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How To Write The Perfect College Student Resume? 6 Tips To Follow


Written By Pitch N Hire

Updated on Sun Mar 12 2023


Written By Pitch N Hire

Updated on Sun Mar 12 2023


A college resume can be one of the most important things that you might stumble upon after completion of your studies. It is a document of great significance especially when you’re job hunting. This is because this document has a complete description of your entire life that will help you land a job. 

The recruiters are bound to look at the resume first thing when you enter an interview. Therefore, a college student resume serves as that first impression that sets the ultimate mood or vibe for your interview. So as much as you might neglect it altogether, perfecting your college student resume is your top priority and you would largely regret not making it worth it.

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6 tips to write perfect college student Resume

This is because your resume is one of the few parts of the interview that you can control absolutely. If you ace it, there is a strong chance that you’ll have a good interview and you might even get to take the lead of it. Therefore, to strengthen the chances of your candidacy in a firm you need to know how to write a college student resume.

Some popular tips to remember while making a college student resume are as follows:

Decide on the format

One of the most important things to start with is to decide on the format. You should settle on a format that doesn’t make your resume look too cluttered or ill-managed. You should rather focus on a format that includes all the information that you’re looking to add while making it look organized. 

Relax, you don’t have to think about the format on your own. There are many predefined formats available on the internet that you can use. It’s okay to use similar templates. However, you can establish your creativity by tweaking them out a little. It will add your touch and make it stand out from the crowd. Ensure that the format that you choose looks formal and doesn’t look too over the place.

Include all your contact information

One of the very basic things while perfecting your college student resume is adding your contact information. This will give the interviewers a place to contact you on. So do add relevant social media and other contacting options. Add your phone number, address along with pin code, your LinkedIn id, and your e-mail id of other things. 

Other than this, you can also add other social media handles that you’re on as long as it is relevant. Your interviewer does not want to check your Instagram account unless it is a page of you trying to present your skills. So don’t add such accounts in your contact information unless they seem relevant to the context of the resume. Many people have lost good jobs to a clumsily handled social media account that was mentioned on the resume. 

Add your qualifications

Even when this goes without saying, adding your qualifications is one of the most important parts in writing the best college resume. You have to enter all your qualifications. This can also include some courses that you have additionally done. Also, you should include your 10th and 12th details but remember to be subtle about them. Ensure that you mention the information for the same but it should not form the very essence of your college student resume. 

This is because your interviewer is keener to see your performance in your latest qualification achieved. This can be an undergraduate or postgraduate course that you’ve done before appearing for the job interview. But do remember to add relevant side courses that you might have completed. This will show your interest and self-discipline to the interviewer. 

How To Write Perfect College Student Resume

Talk about your soft skills as well

Some people focus so much on the technical aspect of the resume that they forget that a company hires individuals with personality, not a mere person with knowledge. To survive in the business, a person should also have many soft skills. 

It would complete a person’s personality and would ensure that he can fit in with the firm. Without appropriate mention of the soft skills, many recruiters discard the candidates. This is because as the world is progressing, what sets you apart from the person next to you is what you can offer despite the technical skills.

Enter relevant work experience

If you’ve worked before in the same field or have any relevant experience that would help in this job, add it on your college student resume. An on-field presence of a person ultimately makes a person a better candidate for the role. This is because he is highly likely to have been in the same atmosphere before and can handle the same things with better ease. With that being said, you can also add your group projects to your resume. 

They also count as an experience and give you a feel about what working in a team is like. This is a highly required trait by many companies and makes you a better candidate than your counterparts. Those with only skill and no such experience are sometimes ignored because a person with only skill and no team spirit sets him lower on the expected hiring list. You should also add relevant links to your work, or maybe the link to your online portfolio.

Include hobbies thoughtfully

You should also add hobbies in the resume. Some people think of it as an irrelevant task because why would any employer want to see what I do in my free time? But your employer wants to judge what kind of a person you are and that can be done by hobbies. Your hobbies explain what kind of a person you are and what things are you invested in. Therefore, not try to skip them and add a few relevant hobbies in your resume.


Writing a college student resume is not difficult. The jitters before completing it are real, but once you’re done, you’ll be proud of your profile. Just ensure that you’re confident that it represents who you are. The only trick on how to write a college student resume is to ensure that the final product can describe you accurately. 

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