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Fri Feb 23 2024

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Skills Required for Graphic Designer & How to Develop Them

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skills required for gaphic designer

Graphic designers are the ones who create aesthetically pleasing graphics for the web, print, or both. To cater to the customer's creative needs, the skills required for graphic designer involve a combination of technical skills like coding and UI/XI design, along with soft skills like creativity and problem-solving. Learn how to make your dream of becoming a graphic designer come true.

If you dream of a career that gives you full creative liberty and allows you to think outside the box, then becoming a graphic designer is the right choice. As a graphic designer, you can explore the depths of your creativity and work on exciting projects.

But what are the eligibility criteria to become a graphic designer? We have searched and analyzed the job description for a graphic designer given on all job sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, etc., and freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork, etc., for you and come up with this article.

This article here mentions all the in-demand skills in those job descriptions. This is the ultimate guide for you to draft an unbeatable CV by mentioning all the keywords and the skills required for graphic designer. This article will also help you understand the path to becoming a graphics designer and landing your dream job. What are you waiting for? Begin your journey of creativity.

What does a graphic designer do?

A graphic designer may work as a freelancer, in-house designer ,in an advertising agency or in an organization's marketing division. You need to create print or digital content for customers that convey their brand’s message or story using aesthetically pleasing photos, colors, and fonts. Creativity is one of the most critical skills required for the graphic designer industry.

The main tasks of a graphic designer include

  • Brainstorming and mocking up design ideas.
  • Presenting ideas to clients.
  • Meeting with clients and adjusting designs to fit their needs or tastes.
  • Projecting budgets and schedules.
  • Using computer software to execute designs.
  • Collaborating with other people, including programmers, developers, printers, writers, and other technicians,

To create attractive graphic designs and be successful, a combination of the hard and soft skills required for graphic designer profession must be used.

What are the 10 Technical Skills Needed for a Graphic Designer?

Technical skills are the skills one needs to complete the work. These skills can be proven using the certification and examples of work in the portfolio. Here are the top 10 skills required for a graphic designer:

1. Ideation

Ideation, sometimes referred to as idea generation, is the creative process of coming up with, refining, and sharing new ideas. It’s the first step when beginning a new project. During ideation, the designer looks at different angles, thinks of more ideas, decides which ones are good, and then uses those ideas.

2. Design Principles

For a graphic designer, it’s essential to know design rules. Depending on what you are designing, you need to balance a mix of 12 design principles. These consist of contrast, balance, emphasis, hierarchy, proportion, repetition, rhythm, pattern, movement, variation, and unity.

3. Typography

Typography can have a huge impact on your design. Thus, typography is one of the essential skills required for graphic designer. As a graphic designer, you must be familiar with typography, its language, and the differences it may make in a design, whether creating for the web or print. Well-chosen typography can evoke meaning and feeling, while poorly chosen fonts might repel customers.

4. Color Theory

Understanding color theory and psychology is crucial. Learn how colors work together and impact emotions, and use tools like color wheels. Focus on harmony, contrast, and how different shades influence feelings. These skills are essential for effective graphic design.

5. Branding

A brand is like a personality for a company. Graphic designers often work on creating or keeping up this personality for clients. When working with a brand, designers need to know what makes that brand special. Designers should be able to prove that content speaks to the appropriate audience and is consistent across platforms.

6. Adobe Creative Suite

In the skills required for graphic designer, proficiency in design software is at the top and is non-negotiable. You should be familiar with Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and Sketch. Of course, you don’t need to be an expert in all of them, but having working knowledge of them all will boost your resume.

7. Coding

Website creation, programming, and design for clients are regular tasks for graphic designers. Coding skills could be useful in creating practical and aesthetically pleasing websites. Basic knowledge of coding is one of the skills required for a graphic designer. However, mastering more complicated coding methods could provide you with a competitive edge over other experts in the industry.

8. UI/UX Design

UI design makes digital things look nice, focusing on how they appear. UX design focuses on making digital things easy and user-friendly, considering how users interact with them. Both are important for making digital stuff that people like and find useful.

9. Designing for Print

Even though digital design is rapidly growing, designing for print is still an important skill for graphic designers. As a graphic designer, you need to know about things like bleeds, slugs, crop marks, and fold marks. Also, understand ink limits, dot gains, and transparency. It’s essential to know different color schemes and about different types of paper, how heavy they are, and their sizes.

10. Interactive Media

Interactive media means using designs with text, animation, videos, or games to engage a user actively. While not essential for graphic designers, interactive media can make your ideas and brand stand out. It gives you an advantage by making your message more engaging.

Dive into the world of spec work for graphic designers that can help you make informed decisions about your design projects.

What are the soft skills needed for graphic designers?

Soft skills are essential for graphic designers, even though they might seem basic. To show off these skills on your resume, you can talk about times when you used them in real situations or give examples from your past experiences.

In addition to the technical skills required for graphic designer, you should be able to apply soft skills like creativity, ease in problem-solving, and effective communication to develop stunning designs.

Here is the list of some essential soft skills you will need:

1. Communication

Communication is vital for your profession. You can certainly communicate your ideas creatively, but you need effective communication with people to grow interpersonal relations. Effective communication skills include all speaking, listening, and writing abilities.

2. Creativity

Creativity is among the most important skills required for graphic designer profession. You must have the innate ability to think outside the box. Creative skills will help you bring up something unique and help your client stand out in the market.

3. Attention to Detail

You must pay close attention to details because your work often involves understanding the technical needs of designs to make accurate digital art. Being detail-oriented helps them spot minor errors or bad designs in your own work and others.

4. Time Management and Organization

Timeliness is of the utmost significance in the field of design. Juggling several tasks and ensuring your delivery is on time requires effective time management abilities.

5. Problem-Solving

This is one of the key skills required for graphic designer. As a designer, you not only have to represent a brand's message visually, but during the design process, innumerable problems might arise. For example, the client can ask for edits, the software might crash, and the copy might not fit your design. These are just some of the problems you might encounter during the design process. Without proper problem-solving skills, you will hit a dead block.

6. Strategic Thinking

The ability to think strategically is important not only after you get a client but also for the initial process of getting a client. For your client to choose your work, you must strategically think about what the client wants and how to grasp the client's attention.

What is the Salary of a Graphic Designer?

The salary of a graphic designer may vary depending on their expertise, years of experience, and their work. On average, as per the data of 2023, a graphic designer makes $60,057 annually.

Your earnings will depend on your skill, experience, and work style (whether working as a freelancer, having your own agency, or working within an organization).

What is the qualification of a graphic designer?

The education needed for a graphic designer includes either a Bachelor of Design in graphic design, Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design, or Master of Design in graphic design.

You can even become a graphic designer without a degree. The other alternative is to pursue a certificate course or diploma in graphic design. Numerous online platforms and design colleges provide certificate programs in graphic design. Certification from reputed institutions is an advantage; for instance, Adobe certificates. These qualifications boost your resume and show that you're skilled with that design tool, giving you an advantage over others.

Final Thoughts

Remember, becoming a skilled graphic designer takes time and practice. You will succeed in this creative field if you keep improving these skills and stay open to new ideas and adaptations.

If you are looking to become a graphic designer, you can keep your options open and consider to become a UX designer.

To get started in this profession, get the essential qualifications and draft an unbeatable CV. In that CV, don't forget to highlight all the appropriate skills required for graphic designer. You can submit your CV for a graphic designer on PNH. With our huge client base, you will get hired in no time. Get started on your creative journey as a graphic designer.

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