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Thu Jan 25 2024

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Tracker Recruitment Software - Tracker ATS & CRM (2024)

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tracker recruitment software

You can achieve your recruiting goals by selecting the best tracker recruitment software. That is why finding the best one is crucial for your business. However, selecting the ideal tool can become challenging with so many tracker tools in the market. Continue reading the blog to learn how to choose the best one.

Do you know the best way to choose top tracker recruitment software for your business? A solid understanding of its essential features! Yes, you read that right. If you have enough technical knowledge about the software's features, you will know which features you need and which you do not.

However, since technology keeps transforming the recruitment market and business processes, most recruiters do not know enough about modern hiring tools to invest in one.

If you are also one such recruiter, worry not! We introduce you to this beginner's guide to finding the best tracker recruitment software. So, read on!

Why should you invest in the tracker recruitment software?

Technology and innovation have been transforming the business world. In this case, the recruitment methods and tools are no exception. If you look carefully, you will see many changes in the hiring tools and technologies modern recruiters use to hire candidates. That is because more and more companies are turning to hiring systems.

And why not? If you do not change with time, you might lose the opportunity to employ top talent. Moreover, you cannot manage and evaluate thousands of job applications for different job openings in your company. In other words, some repetitive HR tasks demand automation to ensure you identify and attract the most qualified candidates for your open roles.

Therefore, investing in an applicant tracking system and recruiting software is vital. Besides helping you make recruitment quick, modern recruiting systems like tracker recruitment software will help you offer a seamless candidate experience and many other benefits.

Did you know? According to LinkedIn, 68% of HR and recruiting professionals report that investing in NEWER hiring tools and technology is the best way to enhance hiring performance. With that said, let us move ahead and discuss why it is daunting to choose the right ATS software.

Why is it daunting to choose the right ATS software?

Almost all tracker recruitment software have distinct features and functionalities to help recruiters streamline recruitment. By this, we mean that some systems offer robust features that can go beyond hiring to help you onboard candidates effectively.

On the other hand, some systems only provide features suitable for small-scale businesses. It means that the significant difference between all ATSs lies in the features!

Most recruiters fail to realize which features will help them make recruitment efficient and which are useless in their hiring process. Here is why choosing the best tracker recruitment software becomes daunting.

However, selecting the best software does not mean investing in any software that comes your way. No! You need to buy a high-quality ATS that makes hiring smooth for your hiring team members and candidates.

To help you with the ATS software selection process, let us move ahead and discuss some tips to ensure you choose the right system for your business!

How to find the best tracker recruitment software?

You can only make recruitment efficient and fast if you have a powerful tracker recruitment software in your hiring tech stack. The reason? Only the right software can help you create compelling job descriptions, post them to the best channels, source top candidates, and more.

Moreover, the best software will make these three crucial hiring tasks a matter of a few clicks for you. You must have understood that top applicant tracking systems are all you need to make all these things possible!

So, without wasting any more time, let us discuss the essential points to remember when choosing the right ATS software:

Know and consider your hiring needs

Putting your hiring and overall business needs first before investing in a tracker recruitment software is essential. In other words, you should ask yourself questions such as, why do I need to buy the best ATS? How will this particular ATS help you fill recruitment gaps? Perhaps you are facing problems with candidate sourcing.

Or maybe you only want to make recruitment fast to reduce the time-to-fill. You cannot invest in the software unless you are sure about the reason behind doing so and the bottlenecks in your current hiring process!

Consider the size of your company

While considering your business needs, the size of the business is also a key factor to consider. That is because companies of different sizes have distinct needs. You cannot expect a tracker recruitment software tailored for small businesses to fulfill the hiring goals of an enterprise-level business.

Therefore, if you have a large company, look for an ATS with multiple features. On the other hand, if you own a small business or a startup, a general ATS with not so many advanced features will also do.

Aim for seamless user experience

One of your goals behind using the best hiring tracking software must be employee satisfaction and a seamless candidate experience. Of course, you do not want an ATS that your hiring teams face problems with and one that fails to make recruitment smooth for candidates.

Thus, to avoid this, choose software that offers automation, CRM, and communication tools. It will help you ensure that your hiring team members use the software to automate all hiring steps effortlessly. In the same way, such software will help you offer a positive candidate experience.

Give importance to scalability and flexibility

If you are in a competitive industry, there are higher chances that your business will expand with time. It means you need a flexible tracker recruitment software that can grow with your business.

Investing in such software will save you the time, effort, and resources you would have otherwise spent switching from one ATS to another just because your business is growing. Therefore, giving preference to scalability and flexibility when choosing the best ATS software is undoubtedly the best decision.

The above are the tips to help you make the right software choice. However, besides the above four tips, choosing the best ATS vendor is also one of the most essential tips you cannot overlook. That brings us to the question- which is the best tracker recruitment software vendor? Jump to the next section to know!

Trust Pitch N Hire for your tracker recruitment tool needs

Now that you know how to choose the best tracker recruitment software for your business, here is a look at the top-notch features that make Pitch N Hire the best ATS software:

Effortless job posting and management

Our HR candidate tracking system offers many high-quality tools that will not only help you during the initial hiring stages but will help you throughout the recruitment life cycle.

However, you can use our dynamic tool to elevate your job posting and management process, which will ultimately help you identify and source top candidates.

Here are some hiring steps you can perform using our job application management system:

  • Cast a wide net and source active and passive candidates from the large talent pool.
  • Seamlessly extract relevant data from resumes and identify the best candidates based on their skills, qualifications, and experience.
  • Gain a detailed view of your recruitment pipeline using our visualized pipeline tool.
  • Communicate effectively with many candidates through text messages and emails.

Career page crafting and customization

You can only attract top talent if you have a captivating career page. And guess what? With Pitch N Hire, you can do just that! Our software can help you create attractive career pages with engaging content. Not only this, but you can also customize these pages based on your specific needs and preferences.

Below are some ways in which this feature can benefit you:

  • Amplify job openings and reflect your company's work culture, values, and ethics.
  • Encourage suitable candidates from diverse backgrounds to apply for your job vacancies.
  • Schedule interviews with multiple candidates and engage with them effectively, thus promoting a transparent hiring process.
  • Get meaningful insights and analyze your hiring performance with the help of comprehensive reports and analysis tools.

Powerful interviews and assessments

Our cutting-edge tracker recruitment software can help you schedule and conduct interviews with multiple candidates. That is because we offer all virtual tools required for easy connection with candidates, allowing you to connect with all candidates in real time.

Moreover, you can also use our software to have in-depth discussions with each candidate.

Some more things you can perform with the help of this feature are:

  • Automated candidate assessment grading to help you eliminate manual screening efforts
  • Make data-driven hiring decisions during the candidate screening process in recruitment.
  • Customizable questions to ask candidates to tailor your screening process based on your unique needs
  • Call recording features to ensure collaborative decision-making with the hiring team members.


Selecting the best tracker recruitment software might prove difficult, especially when you do not know the tips to help you do so. We hope this blog has provided you with all the essential tips you need to know when choosing an ATS for your business. In terms of features, our Pitch N Hire ATS is the best.

As discussed in the blog above, we offer all the must-have features the best tracker software should have. So, book a FREE software demo from our website today and come one step closer to making the right software choice.

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