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Sat Jan 13 2024

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Best Software for Recruitment Process : 2024

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Software for Recruitment Process

Recently, software for the recruitment process has emerged as a helpful tool. You can benefit your business by choosing the right recruitment tool. That is because employees are the most vital asset for companies. The better the employees, the more successful the company. Continue reading the blog to learn how to choose the right hiring software.

Innovations in technology are beginning to shape the future of software for the recruitment process. The recruitment industry will witness changes in HR tech with technological advancements. Do you know what this means?

It means all businesses will use modern HR tools in the coming years.

Therefore, it is now high time you invest in this modern software. But before doing so, you must know how to choose the best software for your business.

We will tell you just that in the blog below. Moreover, we will discuss the hiring software's meaning, types, usage, and importance. So, dive in.

What is Recruitment Software?

Recruitment software is a new-age tool you can use to centralize recruitment. You can use the best software for the recruitment process to perform numerous hiring tasks quickly, efficiently, and effectively. These tasks include job postings, candidate management, resume parsing, interview scheduling, and more.

In addition, with the help of high-quality recruitment software, you can make recruitment paperless as the software will eliminate manual recruitment data storage and management.

Did you know that 94% of recruiters report that recruitment software tools helped them improve their hiring process? Although many companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS), many more recruiting software exist.

The type of hiring software system you want will depend on your unique needs and requirements. That is because all software offers different features and suits distinct recruitment tasks.

Further, let us discuss who can use software for the recruitment process.

Who can use recruitment software?

Currently, more than 98% of Fortune 500 companies rely on the software for the recruitment process. Most people in the recruitment industry think recruiting software is only for large companies or companies in specific industries.

However, this is not true, as companies of all sizes want to find the best employees from a large candidate pool. Since the hiring software does just that, it is suitable for all businesses, regardless of size, nature, and industry.

Usually, recruiters, hiring managers, and talent acquisition team members use hiring tools in larger-scale organizations. On the other hand, in small-scale companies, owners use internal recruitment software to hire new talent. No matter who uses the hiring software, the software will benefit the talent acquisition process to a great extent.

But why are recruiters suddenly looking toward implementing software for the recruitment process? Is the old manual process proving to be problematic?

Let us discuss what hiring challenges recruiters face and why they need recruitment software to overcome them.

What hiring challenges do recruiters face?

You will notice many changes if you compare the old recruitment world with the existing one. The significant difference lies in the hiring methods. Earlier, recruiters used manual hiring practices to hire candidates. But today, they rely on hiring tools for this purpose.

Recruiters who use recruitment and selection software to hire candidates enjoy many benefits. On the other hand, recruiters who still do not know about software for recruitment process experience the following challenges:

  • Difficulty in attracting qualified candidates
  • Failure to maintain constant communication with candidates throughout the recruitment pipeline management
  • Wasting too much time on repetitive hiring tasks
  • Struggle with retaining the best employees in the long run

In the past, attracting candidates did not require much effort. However, today, the recruitment world is candidate-driven. In other words, candidates decide which company they want to pursue.

How exactly do recruitment tools benefit organizations?

As per a recent survey, 75% of job seekers will research the organization's reputation before applying for a job in that company. It means all organizations need a positive reputation in the job market.

For this, they need to:

  • Build a strong online presence.
  • Enhance the quality of their recruitment process.
  • Engage with candidates through texts and emails.

Luckily, software for the recruitment process can help organizations achieve all this. This way, the online hiring software system solutions prove to be efficient in recruitment. It will ultimately result in a positive recruitment experience for everyone involved.

Do you know what recruitment tools organizations use and for what purpose? Let us discuss this in the next section.

How many types of recruitment software are there?

No single software for the recruitment process can manage and handle all hiring tasks alone. It means most recruiters invest in multiple hiring tools to create one complete hiring tech stack.

