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Wed Nov 15 2023

5 min read

10 Best Sites To Find Top Companies Hiring Now!

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Top Companies Hiring Now

Indeed, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, SimplyHired, are some of the best work search engines that you can use for finding jobs. In this post, we pass through each of their advantages and disadvantages so that you can choose which work search engines are the best sites to find companies hiring now. 

After that, we will also cover niche work boards which will help you find job posts with far less competition than the big job search engines in your particular industry. You will know where to post a CV online to get the best results by the time you are finished. So read the article to find all the details.

Top 10 best sites to find companies hiring now

Get your career started asap with the help of these 10 sites that we have curated just for you. 


Indeed is the place where millions of jobs are listed every day. You would have more work openings than anybody else we know, and job seekers generally report that the online job search engines are the quickest and easiest application process. This is why it's the job board #1 recommended and the place we will suggest in terms of best sites to find companies hiring now.

You may also set up work notifications to be alerted, along with the applications for employment on Indeed, if you post new jobs that meet your requirements, search and pay comparisons, and more.

(NOTE: Only 20% of your total work seek effort is recommended using job search engines and job portals. So we don't claim to go out and go to places like Indeed to find your entire work. This isn't the best way, and networking and direct applications to companies that interest you are better off!)

But the time you spend on the sites looking for work (and again – 20% is recommended), we'd start there!


For over two decades, CareerBuilder has been online and provides a highly personalizable search functionality, which will allow you to see work posts that fit precisely what you want and is one of the best answers for how to find companies hiring now. 

In contrast, CareerBuilder collects work from employers directly (they post their jobs directly to the site). CareerBuilder also cooperates with many local news agencies to list their local work ads from the classifieds section.

That is why it is a good idea to check out other workboards, which collect information in a very different way so that you can view various jobs on different search engines/sites. Someone in one industry will find that, in reality, CareerBuilder doesn't do great work for them. Somebody else could find the opposite truth in another field. Therefore, it is all about testing and looking for the best results for you among these 10 top online search engines.


LinkedIn provides plenty – networking, LinkedIn learning, a fantastic online course platform, and yes – career hunt and is one of the best sites to find companies hiring now. LinkedIn has one of the best search engines on the internet. Approximately 50 per cent of LinkedIn jobs offer are "EasyApplic," where the details can be submitted with just a few clicks (and without a cover letter!).

The exact types of work you want can also be adjusted to help your quest. Please note that the efficacy of LinkedIn would depend on the industry/field in which you are looking.


Glassdoor started as an appraisal/examination platform where staff could give employers anonymous feedback. They have evolved considerably since and now have a fantastic tool for salary research and a search engine that we certainly recommend to find companies hiring now. To start looking, you need to register with them. 

However, we believe that a free account is worth it. Glassdoor has millions of work lists you can check for and request directly from its website, so it certainly pays to browse its website.


SimplyHired has a superb search and customization feature and enables you even to save your searches so that you can review them each week and replicate custom searches easily. You may reduce employers to a variety of items like an environmentally sustainable society, diversity-friendly enterprises, veteran employment employers, and more.


The linkUp is an up-to-date and smart career search engine with updated job listings directly from company websites. This means the application times for positions already filled or on hold are far less likely to be wasteful. Sometimes, the employer fills the vacancy but forgets to delete it from the workboards, and for weeks or months, other job search sites may still show such entries.

The platform provides an easy-to-use interface and solid search function along with its checked listings, and this makes it one of the best sites to find companies hiring now. The results of the search can be determined by the working title, company name, or keyword by county, state, or zip code.


Another big, famous work search engine is Snagajob. If you build a profile, you can get the best results, but you should start navigating places before doing so. They're worth a look. You can filter by location and keywords, like most work boards/search engines.

Facebook job search

This is not known by many, considering the daily use of Facebook. Facebook Jobs offers opportunities for you in your area and includes a button for your Facebook profile to apply. 

Depending on your profile, this may be good or bad. Given recent privacy issues, you may not want to put a lot of professional information on Facebook. We prefer the work search engine of LinkedIn since your profile can already include the information you wish to apply for a job. But this can also be a good option if you want to find companies hiring now.

Zip Recruiter

ZipRecruiter allows you to search for keyword and location work, and recently it has released a new 'Get Recruited' option where businesses claim to meet you (after you enter your name and email address). We haven't had a chance to test it yet, but it's unusual for a recruiter to be able to meet you (as there are probably another 1,000 CVs on his computer).

Robert Half

Finally, Robert Half is another huge job search website that you can use to find companies hiring now. Search results can be filtered by venue, sector, type of job, and title. Many jobs are shown via the search engine often reveal the pay scale that we think is excellent. (Nobody wants to ask for a few positions without knowing whether or not they pay enough, right?)

Find companies hiring now today

So this completes the list of best sites to find companies hiring now. So make your profile, add the CV and then apply for the best job according to your skills.