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Tue Jan 30 2024

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ATS Recruiting Tool for Employers with Free Demo

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ATS Recruiting Tool

Collaborative hiring is a new trend in recruitment. In this case, an ATS recruiting tool can help you unlock the full potential of collaborative hiring within your business. It automates different hiring tasks from start to end. If you want to learn about the role of ATS in hiring collectively, check the blog below.

As of 2024, the recruitment landscape relies on collaborative hiring, in which the ATS recruiting tool can play a crucial role. Teamwork in hiring is vital to ensure you hire the best talent from the large pool. It is also necessary to stand out in the competitive business world.

Many recruiters in the USA and worldwide trust the applicant tracking system to boost collaborative hiring. If you also want to use this new-age tool to promote team-oriented hiring processes, continue reading the blog further.

What is collaborative hiring in recruitment?

It is a team-based hiring method where all team members of the company participate in the hiring process. The significant purpose of collaborative hiring is to get the entire workforce involved in the various hiring stages, such as candidate sourcing, resume screening, decision-making, and more.

Usually, organizations practice collaborative hiring during the candidate screening and interviewing stage in recruitment. It means recruiters, hiring professionals, employers from other departments, and stakeholders come together to decide if the candidate qualifies for the open role. For this, they use modern hiring tools such as HR applicant tracking systems.

You can only succeed in this working style if all your team members understand each other and know enough about your company's core hiring tech stack. Team participation will become challenging if you and your recruiting team members do not know how the ATS recruiting tool works.

Can collaborative hiring help you find high quality talents?

You can enjoy many benefits if you practice collaborative hiring within your organization. This hiring method will help your recruiting team members get input from different professionals working in your organization.

Besides this, here are some more benefits of collaborative recruitment:

Less hiring bias

If business owners give all hiring control to one or two people's hands, it may lead to bias in the hiring process. It may result in wrong hires for the wrong reasons.

On the other hand, collaborative hiring will eliminate subjectivity in the hiring process, promoting a bias-free process.

Increased chances of hiring cultural fits

You can only hire cultural fits if you involve everyone in the recruitment process. And guess what? Collaborative hiring does just that.

In collaborative hiring, many people come together to judge candidates. It increased the chances of hiring cultural fits.

Enhanced candidate experience

Imagine if candidates get to interact with different employees working in the organization. Isn't it the best way to ensure they get to talk to people they will be working with? Yes, it indeed is.

Therefore, we can say that collaborative recruitment gives candidates a complete picture of their work life. It will ultimately result in an enhanced candidate experience.

Less stress on the HR department

Since all team members will participate and contribute to the recruitment process, it will reduce the stress of the HR department. In other words, they will not have to handle hiring suitable candidates alone.

More employee retention

Usually, companies pay more attention to collaborative hires than ones hired by one or two recruiters. As a result, the collaborative hires are more likely to stay loyal to the company even in the long run. It means collaborative hiring might lead to an increased employee retention rate.

All these were the benefits of collaborative hiring. But the question is, how can you enjoy all these benefits? Of course, you need collaborative hiring tools to do so. That is where the ATS recruiting tool comes into the picture. Let us discuss more about this software in the next step.

ATS recruiting tool: Changing The Way Modern Hiring Happens

An ATS recruiting tool is a software solution you need if you want to practice collaborative hiring. This automated modern software will not only serve as your central database of recruitment data but also help you satisfy different recruiting needs.

Most importantly, you can use the ATS HR software to promote real-time communication and collaboration.

The key purpose of this tool is to make recruitment efficient for both recruiters and candidates. Generally, all new-age ATS use cloud technology. The best benefit of adopting a cloud-based applicant tracking software is that you can access it anytime and anywhere.

Now that you know what the ATS recruiting tool is, it is time to learn how to use the software to perform collaborative hiring tasks? So, read on.

How can you use ATS to promote collaborative hiring?

