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Mon Dec 04 2023

5 min read

5 High Volume Recruiting Strategies You Should Use In 2022

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Hiring the top talent, and doing it at scale, is a challenging process for hiring managers. Achieving success with high-volume recruiting comes at the expense of long work hours, tedious paperwork, thousands of applications, manual outreach activities, etc. 

The responsibility of a high-volume recruiter is to identify the top talent and connect them to suitable positions at scale. Whether in-house or outsourced, high-volume recruiters and hiring managers evaluate thousands of candidates for several posts daily. 

It is not only a labor-intense process but can also be costly and time-consuming. Luckily, several high-volume recruiting strategies are efficient and can help recruiters stay on task and deliver consistent results. 

Are you looking to hire the best talent at scale? With the right high-volume recruiting strategies and technology, you can streamline the process without compromising quality!

What is High-Volume Recruiting?

First and foremost, what do we mean by mass recruiting? As the phrase suggests, high-volume recruiting or high-volume hiring refers to hiring candidates at scale for your organization in a given timeframe. 

For most organizations, high-volume hiring is not an everyday goal. Mass recruiting depends on the size of the organization, its growth trajectory, business objectives, and so on. 

There are some scenarios where companies typically use high-volume recruiting: 

  1. When the organization opens a new location or a franchise opens several new branches.
  2. After fundraising rounds, investments, and expansions, when the organization grows or the team has to expand. 
  3. During times of hiring surges or if the organization has undergone mass restructuring. 
  4. For seasonal business demands (For instance, supermarkets may need more staff during the holidays)

As organizations practice mass recruiting, job postings will attract a significant pool of applicants. That’s why it is imperative to have technologies and strategies to streamline the hiring process. 

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What are the Challenges of High-Volume Recruiting?

With recruiting at scale come many challenges. Recruiters and hiring managers must be aware of these challenges to be successful at mass recruiting. Here are some of the most significant hurdles you will encounter during the process:

1. Too Many Applications and Limited Time 

When organizations have multiple roles open at once, chaos ensues. Mass recruiting attracts numerous applications, and hiring managers must go through countless CVs. Sometimes, the quantity is so huge that it is challenging to address this problem with a handful of recruiters and in a limited time. 

It is crucial to strategize how your hiring team will sort and assess multiple candidates for several roles. 

2. Poor Employer Branding 

Employer branding is imperative for recruiters and the organization because it helps market your company to prospective candidates. Organizations have to lure in the candidates to apply with an attractive proposition. Poor employer branding can alienate talent and push away qualified candidates who may otherwise be interested. 

During mass recruiting, employer branding and company image are crucial. You will post job advertisements online and on social media channels where reputation matters. 

3. Poor Candidate Experiences 

The inevitable struggle with mass recruiting is providing quality candidate experience. A good candidate experience is an essential stage in the recruiting cycle and can make or break employer branding. 

Recruiting managers need to prioritize candidate experience when hiring at scale. 

High-Volume Recruiting Strategies you Should Use in 2022

High Volume Recruiting Strategies
High Volume Recruiting Strategies

The most effective high-volume recruitment happens when you use the right tools and strategies to support your team’s hiring efforts. Let’s look at some tips to increase high-volume recruiting:

1. Polish Your Branding 

Attracting potential candidates is all about branding and the company image. Polishing your organization’s reputation is the first and most important step you have to take before mass recruiting. Candidates are more likely to apply for a position in your company if it has a robust online presence and a voice. 

Try to stay active on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. Curate posts that reflect your brand’s value and share pictures of office activities. 

2. Automate Manual Tasks 

Automation is key when it comes to streamlining recruiting tasks and sorting paperwork. Tools and solutions that help you automate manual tasks are an excellent investment that allows you to hire more efficiently and reduce bias. 

Recruiting solutions like PitchnHire can do the heavy-lifting for you during volume-hiring and save your team time and resources by:

  • Maintaining a complete overview of your candidate’s progress through the interview funnel. 
  • Handling multiple site job postings from a single dashboard. 
  • Delivering the most accurate metrics to find top talent. 
  • Email and scheduling onboarding mails
  • Screen the best candidates from thousands of applications 
  • Deep-diving into recruitment information to help you make an informed hiring decision 

3. Prioritize the Quality of Hire

Even if you need to hire a lot of people in a short time, you should never compromise on the quality of the hire. Optimizing your recruitment process will help you spot qualified talent faster and reject unsuitable ones. 

During mass recruiting, look out for soft skills and transferable skills like leadership, communication, active learning, etc. Don’t rule out a candidate if they don’t have the specific hard skills because those can be easily taught. 

Soft skills are inherent, and many qualified candidates don’t have them. Your company won’t benefit from employees incapable of communicating or getting along with their teammates. 

4. Avoid Hiring Bias 

Although you may think your team doesn’t have hiring bias, it is ingrained in humans to make split-second decisions. The best way to avoid hiring discrimination during mass recruiting is by being conscious of the common biases. 

The hiring team has to be effectively trained to avoid biases and let their preconceived notions make decisions. Here are some ways in which you can avoid hiring discrimination: 

  • Make hiring decisions based on information, not assumptions. 
  • Make your hiring process consistent and transparent. 
  • Curate a standard interview guide and interview scorecard. 
  • Use tests to evaluate the candidate’s skills, not the background. 
  • Consider blind-hiring and removing irrelevant information about the candidate. 
  • Train hiring managers 

5. Follow a Streamlined/Candidate-First Application Procedure

A recruiter should follow a positive, streamlined, and candidate-centric application strategy. A candidate-first application process is crucial for recruiting at scale and accessing top talent. 

Most candidates are less likely to fill out a job application that takes 2 minutes or longer. Thus, simplifying the process. To ensure you attract suitable candidates, you need to:

  • Make it easy for candidates to apply from various devices/platforms
  • Be straightforward about job titles, qualifications and requirements, responsibilities, and compensation
  • Write thorough and descriptive job descriptions
  • Highlight your organization’s onboarding process

The Bottom-Line

These were some tips to increase high-volume recruiting. 
Although mass recruiting is pretty challenging, you can effectively accomplish it with proper training and strategies. Collaborate with your hiring team to create a fool-proof mass recruiting strategy. 

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