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Tue Nov 21 2023

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Intrigued About.Net Developers? Here is What They Do!!

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.Net which is pronounced as dot net is a Microsoft framework that comes up with programming guidelines to start a broad range of applications. The framework is not limited to just web or mobile but for Windows-based applications. .Net developers use various programming languages such as C#, VB.NET, C++, F#, etc.

.Net developer is the one who progresses software applications by customizing and designing according to a business’s needs. It is not only related to the examination or resolution of software but requires continuous improvement. As we know, computer programming is based on logic and as it is evolving so fast, creativity and love for developing such tasks is a must.

The responsibilities of a .Net developer

Today there are numerous .Net developers with specific roles. They have to grow and regenerate themselves to compete in the upgrading market. Let us go through the basic question of – What does a .Net developer do? The job description of .Net developers is quite engaging and energetic to our software world. A layman who has no knowledge about technology and the way codes are modified is like a deep mess of software programming to them.  While working on a project, a company formerly has a team of senior .Net developer, .Net software developer, and a .Net software analyst.

A senior .Net developer has the role of:

  • Developing and maintaining mobile and web applications
  • Gathering the requirements of the customers
  • Estimating the products and methods of software
  • Writing a good quality code to reach the customer’s need
  • Designing and applying the crucial method
  • Understanding the budget of the customer and trying to not affect it.

A .Net software developer works for:

  • Developing architecture and technical interfaces
  • Developing user interfaces
  • Testing software model
  • Collaborating with the software personnel and developers in handling various requirements of the project.

A .Net software analyst is responsible for:

  • Maintaining and adjusting the software application as well as system
  • Interacting with the user and software guide
  • Performing complicated programming and design them according to the user’s requirement
  • Helping and interrelating with software experts in examining and installing the applications.

A .Net developer’s income

A .Net developer’s salary depends on the experience of the developer. Like any other job, the entry-level or experience with less than a year, the pay scale is 43%(a salary around 2 lakhs). An early career or experience with 1-4 years can earn 13%(a salary around 3 lakhs). An experience with 5-9 years can earn 84%( a salary of 7 lakhs)  and with 10-19 years experience, one can earn 188%( a salary of around 11 lakhs). The .Net developer salary relies on many factors other than experience. Developers with more skills would surely get more recognition and salary.

The skills required to be an efficient .Net developer are

  1. Constantly studying the new methods and features of the .Net framework
  2. Practicing C++, which is familiar to .Net developer’s coding world
  3. Knowledge of code designing
  4. Identifying what the customer really wants
  5. Finishing the work at the stipulated time
  6. Good analytical thinking
  7. Great communication skill

.Net developers requirements

A person must have the following requirements before applying for the above job description of a .Net developer.

  • A degree in Web design, Software engineering, Computer science, Cybernetics, or similar
  • Expertise in one of the  languages – C#, VB.NET, F# and also C++
  • ASP.NET MVC would help in developing secure web applications
  • Ability to use SQL(Structured Query Language) or Oracle
  • Knowledge of .Net infrastructure
  • MCSD or MCPD certifications will be an advantage
  • Innovative and organizational skills

The .Net developer job description above not only justifies India but around the world. .Net developers have a wide range of opportunities in top-rated companies in India and the US. Some of the companies are NET Solutions, iTechArt Group, Spire Digital, Alliance Tek, Zibtek, Fingent, Brainvire Infotech, Experion Technologies, Indus Net Technologies, etc. Apart from companies, one can work as a freelancer. Being a freelancer can also earn you a minimum of  $61 per hour which is 4,471.37 Indian Rupee.

People find it difficult to manage in the software hubs. The rising demand of the .Net developers has given the developers a great chance to prove themselves. Companies generally search for developers who have the ability to stay focused on the determination of putting their knowledge in the right way. Discussing and understanding the client’s demand and tailoring the demand in the form of correct software application plays an important part in the job description of a .Net developer in companies. To achieve the highest level, one needs to start from scratch, that is, learning about computer programming and its languages.  

.Net developer

What do .Net experts say?

Janet Attard, founder and owner of believes one who listens to the clients and gets the project on time according to the demand is a .Net developer. Craig J.Lewis, Chief Entrepreneur Officer of Visage Payroll, always goes for the developers who have a keen interest in learning throughout the projects and challenges. Steve Pritchard, a consultant for giffgaff, says he always looks for a .net developer who does not waste time on unnecessary code changes. Rob Reagon, a CTO of, be of the opinion that one should be passionate as the work of a dot net developer is hectic and difficult. No one .net developer is perfect for any company. The hiring process varies in each company. 

The requirement of a job is not always the same. Minimum education cannot lead to great success. For that, the developer must be well qualified with maximum knowledge to acquire the position. .Net Developer has created a unique structure in the modernizing technologies of our world. Being a prestigious and tough job expects fulfilling people who can devote themselves to hours of hard work. As the competition is vast, the hiring process is moving in the direction of difficulties. Aiming at one career, that is, .net developer, and growing yourself into it would positively result in success. To learn, focus, practice, develop yourself and deal with complex problems are the necessary qualities to perform what a .Net developer do.

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