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Wed Jun 05 2024

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How to Get a Entry Level Jobs for New Graduates

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entry level jobs for new graduates

Finding entry level jobs for new graduates is rarely an easy choice. You might be relieved to learn that, apart from a few professions, like medicine, your options are frequently not constrained by the field of study you chose for college.

It can be struggling to find the first job out of college. Below are the best looking for first job after college to abroad that is open to you regardless of the degree subject you are studying to help you make your decision.

What are the Best Career Options after Graduation?

1. HR

When you work in human resources (HR), you assist with matters pertaining to employees, such as hiring, payroll, employment laws, and benefits. Additionally, HR is a point of contact between staff members and managers to discuss any issues and can clarify issues like maternity leave, sick pay, and employment policies. It is one of the ideal entry-level jobs for new graduates after college.

Graduates typically begin their careers as HR administrators or assistants. However, some positions may require you to have passed a Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) or Certificate in Personnel Practice (CPP) course.

2. Chartered Accountant

An analytical mind and strong numeracy abilities are prerequisites for a career in accounting. It makes a degree in mathematics perfect for a career in accounting, though the best firms typically accept any degree as long as you get the required grade if you find job after graduation.

To become a licenced accountant, you must pass several specialized accounting exams, such as the Certified Public Account (CPA) exam. You might have already passed some of these tests if you studied accountancy in college. If not, your company will typically contribute to the cost of these credentials.

3. Digital Marketing

With a wide range of entry level jobs for new graduates there are plenty of opportunities to jumpstart their careers.

As the internet has expanded significantly over time, so has digital marketing. One of the best routes a student can take today is digital marketing. As online businesses expand quickly, having a working internet connection is necessary for all digitally-based businesses. However, digital marketing expertise is necessary to draw customers to any business.

What industry isn't known for being fiercely competitive, including the advertising industry? Don't be deterred by that. There is no reason why someone with creativity, dedication, and a powerful degree couldn't succeed in the advertising industry.

Careers in marketing and advertising come in a wide variety. Building a portfolio of your prior work is essential to launch a career as a copywriter, marketing executive, media planner, or social media manager. Additionally, ensure your application stands out.

4. Public Relations

The primary goal of public relations is to manage clients' reputations. It would help if you had relationship building, effective verbal and written communication, and good organizational skills required for a career in public relations. It is a simple way to find work and struggle with first job out of college.

Although a specific degree in public relations is not required, a degree in business, communications, or marketing can help you advance your career. Additionally, you need relevant work experience, while harder to obtain, is another way to stand out. If you have difficulty finding work, consider related fields like event management.

5. Hospitality and Management

You'll need strong communication skills and a need industry experience if you want to work in the hospitality sector to find entry level jobs for new graduates. Language abilities will be beneficial because you might want to work abroad or host visitors from other countries.

Although some graduate programs in hospitality may have a minimum grade requirement, all degree backgrounds are welcome to apply. However, having a professional qualification may give you a competitive advantage. A relevant degree may be in business administration, economics, or management, as well as a degree in hospitality. Check out our blog post on the "Best Paying Jobs in Finance" for more information!

6. Sales

Selling is a requirement for a career in sales. Most businesses need salespeople to convince customers to buy their products and services. You'll also accept payments and haggle over prices for goods and services.

You must be enthusiastic and self-assured to succeed in one of the best private jobs after graduation, such as a salesperson. Moreover, you should also be excellent at networking. Most large companies, including Apple, Samsung, and Walmart, offer graduate sales programs.

7. Logistics and supply chain

You will manage the entire production process if you work in the supply chain. A job in the supply chain requires constant communication with suppliers and is fast-paced. To accomplish this, you must maintain composure under tension and have excellent communication skills.

Graduate programs in logistics and supply chain are available at many large retailers. You should acquire some experience through part-time work in the retail industry, internships, or work placements to get a spot on one.

8. Government Job

After earning your BA, you can apply for a position with the Govt. Most students look for a government job because of the excellent benefits that come with it. With the government job market being so competitive, use the list below of entry level jobs for new graduates to help them get started.

  • State Public Services SSC (Staff Selection Commission) UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) Indian Railways (via RRB exams) Defense Services (Indian Army)

9. Construction Worker

Construction work may be a good chance for you if you want to work outdoors and learn something new daily. No prior experience is necessary for this on-demand position, and all necessary training will be provided on-site.

Additionally, construction work gives you a lot of room to advance. With the knowledge you gain, you could start a career in carpentry or plumbing or advance to the foreman or supervisor roles.

10. Real Estate Agent

It is one of the highest paying entry level finance jobs for recent graduates. You'll need to complete a few courses to become licensed, but once you do, your earning potential is enormous. Moreover, according to a report, it is a very flexible career with high job satisfaction.

To be successful, real estate agents must be likable and effective salespeople, and a large part of their success is determined by how hard a person works.

11. Social Media Manager

To advance the brand online, businesses are searching for young digital natives. You are in charge of creating, organizing, and posting social media content and expanding and overseeing the follower base.

Aside from having experience with graphic design, knowledge of social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, etc., is a requirement.

Skills required to easily find jobs after graduation

1. Career and personal growth

Actively advance one's career and self through ongoing professional and personal learning, self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses, career exploration, and networking to forge connections inside and outside of one's organization.

2. Communication

Exchange information, thoughts, facts, and outlooks with people inside and outside an organization clearly and effectively. Therefore there is a requirement for behavioral skills.

3. Critically analyzing

Determine needs and provide solutions based on understanding the situational context and logical analysis of the pertinent data.

4. Fairness and inclusion

Show the consciousness, mindset, knowledge, and skills necessary to fairly engage and include individuals from various local and international cultures. Take part in anti-racist activities that oppose racist systems, structures, and regulations.

5. Leadership

By developing leadership skills, you can recognize and take advantage of the team and individual strengths to meet organizational objectives.

6. Inclusion and Diversity

Understanding and appreciating the value of inclusiveness and diversity at work and elsewhere. Including a self-evaluation that illustrates how you view various diversity and inclusion-related issues.

7. Ethics at Work

Being productive, dependable, careful, and devoted to the organization's goals, objectives, and values includes a review of one's work ethic.

8. Personal Prejudice

How to exercise appropriate personal judgment in the workplace and make wise decisions. In the workplace, appropriate social behaviors. Includes a rating of your ability to restrain your emotions when faced with situations requiring self-reflection.


Lastly, there are many entry level jobs for new graduates, which we have already discussed above. However, these jobs include sales, customer service, or marketing. It is essential to find a job that fits your skills and abilities and the company's needs.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What are entry level jobs for new graduates?

The most typical jobs held by Indian college students are sales associate positions, according to Business News Daily. Sales associates have similar scheduling and shift coverage options to those in the food service industry, which can be helpful during particularly demanding college weeks. It is one of the eBay private jobs after graduation.

Q2. What percent of college graduates get jobs?

Additionally, hiring has gotten more straightforward and efficient. Companies are finding their top talent faster than ever, thanks to the advent of online career services websites. An NCES study from 2017 shows that the chances of getting a job after college between the ages of 25 and 34 are 86%.

Q3. Are college graduates in demand?

Yes, college graduates have a positive outlook and have higher expectations for their jobs than previous graduates. These young people are concerned about the future, but they also have a good sense that they will be able to land the jobs they want.

Q4. How does a company hire most college graduates?

Companies hire most college graduates via mass recruitment. When a company launches a new project or tries to grow, mass recruiting—also known as bulk recruitment—takes place. Companies hold job fairs, review resumes, and conduct interviews to choose the best candidates.