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Wed Nov 22 2023

5 min read

3 Best & Free Tools That Can Help You To Work Remotely in 2021

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The World Health Organization has declared the current Covid 19 crisis a pandemic. Many countries enforced locks before the declaration, and businesses had recourse to operate at home. Business Organization that has always practiced the culture of brick and mortar can be found in an unknown place. Also, those who promote remote work in their companies are looking for ways to increase their productivity during the epidemic of coronaviruses. There are many potential advantages of using free tools to work remotely. In this article, we have jotted down the details about the top three free tools to help you work remotely.

Top 3 Free Tools to Work Remotely

We specifically look at the best free tools to work remotely in this article. To be clear, team members are scattered throughout the country and time zones, possibly throughout the world. Compared to managing a remote team in the same area or country, this presents several unique challenges:

  • Time zones
  • Cultural differences
  • Language barriers
  • Varied workplace cultures
  • Differences in the rights of workers
  • Annual events, religious holidays, etc.
  • Technological differences
  • Differences in acceptable wages

The team members can achieve higher productivity through these free tools to work remotely, both while working individually and with other team members. These tools also support teams and project managers to ensure that everyone is on the right path and that goals are met. Let’s look at each of these tools in greater detail.


For remote workers and teams, Serene is a free productivity tool. The app helps individual team members maximize efficiency by focusing instead of dividing attention on one goal a day. Many studies demonstrate that Multitasking kills productivity, and this is behind Serene’s key design principle. The title of the app says everything: “Multitasking is a myth. The one-time task is a superpower.” This is one of the best free tools to work remotely.

Key features

  • Site blocker: Blocking websites, such as social media and news websites, that distract you.
  • App blocker: You can also block applications that take care of your work – social apps, your email app, and anything else.
  • Distraction: Free sessions: work with regular interruptions for maximum productivity in 20-60 minutes.
  • Timer: This shows you the time remaining for completing the work and provides you with an increase in motivation towards the end of each session.
  • To-do lists: Manage tasks and make sure that the right team member does everything.
  • Day Planner: Define your daily goal, set your tasks, and make things happen.
  • Concentrate music: Play background music for focus.
  • Place your telephone silent when working to avoid unnecessary distractions automatically on a mobile phone.

Serene requests that team members identify a single goal at the beginning of each day to maximize productivity split into multiple tasks/sessions that will achieve the goal of the day. Users work in short sessions (20-60 minutes) with regular breaks between sessions that have been identified for maximizing efficiency and focus. As team members work on a task, Serene blocks websites and apps for distraction and show users how long it takes to complete the task.

Serene helps everyone in your team maximize productivity by keeping team members focused on individual tasks and blocking distractions. Tasks are completed faster, objectives are reached earlier, and team members can enjoy the advantages offered by remote work. You can request an invitation to try it here, but Serene is still in beta.

Status Hero 

You will understand the importance of statuses if you’ve always managed or worked as part of a remote team. It is vital to allow team members to set statutes such as ‘accessible, busy,’ ‘far-off’ and ‘unaccessible.’ Otherwise, you can interrupt the workflow of each other’s team members and constantly make notifications at uncomfortable times. This is the fundamental but invaluable role of collaborative software status, and Status Hero makes this concept an important tool for productivity. This is among the top free tools to work remotely.

Key features

  • Status of availability: Users can set their status of availability for each other team member and manager to view.
  • Check-in: Users can describe what they’re ready for so that nobody can ask what they are working on.
  • Time zones: Status Hero detects time zones for users (which can be defined by users as well) to help members of the team collaborate in different locations.
  • Blockers: Team members can report problems in completing tasks.
  • Project Management: Managers and members of the team can see in real-time how many objectives are achieved and how many goals are blocked.
  • Multi teams: Teams can be divided into several groups; various teams can assign projects and switch on the fly between them.
  • Mood Tracking: Gain a better understanding of team members’ emotional conditions.
  • Observer mode: To view advancements without interrupting team members’ workflows for managers and stakeholders.


Toggl is an application that tracks the time while users are working on tasks in the background. It was designed to track exactly how long it takes to perform tasks, originally designed for freelancers to ensure accurate invoicing and fair payments. This is one of the best free tools to work remotely. Now, Toggl is a productivity application designed to maximize productivity for teams and individual members. More than anything, their data visualization helps you to compare profits with time spent on tasks and labor costs to see the most profitable projects and customers.

Key features

  • Time tracking: See how long you (or others) take to do things.
  • Profits boost: You’ll pay enough to complete the projects for as long as it takes.
  • Reports: See how productive you are with Toggl reports and how profitable your time is.
  • Cross-platform: The beautifully crafted apps of Toggl work on nearly all operating systems and online, allowing you to access them wherever you need them.

It is also possible to see how long team members spend on individual productivity monitoring tasks and whether anyone does too much/too little work. In the face of things, Toggl is simple, but it can be an invaluable tool to ensure that tasks are completed quickly enough. Also, those projects generate sufficient income for them to receive.


So these are the top three free tools to help you work remotely that will be best for your organization. So use these free tools to work remotely and boost the productivity of your business.