purpose in the hiring process

During hiring, one cannot jump right to a job posting before filling out a job requisition template. Thus, the job requisition is typically the first and essential step in the recruitment process. 

Read on to learn more about job requisition meaning, how it differs from a job description, and job requisition tips. 

Job Requisition Meaning

In layman’s terms, the word “requisition” means a formal written request or demand. Therefore, job requisition meaning refers to a standard document used to request a new employee. It is typically filled out by the hiring manager to gain official permission to kickstart the hiring process. 

The stakeholders and the necessary partakers sanction the job requisition template before the hiring process starts. Then, the hiring manager creates a job description and starts looking for potential candidates. 

Although a job requisition outlines the ideal candidate’s qualifications and skills, it is not the same as a job description. The job requisition form justifies why you are making the new hire. It also contains details about the position, whether it is temporary or permanent, full-time or part-time, and so on. 

Job requisitions are typical in large organizations with formal HR practices, but creating one is valuable for firms of all shapes and sizes. Job requisitions serve several purposes: they allow companies to understand their hiring needs, align growth plans and business goals, and ensure they have the budget to hire new employees. 

Difference Between Job Requisition, Job Description, and Job Posting

Now that we have defined job requisition meaning let’s see how it differs from a job description and a job posting. 

Job requisitions are formal requests that internal employees or department managers use to describe their need for a new hire. Once the requisition is approved, hiring managers can use it to craft a job description detailing the post’s duties, qualifications, etc. 

Therefore, job requisitions merely highlight the need for a new employee. Whereas job descriptions provide more insight into what kind of a candidate the organization is looking for. A job description outlines the ideal candidate’s personality, educational qualifications, duties, responsibilities, and expectations for the role. 

When the hiring manager posts the job description on job listing sites for prospective candidates to view, it becomes a job advertisement or a job posting. 

What Information Does a Job Requisition Include?

What information should you include in a job requisition form? Here is a list:

  • The job title
  • The department the new hire will be assigned to
  • The type of position (intern/trainee/contract, full-time/part-time, temporary/permanent)
  • Whether it is a replacement for an existing role or a new hire
  • The job description (roles and responsibilities, educational qualifications and skills)
  • Expected start date
  • Pay range 
  • Perks, the position would qualify for 
  • Budget needed
  • Justification for the new position
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Job Requisition Tips

How to Write a Job Requisition?

Writing a job requisition can be challenging, but it isn’t as hard as it seems. It is like writing an ad. Here are four few job requisition tips to keep in mind:

1. Clarify the Job Title

First and foremost, be clear about what you are seeking. When writing a job requisition, the most vital element is the job title. Clarify the position you are hiring for and the department the new hire will be assigned to. Be as specific as possible. 

For instance, instead of writing “salesperson,” write “junior sales associate.”

2. Know Why You are Hiring

You have to be able to sell the job requisition to the stakeholders and make them agree. If the job requisition is not approved, you won’t get a new member for your team. So, make sure you know why you are hiring. That way, you can justify the need for a new employee in your department. 

3. Be Realistic About the Qualifications and Requirements

When seeking a new hire, the list of qualifications and requirements shouldn’t be too long. The more diverse the conditions are, the more challenging it is to find the right candidate. Be realistic and open about your expectations. Try to prioritize soft skills over technical skills

4. Keep the Job Description Flexible 

Remember that you are building a team, not an application. There is no perfect candidate who can qualify for every requirement. In fact, candidates bring out different unstated skills only in the interview. Instead of rigidly listing down prerequisites for the job description, try to be flexible. Communicate the character of the new hire and the real skills needed for the job. 

Tools like PitchnHire(best ATS) can help you curate the perfect job requisition and find talent through referral programs

5. Get Other Employees to Sign Off Your Job Requisition

It is easier to get your job requisition approved when you have support from other members of your team. Make sure you pitch your request to other employees who you believe may benefit from the new hire. If the stakeholders are having a difficult time deciding if the new hire is necessary or not, your team can vouch for you. 

Now that you know everything about job requisition meaning, you are one step closer to finding the ideal candidate. Take time out to thoughtfully craft the job requisition and critically evaluate each applicant to set your organization up for success!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is Job Requisition Meaning?

A job requisition refers to a formal request to create a new position or seek a new hire at a company. The job requisition is usually in the form of an official document. It holds information about the need for the new post, whether it is a temporary/permanent or full-time/part-time role and the qualifications of the ideal candidate. 

Q2. What is a Job Requisition Number?

A job requisition number is a unique system-generated number used to identify the job role when an employment requisition is filed. Large organizations fill job requisitions every day. Thus it becomes difficult to keep track. With the help of the job requisition number, requirements can be quickly located and accessed on the applicant tracking system. 

Q3. What is the Importance of Job Requisition?

The job requisition serves as a justification for the new hire. It explains the need and determines the budget required to hire a new employee. Job requisition is a critical part of the hiring process. It is a standard HR procedure that keeps track of job postings and hires.

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