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Thu Feb 22 2024

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Best Recommendation Letter for Employee from Manager

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A recommendation letter, also known as a Letter of reference, is a strong point for an employee applying for another job. It is a formal letter written by a manager or a supervisor who provides and validates the employee's achievements, skills and qualities that counts to their next role.

Besides, recommendation letters add value to the employee's professional life. It proves the worthiness and credibility of the work they performed in the organization. As a result, an employee can grow in their career with the help of a valuable recommendation letter from an employer and help them to land a new job or position.

Since a recommendation letter for employee from manager is a valuable asset, it is imperative to write high-quality reference letters. A well-organized and structured reference letter highlighting the attributes and capabilities of the employee can give a good impression on the employer. It guides the employer to evaluate the employee's performance in their previous job and distinguish them from other candidates who applied for the same job position. As a result, it must be written in a way addressing the employee's professional abilities, competencies, and achievements.

In this blog, you will observe

  • Recommendation letter for employee from manager
  • Sample Recommendation letters
  • Writing a letter of recommendation letter for a co-worker

What is the Importance of a Recommendation Letter?

Writing a reference for an employee by a manager validates the skills and achievements given in the employee's resume. So, they play a crucial tool for employees during their job search.

  • A recommendation letter helps HR professionals or hiring managers to get an insight into the employees' behaviour, skill and talents.
  • It helps HR to evaluate their potential.
  • Mitigate the risk by providing information that the employee is fit for the job.
  • It helps employers to distinguish experienced employees from other candidates.
  • It helps employees to get into their desired job in a competitive market.

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How to Write a Recommendation Letter for an Employee?

As a manager, you may be asked to write a letter of recommendation for employee if they are looking for a different job or position. Therefore, it is imperative to write a reference letter that is efficient and well-structured for your employee. So, what are the necessary steps to take if it is a letter of recommendation for employee from manager? The steps are:

  • Employ a proper letter format: As a manager, while writing a recommendation letter, provide your contact details, your name and designation title, company name and address. If you are sending via email, write the subject line in the reference letter that grabs the hiring manager's attention. Write the name of the person you are writing a reference letter for in the subject line. Use formal salutations such as 'dear' for a personal reference letter and 'To Whomsoever It May Concern' for a general reference letter and business templates to impress the recipient.
  • Understand the purpose:Know the role the employee applied for before writing the reference letter. As a manager, ask them and understand the objective of the reference letter- Is it for a new job orposition? Is it for higher studies or programs?
  • Briefly explain your role: Write about your qualifications and connection with the candidate. Moreover, clarify your employment title, how long you worked in your field and how long you worked with the candidate.
  • Highlight the qualification of the employee: The next thing you have to write about is the employee's skills, qualities and accomplishments relevant to the job they applied for. Therefore, ask the employee for the job description of the role they are applying for to highlight the skills.
  • Use examples to prove your point: To emphasize the professional skills and qualities of the employee, come up with specific instances or anecdotes. This will help to validate their role and achievements in the organization.
  • Brief the reason for recommendation: Here, you briefly explain why you are recommending this person to the organization. You can use words and phrases like ' I strongly recommend' or similar to state your reason.
  • Provide a formal conclusion: Reiterate your central points and restate that you are confident about the person to take further steps in their career. Provide your email ID, name, and contact details and give the employer an expression to reach you for further information about the employee. Moreover, use closing salutations like Sincerely, Thank you, Regards, Best to end your letter.

Follow these essential steps for writing a letter of recommendation that will make your candidate stand out.

