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Tue Jan 02 2024

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ATS On Demand Pricing, Features, and Reviews 2024

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Most US organizations today use an applicant tracking system to hire candidates for their open roles. On the other hand, job seekers do not know how ATS on demand works and impacts their job selection. It is why they get rejected and fail to land jobs. Read the blog below to get shortlisted for jobs.

Recently, many recruiters have started using ATS on demand to process thousands of applications they receive during their job openings. The automation features offered by the hiring software are the main reason for its increasing demand and popularity. It saves the time of the recruiters that they used to spend on manual hiring work.

Do you realize what this means? It means that ATS is the powerful tool that decides if you will make it to the interview round. Thus, learning the meaning of ATS and creating an ATS-friendly resume is vital.

Read the blog below to learn more about ATS on demand.

What is ATS on demand?

An ATS on demand is a computer software that recruiters and HR managers use to simplify the complicated hiring process. Usually, recruiters use ATS to store candidates and other recruitment information such as resumes, cover letters, references, and more. Moreover, they use the software to track candidate progress, screen resumes, schedule interviews, send offer letters, etc.

Recently, many US organizations have adopted ATS software to automate hiring and recruit the best candidates. If you did not know this thing until now, you do not have to worry because you are not the only one! Many job seekers are unaware that companies do not screen resumes manually anymore, and they use specialized hiring software to do so.

However, since more and more organizations are using ATS on demand software, it becomes essential for job seekers to have a brief understanding of this software. Thus, knowing the meaning is not enough! You must know how the software screens resume and rank candidates based on which recruiters hire candidates. It is the only way to land the best jobs in the competitive US market.

So, let us cover these aspects in the blog below.

How do recruiters use ATS on demand in resume screening?

Did you know that when you submit your resume to a company, the ATS stores it in its database? That is because the software is designed to store and manage candidate data and other recruitment information in one place. The next step ATS performs is resume parsing and screening. It does this by converting resume information into a structured format that is easy to read and scan.

The ATS then stores the converted candidate information and data in its database that recruiters can access anytime and anywhere. Therefore, when recruiters want to hire qualified candidates, they conveniently use the best ATS software USA and search its database to find them. However, the most important thing to understand as a job seeker is that ATS on demand software filters resumes based on the keywords.

As per the working of the HRMS software, the most suitable resumes will be the ones that include all the necessary and relevant keywords. In the same way, the resumes with irrelevant keywords will be marked as unqualified by the ATS. Therefore, you should stop using the same resume for different jobs and tailor the resume each time based on the role you are applying for.

What is the outcome of the ATS resume screening process?

Now you know how recruiters use the largest Applicant Tracking System on demand to screen resumes. So, the next step is to learn the outcome of the screening process and how recruiters take things further with candidates. Almost all ATS resume scanners give all resumes an individual score based on how well they match the job description written by the employer.

This score is called the resume score, and the ATS system uses keyword research technology to determine the resume score. It means the software searches for the keywords mentioned in the job description in candidate resumes. To do this, ATS on demand considers and evaluates each section of the resume, including experience, qualifications, skills, etc.

The higher the number of matching keywords in a resume, the more will be the resume score. Lastly, the ATS will rank all the candidates based on their resume scores. The resumes with the highest scores will be on the top. In the same way, the low-scoring resumes will be at the bottom. If the recruiter sees your resume ranked somewhere on the top by the ATS, there are higher chances of you getting shortlisted for the role.

But if the ATS gives your resume a low score, the recruiter might reject your resume then and there.

Now that you know about resume scoring by ATS on demand, let us discuss how to increase your resume score in the next step.

How to increase your resume score with an ATS on demand?

Your resume score will decide whether you will get shortlisted for the job. Thus, it is vital to increase your resume score and catch the recruiter’s eye. Do not know how to do it? Worry not, as you only need to remember the following tips:

  • Thoroughly read the job description and use the most frequently used keywords in your resume.
  • Pay more attention to the hard skills requirements for the job and add them to your resume.
  • Do not tweak the words and use the exact words in your resume as mentioned by the hiring professional in the job description.

The above tips will help you make your resume easily findable to the employer. It will also increase your chances of passing the resume screening round and reaching the interview round.

How can you make your resume ATS-friendly?

Now that you know how the applicant tracking system works, you must have realized that your resume will pass through ATS before it goes to the recruiter. Thus, it is essential to pass the ATS resume screening process. You can only do this by creating an ATS-friendly resume.

You might have many skills, experience, and other accomplishments. But your application will get rejected if the ATS fails to scan and parse your resume. Thus, a resume that can easily be read and parsed accurately by the ATS on demand is essential for job seekers.

Many job seekers add a lot of formatting, such as graphs and tables, to their resumes to make them visually attractive. However, they must realize that all these beautiful elements can confuse the hiring software. Ultimately, a CV containing different design elements will not make it to the recruiter’s table.

Hence, to avoid making such mistakes and create an ATS-compatible resume, read the tips below:

  • Use a reverse chronological format: This is undoubtedly the best resume format for ATS because the software can easily read it and extract relevant keywords.
  • Do not add fancy graphics: Use a straightforward layout and clear template with no fancy graphics and design elements that might confuse the ATS on demand.
  • Use a simple font style and language: Create the resume in simple language and easy fonts such as Arial, Helvetica, and Times New Roman. Also, avoid using any special characters and symbols.
  • Create different sections: Avoid overcrowding and divide your resume by adding different headers and sections such as work experience, educational qualifications, and skills.
  • Select a suitable file format: While submitting your resume to the recruiter, use a .doc, .docx, or PDF format.

With the above tips in mind while creating a resume, all should be well for you to land your dream job soon. However, remember that little errors can have your resume thrown into the refuse bin. So, you should not forget about proofreading it prior to submitting it to the online source.


We can definitely say one thing: ATS on demand software helps screening and hiring professionals to hire qualified people into their open roles. This implies that even tomorrow, recruiters will still continue to use this technology.

Therefore, as you use it when submitting job applications, remember that you have to edit your resume accordingly by making it ATS-friendly. Also, you can opt for Pitch N Hire's job portal for candidates after the creation of your ATS-compatible resume.

With our premier job search platform, you will get to know about hundreds of jobs spanning many industry verticals. So, connect today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is an ATS-friendly CV?

An ATS-friendly CV is one that an ATS on demand software scans and interprets accurately. If the applicant tracking software fails to parse a CV, it means the CV was not ATS-friendly. Usually, CVs containing job-relevant keywords and simple formatting are called ATS-compliant CVs or resumes.

2. What score is considered a good ATS resume score?

The ATS on demand software scores your resume on a scale of 1-100%. Usually, recruiters shortlist the resumes with 80% or higher scores and directly reject the resumes with 20% or lower scores. So, if your resume score is 80% or more, the recruiter can contact you for the job interview. However, the ATS will store your resume in its database for future job openings if your resume score is lower than 80%.

3. How can I check if my resume is ATS-friendly?

Many ATS providers offer free ATS resume scanners online. You can use and run your resumes through the free ATS scanners to judge whether your resume is ATS friendly. To do this, you only have to input your resume and the job description. The scanner will then give you a match rate that you can use to judge how well your ATS matches the job description.

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