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Fri May 03 2024

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5 Important Tips For Writing A Perfect Resume Summary

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A resume summary is a paragraph that summarizes all your resumes and provides your description in a few lines. This is a very effective way in which you can describe yourself and the interviewer or the employer can understand you truly. These lines should be effective to convey the message that all your resume can because these can be the lines that decide your fate with the job. So before you write a resume summary statement for yourself, it is important to go through many resume summary examples so that you can understand how you can do this.

If you’ve already created your LinkedIn description, then it might be simpler for you to understand or grasp. This is because a LinkedIn description is very close to what a resume summary statement is like. Some jobs require you to have a resume summary. This is because it helps them filter candidates based on what they have to offer. This makes it all the more important for you to pay proper attention and put effort into selecting your resume summary statement and deciding what it will be.

5 tips for writing an Impressive Resume Summary Statement

Here are the 5 important an impressive resume summary statement:

Try to use old work experiences

It is important to put your old work experiences to play so that you can effectively use the resume summary statement. The current job that you’re interviewing for and the jobs that you’ve done before may differ a lot. But there will still be many similarities in their working and if you look deep enough, you’ll be able to find those points that you can highlight in your resume summary. However, if you’re continuing in the same field as before, you will have many suitable work experiences that you can highlight in your resume summary. You can also write something like “worked as a senior sales executive at XYZ company for 10 years”. If the company is renowned enough, it will be sure to put a deep impact on your profile. Regardless, the period that you’ve worked would be a testament to your skills.

Add important skills

For freshers, a resume summary portion can be very useful. This is because it can appropriately allow you to choose skills over experience and you’ll be able to highlight those skills that are required for the job even if you have no real work experience in this matter. Even if you have the required skills that the interviewer desires, the chances of your employment skyrocket.

With that said, you can easily add some skills that are a part of the job description. This is important because this will woo the interviewer and tell him that you have exactly what he needs. When they are filtering the resumes, it is very possible that they just check these resume summary statements to check if a candidate is fit or not for the job, and with the right skills, you’ll fit the cut.

Write how you can be useful or irreplaceable

Another very important detail to add would be a description of how you can be a valuable asset or maybe an irreplaceable candidate for the firm. This can be due to your skills or your work experience or anything related to it. Mentioning it on the resume summary can be quite handy as it gives the interviewer your right image and therefore provides him with a strong reason to choose you as the candidate that they are looking for.

This can be done by adding any of your key achievements. For example, if you are in sales, you can write something like “doubled the sales of the first quarter of 2019-20 in XYZ company”. This would appropriately speak for you and you will have to do less talking. If you have such statements to speak for you, your resume summary will be sure to get you hired.

Control the amount of content in the resume summary

Additionally, it is very important to control the content that goes in the resume summary. It is called a summary for a reason. You just have to sum up your description in this section. You are not supposed to write many paragraphs that tend to explain how you are the best employee for the firm. One paragraph or even 5 to 6 lines should suffice.

Anything beyond that is not considered a resume summary and will be too overdone. It is important to ensure that you check your content for any repetition. If you already have a few lines to write, you don’t want to repeat yourself and get space to include a little bit of everything. You have to remember that there are sections in the resume that will help you describe yourself in detail and the resume summary statement is not exactly the position to do so.

Don’t copy from the internet

Another very important fact to keep in mind is that never copy your resume summary statement directly off the internet. Sure, you can take references from the various resume summary examples present on the web. But it will be very inappropriate if you just googled the resume summary for the job you’re applying for and then copying it onto your resume. This will be easily recognizable and will show your interviewer that you have none of the skills you mentioned and might be directly disqualified from applying for that post. So put in some thought and then make something that is a good resume summary for the post that you’re applying for.


Although your resume summary is very important, you have to note that there are a lot of basic details that need to be looked into while you write it. You can’t just go on writing anything nor can you write an endless essay of boasting yourself. Find the correct balance that works for you and write only those things which are true. If you feel uncertain about it, get it proofread by someone you trust. It might be your friend or your family. But you have to ensure that you put a little detail into the resume summary to increase your chances of getting hired.

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