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Thu Sep 28 2023

5 min read

Sourcing Tools For Recruiters in USA: The Complete Guide

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sourcing tools for recruiters in USA

Sourcing tools for recruiters in USA form a crucial element in the recruitment process. They are the medium through which recruiters reach candidates and vice-versa. However, choosing a sourcing tool can be quite confusing. Many sourcing tool platforms claim to be the best in the market. But, claims can be deceptive. So, how do you choose the best sourcing tool? 

Worry not, as we have got you covered with everything you might need to know. In our blog piece today, we will cover every single detail, ranging from the basics of sourcing tools to a compiled list of the best sourcing tools for recruiters and other hiring professionals. Here below is a snapshot of everything that we will cover in this blog: 

  • What is a sourcing tool?
  • How can recruiters use a sourcing tool?
  • Why do sourcing tools matter in a business?
  • Various types of sourcing tools 
  • The best sourcing tools for recruiters in USA.

So, stay tuned and read further to know more about what a sourcing tool is. 

What is a sourcing tool?

Sourcing tools, also known as recruiting sourcing tools, are equipment designed for recruiters and human resource teams. They attract, identify, and find potential candidates for job vacancies. Thus, the main objective of a sourcing tool is to make it easier for the recruiter to engage and locate potential candidates. 

Not only this! The sourcing tools for recruiters in USA allow them to search for candidates from a large data pool according to the criteria of the job vacancy. It also maintains a candidate database. So, if the recruiter needs to search for potential candidates in the future, they will have a ready-made database to search from. Also, the sourcing tool keeps on updating this data to avoid repetitive databases. 

Thus, sourcing tools play a crucial role for recruiters. Further, let us look at how the recruiter can use a sourcing tool. 

How can a sourcing tool benefit recruiters?

The working process of a sourcing tool is quite straightforward. Most of the sourcing tools for recruiters in USA work in the below-given manner: 

  • As soon as the recruiter gets familiar with the sourcing tool, they put the information in the sourcing tool. This information is used by the tool to create a profile for the recruiter. As a result, the information includes keywords, skills, educational qualifications, and others. 
  • Next, when the recruiter enters this information, a job description is created. The sourcing tool then scans its entire database along with the sources it is connected with. Then, it finds for the recruiter the candidates that match the profile made by the recruiter. 
  • Then, the recruiter goes through this list and looks at the profiles of candidates in the list. If the recruiter finds appropriate candidates on the list, they connect them through the sourcing tool right away. 
  • Many sourcing tools in recruitment provide an in-built message system and email templates. Also, if the recruiter does not find any appropriate candidate, the data is saved into the database, creating a ready-made talent pipeline in the hands of the recruiter. 
  • Not only this! Most of the sourcing tools for recruiters in USA allow the recruiter to search for the candidates manually! It even allows integration between the tool as well as other software like ATS and CRM. Many applicant tracking systems have an inbuilt sourcing tool for the recruiters. 

We have seen how the recruiter can use the sourcing tool. Further, let us read more about the need for sourcing tools. 

Why do sourcing tools matter in the business?

Incorporating sourcing tools in recruiting is one of the most profitable practices a recruiter can do. Why? You might be thinking. Well, this is why:

Find the perfect candidates

Searching for a genuine and talented candidate is as good as searching for a lost needle in a bunch of hay. It is difficult to go through hundreds of profiles daily to find the perfect candidate. Here is where sourcing tools come to the rescue. You just need to enter the kind of candidate you need, and voila, you’ll get a list of perfect candidates. You just need to conduct a further inspection and select them. 

Improve your recruiting strategy 

The sourcing tools for recruiters in USA search for candidates from multiple platforms. This leads to an inclusive and extensive list of candidates with various backgrounds. As a result, it helps bring diversity to the company’s work culture. It also enhances the quality of hire. 

Automation of tasks

Many sourcing tools for recruiters in USA also automate the repetitive tasks included in the recruitment process. This includes summarizing the resumes and making them easy to read for the recruiter. It helps the recruiter save time and pay attention to more crucial recruitment tasks. 