Sample Recommendation Letter for Employee from Manager

Here are some reference letter sample for employee:

Sample Recommendation Letter for Employee from Manager: Template

[Company Name]

[Company Address]


[Your Name]

[Your title]

To Whomsoever It May Concern

I am writing to recommend [Employee Name] for the position [Job Title]. I am [Your Job title] and [employee] was [employee position] at [company name] for [number of years]. [ Explain your connection with the person you are recommending and share a positive observation regarding the person]

[In the second paragraph, write details regarding the person, including why they are qualified for the job, their contribution to the company, and why you are recommending them for the position]

[ In the third paragraph, give their work skills, and qualities relevant to the specific position they applied]

[In the conclusion, restate your main points and emphasize your reason behind recommending the person for the job by adding phrases like 'strongly recommend, etc]

[ Should you have any further questions about the [employee], feel free to reach me [your contact details]


[Your name and signature]

Sample Recommendation Letter for Employee from Manager: Example

To Whomsoever It May Concern

I am writing to recommend Nikhil Arora for the position of administrative assistant at ABC Company. I am an Office Manager and Nikhil joined my team at CBC Company and worked for 5 years. I have been consistently impressed by his efficiency and tremendous work ethic.

Most recently Nikhil has worked as a receptionist and performed administrative tasks from greeting clients to organizing events. He managed the company's team schedules and appointments and made travel arrangements and completed procedures required when guests arrived.

In my time working with Nikhi, he consistently demonstrated his ability to work under pressure and offer good customer service. I am impressed with his organizational skills and his capability to learn things faster.

I strongly recommend Nikhil for the position at your company. He is a multi-tasker, organized and sincere in his work. He will make an excellent addition to your company.

Should you have any further questions about Nikhil, feel free to reach me at 66-666-666.



Miller Thomas

Since we covered writing of recommendation letter for employee from manager, let us see how to write a letter of recommendation for a co-worker.

How to write a Professional Letter of Recommendation for co-worker?

If your co-worker has asked to write a letter of recommendation, you can provide information regarding their skills, contributions, the duties they performed and the projects they accomplished for the company. So, to write a reference letter for your co-worker, follow these steps:

  • Collect necessary information: Before writing the reference letter, ask them about the role they have applied for, their resume, their achievements, the addressee's name or the company's name and address, and the deadline to submit the recommendation letter.
  • Provide your information:At the beginning of the reference letter, you can introduce yourself by briefly statingwho you are and your relationship with your co-worker. Moreover, you can provide your job title and the work history with your co-worker, including the projects and the number of years you worked together.
  • Highlight the skills and accomplishments:In the next paragraphs, provide the skills and competencies of your co-worker by giving specific instances to prove. In addition, you can also describe how your co-worker will be beneficial to the company.
  • Conclude the letter: You can end the recommendation letter by summarising the skills and qualities that make them a better fit for the job. Moreover, you can provide your contact details so that the recipient could reach you for further information.

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To conclude, a recommendation letter is a significant asset for a job-seeker in addition to their resume. It helps them to stand out from other competitive candidates since it is a formal statement that validates their skills and talents. Therefore, while writing a recommendation letter for a person it must be concise and detailed with all necessary background information to impress the HR professional or hiring manager.

Frequently Asked Question

1) How do you describe a coworker for a reference?

You can describe your coworker for reference by adding the valuable traits that helped them to succeed in their job. For a reference letter, you can use positive words and phrases to explain their specific qualities such as their dedicated disciplined nature, flexibility in the job, and amiable confident personality. You can also describe their skills, including critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills. Moreover, you can also convey in the reference letter their performance in the company, their talents, and their personality.

2) What is an example of a professional reference letter?

Dear [ hiring manager's name]

[Employee name] has been working at the [your company name] for the past [number of years]. I am pleased to recommend [employee] for the [position name] to the [their company name].

Based on my experience, [Employee] has [ add qualities and skills]. I was impressed with [employee] during her work and proved her skills [provide specific examples]

I strongly recommend [employee] for the position [provide a reason why you recommend].

For further information, feel free to reach me at [your contact details]


[your name and signature]

3) What makes a strong reference letter?

A reference letter should be concise and complete. It must incorporate all the necessary information, including an employee's skills, qualities, accomplishments, and attributes. Besides, it should include background information about the employee, contribution, why they are qualified for the job, etc. Moreover, provide specific examples to elaborate on the points.

4) What should be avoided in a reference letter?

The main points to note while writing a reference letter are

  • Avoid using informal language or general language. Instead, write the reference letter in a formal letter.
  • Avoid passive voice in the reference letter
  • No vague explanation regarding your skills and qualities
  • Irrelevant examples