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Sat Feb 24 2024

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The 6 Important Reasons Why Your Company Should Use An ATS

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reasons your company should use an ats

When it comes to using applicant tracking systems, recruitment and HR professionals have wildly differing views. Some argue that applicant tracking systems miss out on many qualified applicants. At the same time, others applaud the benefits of the applicant tracking system. There are numerous variables to consider, such as price, ease of use, degree of automation, and so on, and each company must assess these factors on its own. Despite this, the advantages of applicant tracking systems are so significant that they appeal to a wide range of recruiters. Keep reading to learn why your company should use an ATS. 

What Is An ATS? 

An applicant tracking system is a software program that manages the electronic recruitment process by sorting, organizing, and simplifying job applications. An application tracking system accelerates the recruiting process by allowing users to monitor candidates, track their progress through the hiring process, and filter them based on their criteria. This saves time for the hiring process as recruiters and managers. Keep reading to learn about Applicant tracking system features and the importance of ATS.

Applicant Tracking System Features

1. Data Compliance Tools 

It is really necessary to understand the importance of ATS to understand the reasons why your company should use an ATS. Companies love this feature because it keeps recruiters from getting into legal trouble. As a TA professional, you should always keep the information of your company and your candidates safe. You cannot put data privacy at risk, and data compliance tools can help ensure that does not happen. This is one of the crucial benefits of an applicant tracking system. This is among the reasons why your company should use an ATS. 

2. Recommendations 

We love AI-powered technologies, and the recruitment ATS is no different. There are a few pieces of recruiting software that uses AI. It has powerful features that can help you screen candidates faster by suggesting people who are a good fit for a job. This is done by giving candidates scores, which are made by AI based on how well their experience, skills, education, and other factors match the job. This feature also comes under the benefits of an applicant tracking system.

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3. Mobile Accessibility  

It is greatly appreciable that ATS is accessible on mobile devices. People today are always on the go. As a result, fewer people are opting for the more invasive methods of advertising. The applicant tracking system (ATS) that you use should be mobile-friendly in light of this fact. As a result, recruiters are no longer constrained by the geographic locations of potential candidates. 

Reasons Why Your Company Should Use An ATS

1. Streamlining The Recruitment Process 

Forget about the old ways of hiring. HR recruitment software is a must-have upgrade at this point. Using this online software, you can manage the entire recruitment process with a robust, feature-rich interface. Transactional repetitive tasks are automated by applicant tracking systems (ATS). They streamline the recruitment process by reducing the time and effort human beings must put in. This is also one of the reasons why your company should use an ATS.

Reasons Why Your Company Should Use An ATS
Reasons Why Your Company Should Use An ATS

2. Improves Efficiency 

Incoming applicants are easily managed and tracked by an ATS, which makes the data available to all your team members for review. You can search your talent pool by various categories, such as location, skills, or education. This is one of the important reasons why your company should use an ATS. This process is also quick and easy with an ATS in place. With an ATS, recruiters can standardize not only candidate data but also the entire recruitment process, which helps them find and hire top talent more quickly and efficiently.

3. Saves Time 

Automation of posting to job boards and CV submission eliminates the need for manual data entry. When you use an ATS, you won't have to waste time manually entering candidate information into your software platform. Thanks to the integrated AI-based pre-screening, you won't have to waste more time on unqualified applicants. This is one of the most important reasons your company should use an ATS.

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4. Improving Hiring Quality 

The ATS plays a vital role in improving the quality of hire by helping you to automatically identify the candidates who best match the job requirements and automatically screen out unqualified applicants. Employee retention will improve if you can more effectively screen and evaluate candidates.

5. Increasing Productivity 

Many features and functionalities in applicant tracking systems (ATS) help recruiters be more productive, such as the ability to post jobs to multiple job boards and the use of pre-built email templates for candidate correspondence. ATS also encourages collaborative hiring by allowing recruiters to share their feedback about candidates with the rest of the team via commenting and sharing features. Both individual and group productivity are boosted, and decision-making is improved due to this.

6. Boosting Company's Employer Brand Image 

A dedicated career page can be created and managed using an applicant tracking system. You can use it to create custom forms and email templates with your company's logo. Posting content regularly on your social media pages and raising awareness of your company's culture are possible outcomes of using this tool.

Final Words

We hope you found this list of why your company should use an ATS helpful. As you can see, they have a lot of potential and can save your company a lot of money. Make sure you choose an applicant tracking software solution. Before you buy any software, find the best service provider online. Don't forget that we at Pitch N Hire are always there to help you out.

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