Here are the three most common recruiting software tools recruiters use:

Applicant tracking system (ATS)

An ATS is a central hiring platform designed to process hundreds of job applications, post job openings to online platforms, manage candidates throughout recruitment, and more. Usually, recruiters use ATS to manage and track the high volume of applications they receive during job openings.

Besides this, the best thing about ATS software is its resume-screening capabilities. The software uses deep keyword research to screen hundreds of candidate resumes. Many recruiters combine ATS with other hiring tools to improve the software's functionality.

Interviewing platform

Companies have been taking online video interviews with candidates ever since the popularity of remote work increased. Convenience is also one of the many reasons behind the increasing popularity of online job interviews. To conduct these interviews effectively, recruiters use the video interviewing platform.

The platform allows them to take both real-time and pre-recorded candidate interviews. Many professionals also report that the upcoming innovation in interviewing systems will enable them to gauge the candidates' body language, facial expressions, and choice of words to help recruiters find the best-fit talents.

Candidate relationship management (CRM) software

Candidate relationship management software is one of the most vital software for the recruitment process. That is because the software helps recruiters focus on building meaningful relationships with active and passive candidates.

Not only this, but CRM ensures these relationships last as long as recruitment marketing lasts. The significant reason for recruiters behind using CRM is to build a pool of qualified candidates and reduce time-to-fill future job openings.

Now, to make the most of these tools, you have to find the most appropriate software for the hiring process for your business. So, how do you do that? Read ahead.

How do you choose the right software for the recruitment process?

If you visit the recruiting software market today, you will find an incredible variety of tools. That is why you might get confused and invest in inefficient software for the recruitment process.

To avoid this, here are the four key factors you should consider when selecting a recruiting software for your business:


As a recruiter, you might need to hire different workers: full-time, remote, part-time, temporary, permanent, and more. But imagine how difficult it would become if your software for the recruitment process only allows you to hire specific workers.

Therefore, look for flexible hiring software that enables you to customize candidate recruitment and selection based on your specific hiring types.


You have different people working in your internal recruitment team. It means each team member will require distinct features to complete their responsibilities.

The best way to ensure you get access to the features you want is to check if the software offers personalized features.


There are many steps involved in recruitment. In this case, recruitment software alone cannot handle everything from start to end. You sometimes need other HR and online tools also during different hiring stages.

For example, you require background checks and video interview tools from third parties during your screening process in recruitment. Thus, invest in hiring software that can easily integrate with additional third-party tools.

Adaptability and scalability

If you want to hire the best candidates, you need to add modern software for the recruitment process to your tech stack. By this, we mean that software should not use outdated technologies.

Instead, it should change its features with time. Moreover, it should be scalable. It is the only way to ensure the software will satisfy the growing needs of your organization in the long run.

Why should you book a FREE demo of Pitch N Hire ATS?

Pitch N Hire is the top recruitment software that offers all the features you need to enhance your hiring process. From posting jobs (first hiring step) to onboarding (last hiring step), our applicant tracking system can reduce your workload in every hiring step.

Do you know what is the best thing about our software for the recruitment process? It offers high-quality candidate management and tracking, interviews and assessments, and resume screening features. Moreover, you will be surprised to learn that our ATS software meets all the best recruiting software criteria discussed in the blog above. It means:

  • Our software is flexible and scalable.
  • We provide customization features.
  • Our recruiting ATS can adapt to the new changes in the recruitment industry.
  • Our software can easily integrate with many HR tools, social media platforms, and online job boards.

Maybe this is why many organizations trust Pitch N Hire to ensure an easy and quick recruitment process. Therefore, if you are looking for the best ATS to hire top talent, investing in Pitch N Hire ATS is the perfect choice.


Ultimately, we can only say that there are different types of software for the recruitment process. You should only choose the software that best suits your hiring requirements and can align with your business needs. Enhanced hiring outcomes (good-quality hires) are guaranteed no matter which hiring software you choose.

Just do not forget to include Pitch N Hire in your hiring journey. Want to know more about our ATS? Quickly check out our website.

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