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Wed May 22 2024

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Choose the Top Online Applicant Tracking System for Hiring

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The ATS software helps employers easily separate genuine and eligible applications from a bunch of more than a thousand applications. The employer needs to provide some basic information, descriptions of skill sets, and a few keywords that ought to be in the application. The software easily handles the rest.

It very carefully picks out the applications matching the eligibility mentioned by the employer, bringing down the number of applications from thousands to only a few. This online ATS system is very useful when it comes to the efficient hiring of genuine candidates. Read further to know why using an online applicant tracking system can be beneficial for your next hire.

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What is the use of an Online Applicant Tracking System?

An applicant tracking system is software made to automate the hiring and recruitment processes for the employer. It does most of the clerical work, like handling applications, reviewing resumes, communicating with candidates, and other such miscellaneous tasks.

For most giant companies, it is impossible to work without this software. This is due to the huge number of applications received by these companies every day. So why get one? Below are 6 reasons why you should use an applicant tracking system.

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6 Reasons Why You Need Applicant Tracking Software Online

So, now that you know what an ATS is, the next question is, do you really need one? Your current hiring software system is getting you by, so why switch to an unfamiliar system? Well, because you don’t know what you are missing out on and what you ought to miss out on, given you have the right tools. Right now, you are working more where you ought not to be working at all and putting less effort where more attention to detail is required.

An ATS brings all the applications under one roof. Other than that, it does the following for you:-

Effective Screening and Shortlisting

A person may have preoccupied prejudices while screening the candidate. This can affect the selection of a potential employee at your company. However, with the applicant tracking system, the screening of all the applications is done equally.

The applications are scrutinized without any biases or prejudices, as software cannot possibly have any such preconceived notions. This leads to effective screening and shortlisting of candidates.

Saves Time and Money

The ATS system is effective at working and takes very little time compared to humans. Within a few seconds, it scans the applications and tells you whether they are fit to move forward or not.

Also, the online applicant tracking system free of cost, is available for up to a certain number of applications. It replaces people you would have recruited otherwise to scrutinize the applications. Thus, in a way, it saves you time as well as cost.

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Effective Communication

To hire good candidates, it is very important to conduct polite and effective communication with them. The applicant tracking system allows you to send automated, personalized messages to candidates that look as good as a human conversation.

It also allows you to send synchronized updates to the candidate, along with currently available and future opportunities. This not only improves the employer's image but also keeps the candidate interacting with you. It can also schedule interviews according to the employer’s calendar. Hence, an online applicant tracking system is nothing less than a blessing for busy employers.

Multi-Channeled Candidate Sourcing

The applicant tracking system allows the employer to use various sources to choose their candidates. It uses job boards, social media, employee referrals, and so on. This creates a skilled pool of employees to choose from.

Also, it helps avoid multiple applications from the same candidate. You can search for potential candidates, conduct image searches, and communicate with them regarding the opening in your company or start-up.

Guarantees Legal Compliance

The use of an online applicant tracking system allows the employer to eliminate all the human errors possible while hiring a candidate. This, in turn, helps you comply with all the rules and regulations you need to follow while hiring a candidate.

The employer may miss out on a few terms and conditions that are necessary to mention to the candidate before hiring them. The ATS already makes the candidate aware, which allows you to ensure the law is followed.

Report and Analysis

An applicant tracking system provides you with detailed reports and analyses regarding your recruitment strategy. This not only helps to work on your strategy but also helps skip those long and big worksheets with tonnes and tonnes of numbers and words named as reports. The valuable insights given by the online applicant tracking system help employers hire quality candidates.

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This world is full of automated systems. In this era, avoiding an applicant tracking system is the job of the ignorant. What is better than software performing all the clerical and assistive tasks like screening applications, shortlisting candidates, communicating with candidates, complying with rules, giving you detailed reports, and saving you a ton of time and money for you? It not only guides you to a good hiring strategy but also helps you make the right decision at the right time. Thus, the online applicant tracking system is no longer a luxury but has become a necessity for employers.

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So, why wait any longer for an online applicant tracking system? Visit our website to learn more and avail the most efficient applicant tracking system for your company. Book our free consultation today and enjoy a world of hiring benefits. Remember, a productive workspace is only so because of the hardworking employees. So, pick your talent well and reap the benefits overnight.

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