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Wed Nov 15 2023

5 min read

How To Write The Perfect College Student Resume? 6 Tips To Follow

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Perfect College Student Resume

A college resume can be one of the most important things that you might stumble upon after completion of your studies. It is a document of great significance especially when you’re job hunting. This is because this document has a complete description of your entire life that will help you land a job. 

The recruiters are bound to look at the resume first thing when you enter an interview. Therefore, a college student resume serves as that first impression that sets the ultimate mood or vibe for your interview. So as much as you might neglect it altogether, perfecting your resume is your top priority, and you would largely regret not making it worth it.

Check out our guide on what is a college student’s resume, how to create an effective internship resume with no experience and difference between a college student’s resume and a normal resume.

What is a College Student Resume?

A college student resume is a document which has all the data of the students academics, achievements, work experience, skills, etc. It is basically created by that student itself who is seeking for the part-time job or internship or any other career opportunity.

The purpose of this document is to show the students qualification and skills which employers are recruiters are looking for. This document should have students academic performance, relevant coursework, extracurricular activities, or any other experience that showcase his or her skills.

It should also have the objective that shows the career goal of the student. It also shows what the student is looking for and what position he is trying to apply 

This document should be well organized simple and concise and easy to read which emphasize on the main and relevant information.

Tips to Write Perfect College Student Resume

This is because your resume is one of the few parts of the interview that you can control absolutely. If you ace it, there is a strong chance that you’ll have a good interview and you might even get to take the lead of it. Therefore, to strengthen the chances of your candidacy in a firm you need to know how to write a resume.

Some popular tips to remember while making a college student’s resume are as follows:

1. Start with a Strong Objective or Summary Statement

This document should state all your career goals and your skills that you can show to the recruiters.

2. Use a Professional Format:

One of the most important things to start with is to decide on the format. You should settle on a format that doesn’t make your resume look too cluttered or ill-managed. You should rather focus on a format that includes all the information that you’re looking to add while making it look organized. 

3. Include all Your Contact Information

One of the very basic things while perfecting your college student resume is adding your contact information. This will give the interviewers a place to contact you on. So do add relevant social media and other contacting options. Add your phone number, address along with pin code, your LinkedIn id, and your e-mail id of other things. 

4. Highlight Your Education:

Even when this goes without saying, adding your qualifications is one of the most important parts in writing the best college resume. You have to enter all your qualifications. This can also include some courses that you have additionally done. Also, you should include your 10th and 12th details but remember to be subtle about them. Ensure that you mention the information for the same but it should not form the very essence of your college student resume. 

5. Tailor your Resume to the Job You're Applying for

Customize your resume and highlight your skills and experiences according to the job you are applying for. 

6. Emphasize Your Skills

It should include these skills which you have developed throughout your education, work experience or any other activities. You should also include both your hard skills and your soft skills in your resume.

7. Enter Relevant Work Experience

If you’ve worked before in the same field or have any relevant experience that would help in this job, add it on your college student resume. An on-field presence of a person ultimately makes a person a better candidate for the role. This is because he is highly likely to have been in the same atmosphere before and can handle the same things with better ease. With that being said, you can also add your group projects to your resume. 

8. Include Hobbies Thoughtfully

You should also add hobbies in the resume. Some people think of it as an irrelevant task because why would any employer want to see what I do in my free time? But your employer wants to judge what kind of a person you are and that can be done by hobbies. Your hobbies explain what kind of a person you are and what things are you invested in. Therefore, not try to skip them and add a few relevant hobbies in your resume.

9. Proofread and Edit Carefully

After making a resume be sure to proofread it. Check if there are any typos or grammatical error in the document. Make sure to cross-check the document by showing it to your friend or any mentor who can cash any mistakes you may have missed.

Difference Between a College Student Resume and a Normal Resume

The main difference between a college student’s resume and a normal resume is the content. College student resume has the students education, extracurricular activities, whose work. On the other hand a normal resume emphasize on the work experience, accomplishments, skills one has all gained during the job.

Here are some other key differences:

1. Length

The first and the main difference between a student’s resume and a normal resume is that the college student’s resume is normally of one page and not not more than that while the normal resume can be up to two pages or more depending upon the work experience of the holder.

2. Work experience

A student resume focuses on part-time jobs internships or other volunteer work the student has done in his college. While the normal resume focuses on the full-time professional work or experience which he has gained.

3. Skills

Student resumes emphasize on the skills developed during the college or any other activities which the student has done in the college, normal resume focuses on the skills developed through the work experience.

4. Objective statement

A college student resume may include the objective that highlights the students career goals and what they are looking for or what they are applying for, while another resume includes the summary statement that shows the candidates qualifications and skills.

5. References

A student’s resume may not include any references, while a normal resume may be include a separate section for references included in the resume.


Writing a college student resume is not difficult. The jitters before completing it are real, but once you’re done, you’ll be proud of your profile. Just ensure that you’re confident that it represents who you are. The only trick on how to write a student’s resume is to ensure that the final product can describe you accurately.