Did you know? 75% of recruiters currently use the best ATS software or another automated hiring tool to screen candidates and enhance candidate experience. In addition, 94% of recruiters agree that their applicant tracking software has positively impacted their recruiting process.

You and your team members can use the ATS recruiting tool for many purposes.

For example, the software can help you gather and store candidate data. Besides this, here are some more hiring tasks where you can use the top ATS platform collaboratively:

Now that you are clear on all hiring tasks where you can use the ATS recruiting tool to collaborate with your team members, let us move ahead and discuss how the ATS works.

How does the ATS HR software work?

The ATS recruiting tool stores all candidate information (resumes and cover letters) in its database. Recruiters and other team members can easily search for candidate information in the ATS database. Not only this, but they can also use the software to achieve their hiring goals and current recruitment initiatives.

The best thing about using an ATS software is that it can help you create a talent pool. It stores all candidate profiles in its database, even if they do not qualify for the current job openings. You can use this talent pool to fill your future job vacancies with qualified candidates.

Moreover, modern ATS streamline core hiring tasks such as:

  • Viewing candidate resumes
  • Automating candidate profile ranking, sorting, and selecting.
  • Enabling advanced keyword research to screen resumes.
  • Promoting real-time communication between team members about candidates.
  • Enabling seamless collaboration on candidate interviews and pre-screening.
  • Assigning activities and tasks to the collaborative recruiting members.
  • Sending progress updates to all team members.

If you use the best ATS tools, you and your team will get many advanced features that you can use to promote collaborative hiring and ultimately hire the best talent.

As you can guess, the ATS recruiting tool offers many more benefits. So, quickly jump to the next section to know them.

How Can You Streamline Operations Using ATS for Collaborative Hiring?

The most significant benefit of using the ATS recruiting tool for collaborative hires is that it gives your team members a centralized platform to work and exchange information about candidates.

Besides this, the ATS platform can benefit your collaborative recruitment process in many ways. Here are some:

Easy exchange of information

Your team can use the cheapest applicant tracking system to share vital documents associated with hiring. These documents include candidate applications, resumes, cover letters, contact logs, etc.

This way, your team will save time they would have otherwise spent sharing recruiting information via emails.

Collaborative reviewing and screening

Since the ATS recruiting tool enables your team to review candidate information, take candidate interviews, and screen resumes collectively, it will enhance hiring decision-making.

The software will facilitate team decision-making for all team members to decide which candidates would be perfect for the open role.

Smooth communication between team

Thanks to the ATS recruiting tool, you and your team can communicate openly and give your opinions. The software empowers all team members to express their viewpoints and contribute to the company's recruitment process. Moreover, ATS enables transparency into how the company hires new employees.

These were the benefits of using the ATS recruiting system for collaborative hiring. But you still do not know which ATS can help you do so effectively. So, let us talk about this in the next section.

Why is Pitch N Hire ATS best for collaborative hiring?

Pitch N Hire ATS recruiting tool ensures user satisfaction and offers 10+ integrations. Guess what it means? It means you can customize our world-class automated hiring system based on your unique needs and integrate our software with third-party communication and collaboration tools. It will ultimately help you hire collaboratively.

In addition, our ATS offers candidate relationship management (CRM), status notifications, branded career pages, job postings, notes, reporting and analytics, and more. These features facilitate enhanced productivity and accuracy in team collaboration.

That is because you can use these features to assign specific hiring tasks to team members and, at the same time, keep them informed about the recruitment process. Moreover, you and your team members can make notes and leave comments on candidate profiles to promote smooth two-way communication and a better decision-making process.


With the increase in competition for hiring top talent, the hiring burden of recruiters will also increase in the coming years. Therefore, now is the high time to adopt an ATS recruiting tool to promote collaborative hiring and combat this.

If you use the best ATS system, such as Pitch N hire, you can ensure that collaborative hires will become an integral part of your hiring strategies. So, check out more features of our high-quality ATS from our website today. You can also book a FREE software demo for the same.

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