Integrating abilities 

Most of the sourcing tools are easily integrated with other software like applicant tracking systems, candidate relationship management software, and any other similar systems. This helps in smooth recruitment management for the company. It not only integrates well but also helps in candidate management and enhances other software. 

The above points explain the importance of sourcing tools for recruiters in USA. Further, let us understand various types of sourcing tools. 

What are the various types of sourcing tools in recruitment?

There are four types of sourcing tools for recruiters in USA that are prevalent nowadays. However, the choice of several tools might depend on the usage, pricing, requirements, etc. 

Resume database tool

In this type of sourcing tool, the candidate stores their application material, like a resume, on the online platform. This tool does not prompt organizations to promote the company vacancy. On the other hand, they prompt the applicants to post their resumes online. This helps the recruiter to gain access to a large database instantly. This way, the recruiter can choose the perfect candidate from this extensive list. 

Social media platform tool

Social media platforms are one of the best places to search for candidates. Here, the recruiter can use the social media platform as a sourcing tool. They can use it to know the background and other qualifications of the candidate. For instance, if the vacancy is for a social media manager, it is easy to find these on social media itself. Plus, most of these social media platforms are free of cost. Hence, it forms one of the best sourcing tools for recruiters in USA. 

Email finding sourcing tool

This sourcing tool is not made for creating a large-scale database. Rather, it helps in finding the email and other contact information of a desired candidate. For example, let's say you saw a piece of work from a particular candidate and realized a potential hire. In such situations, this sourcing tool helps to find the contact information of the desired person and arrange meetings for both. 

Referral program sourcing tools

This sourcing tool is based on a referral system. In this, the team members and employees of an organization give information about the potential candidates. This is a great way to find professional candidates for the company. It is a referral structure where the existing members provide information to the hiring team of the company. 

Above are the various types of sourcing tools. Further, let us take a look at the best sourcing tools for recruiters in USA. 

List of the best sourcing tools for recruiters in USA

We have made an exclusive list of the best recruiting sourcing tools in the USA. The list is as follows:

Pitch N Hire

Pitch N Hire is a one-stop solution for all of your recruitment needs. This applicant tracking system has an inbuilt powerful sourcing tool that helps in hassle-free talent acquisition. It helps you maintain talent pipelines so that you never miss any potential and talented candidates. Not only this! It also elevates your recruitment experience by integrating with CRM software seamlessly. This platform is apt for every recruitment need of yours, as it has one of the best sourcing tools for recruiters in USA built-in itself. 


You might know this platform by the name of RecruitIn. This is a comprehensive and easy-to-use sourcing tool used by many recruiters. It helps you generate data for potential candidates from platforms like LinkedIn, Dribble, GitHub, Xing, Stack Overflow, and even Twitter. This platform has a simple interface that gives you results in minutes. It has a smaller number of filters, making it easy to search for candidates. This sourcing tool also allows a search for candidates from a variety of platforms. Hence, it is one of the best sourcing tools for recruiters in USA. 


OctaHR is famous among the recruiters in the USA by the name of GitHub. It is a free-of-cost Google Chrome extension and works as a non-invasive Google extension. It provides a huge database of candidates on GitHub. One unique feature of this platform is it provides candidate emails to the recruiter. So, the recruiter can contact the candidates almost immediately if needed. Hence, this is one of the best sourcing tools for recruiters in USA. 


It is necessary to evolve according to the technology in this hiring world. As a result, sourcing tools for recruiters in USA are particularly valuable as they provide the best and most talented candidates from the market. They are essential for remaining competitive against your competitors. 

However, if you are searching for the best pick from the above-given list, then go for Pitch N Hire. It is one of the best applicant tracking software in USA that allows the recruiter to not only source the best candidates but also ease the whole recruitment process. So, why have second thoughts? Visit the website today and enjoy hassle-free talent acquisition.