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Tue Dec 19 2023

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Best Guide on Open Source Applicant Tracking Systems

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While using an open-source applicant tracking system, it is important to understand how you can improve it. This is because the software itself is open source, you will have to apply modifications according to your need. An open source software means it is open to everyone and is in the public domain. Both the applicant tracking system and open-source ATS work in the same field.

The only difference is one is paid and pre-customized to your needs and the other is free and needs to be updated according to your needs. Thus, an applicant tracking system and ATS open source have many similarities. Let us discuss this further. 

A good open source applicant tracking system USA has become the need of the hour. No matter which business you run, recruitments cause a huge headache and have many steps to follow. If you have a well-established company and are experienced with the hiring process and tools, you may find it easy.

But, many new businesses find it difficult to keep track of these recruitments and related work. The start-ups and new businesses may not even have enough funds to invest in a good quality paid applicant tracking system. This is where open-source HR management software comes to play. Below you will learn some amazing techniques which can greatly up your open-source ATS game.

What is an Open Source ATS?

An open source ATS is an applicant tracking system that is released under an open source licence, which means that the source code is freely available for anyone to view, modify, and redistribute. This can be a great option for businesses that want to save money on software costs or that need more flexibility and control over their ATS. Open source ATSs are also often more customizable than proprietary ATSs, which can be a big advantage for businesses with specific needs.

So, in short, an open source ATS is very similar to any other applicant tracking system, the only difference is the source in open source ATS is public and free for everyone. You need not pay any money to use it. As the software is in the public domain, it is general and highly customizable. 

Not to mention, you need no specific licence to use an open-source applicant tracking system. This makes it highly desirable among companies who want to cut their costs or newly started ones. Below are some techniques to take your open source applicant tracking system USA to the next level.

Tips to Upgrade Open Source Applicant Tracking System USA

Just making a few changes while using the open source applicant tracking system, may work wonders for you. You can consider the following-

Understand Your Needs

Instead of blindly choosing the very first open-source applicant software which appears after you search the internet, choose the one which fits your needs the best. To do so, you need to understand what all things are needed or expected of you. Whether you need open source ATS software that provides amazing candidate engagement, or a software with referral system and advanced searches, or one that is highly desired for its reports and analysis, and so on is up to you.

No two software will give you the same results. One will always have some better qualities than another and vice-versa. Determining your needs and expectations makes it extremely easy to choose the correct open source applicant management software and see a better outcome.

Customize All You Want 

Open-source ATS is usually not pre-customized, but you can customize them according to our needs. As the open source applicant tracking system USA is available in the public domain, they have the basic structure without any fancy pre-set settings. You will have to modify it according to your use unlike a paid one. 

The paid versions of applicant tracking systems are most of the time customized according to the needs of the company. This customization needs a huge investment at times, which is as good as impossible for a newly started business. 

Look for a System with Good Community Support 

Even though you are working on the free version of the applicant tracking system, the software developers must provide you with some support in the form of a helpline, FAQs, online chatting options, email, and more. 

An open source applicant tracking system USA with good community support will be highly useful when the applicant tracking system fails or breaks down and you need help from them. Look for the ones with quick responses to your questions. This might help you in case of urgencies or matters related to the candidates.

Look Out for Problematic Open Source ATS

Many open-source ATS systems may not at all be compatible with the pre-installed software on your device. This may cause the software to act up and might even end up harming the data in your device. 

It is better to spend an extra hour on research regarding the compatibility of the open source applicant tracking system USA with the pre-existing applications of your device. It is always better to be safe than regret it afterwards. 

Read Reviews

Reviews are one of the best ways to gauge the performance and quality of the software without actually using it. Search for reviews made by trusted users on the internet. See where they are facing problems and check whether you might face those. Always read the reviews which seem authentic and can help you out with your queries. 

You might indeed face a problem while using the software which any of the users might not have faced. But reading the reviews gives you an idea of what problems you may come across and whether our device is compatible enough to deal with the problem occurring in the open source applicant tracking system free.


In this world of software, it is very easy to find an open-source ATS for your company. But choosing and using them can be a tricky part. There are hundreds of such open-sources which claim the same thing. You need to conduct your research and choose wisely. Picking the correct one can save the recruiter the effort of going through the long process of manual hiring. 

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