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Sat Feb 03 2024

5 min read

Salesforce Applicant Tracking System: Best PNH ATS

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Salesforce applicant tracking system

The Salesforce applicant tracking system is becoming increasingly popular among recruiters worldwide. And there are many reasons why! This modern system helps hiring professionals and recruiters monitor all the candidate applications and track them to the final onboarding process.

In other words, this hiring tool is designed to offer CRM functionality to manage job applications, helping you and your hiring team save time, effort, and resources. We will discuss some vital aspects you need to know about the ATS in this blog below. So, read on!

How a Salesforce ATS Revolutionizes the Hiring Process

A salesforce applicant tracking system is a modern hiring solution that helps hiring managers and recruiters manage their recruiting process. The software does this by streamlining numerous hiring tasks such as job postings, candidate tracking, interview scheduling, resume screening, and more.

In short, the software manages all hiring steps from the start till the end of the hiring cycle. The best thing for recruiters about using the salesforce tracking system is that the software stores all recruiting and candidate data in a centralized database, and that too in a structured format.

This way, recruiters can conveniently use the software to store, manage, and screen candidate profiles and ultimately hire the most qualified candidates for their open roles.

How is the Salesforce ATS different from the CRM system?

Salesforce applicant tracking system and candidate relationship management are the two most common types of hiring software. Many people from the recruiting world often get confused between these two terms.

If you are one of those people, here are the three key differences between ATS and CRM you should know:

Target audience

The ATS software only targets those candidates who apply for the company's current job openings (active candidates). On the other hand, CRM software targets both active and passive candidates.

Passive candidates are the ones who are not currently looking for a job and, therefore, do not apply for the company's job openings yet.


While the salesforce applicant tracking system offers features to streamline the overall recruitment process, CRM focuses more on the features to help recruiters build relationships with candidates.

These features include email marketing, interview scheduling, communication tools, etc.


The ATS software only provides recruiters with the data and information the applicants provide. On the other hand, recruitment CRM software allows HR professionals to input additional data associated with their current and prospective candidates.

Further, let us discuss how adopting a high-quality ATS from a reputable vendor can benefit you!

What are the benefits of using a high-quality ATS?

Hiring the best candidates should not be troublesome in today's technology-driven business world. That is because you can replace traditional hiring techniques with modern hiring tools.

With so many options available in the hiring software market, most recruiters invest in the salesforce applicant tracking system.

As discussed above in the blog, employers are the company's best assets. And, if you do not have the ATS software in your tech stack, you might lose the opportunity to hire top talent.

Did you know? 62% of hiring teams who use ATS to source candidates find more qualified candidates than inbound applications. Besides helping you improve the hiring quality, here are some benefits you can enjoy by adopting this modern software for your recruiting process:

  • Salesforce ATS with automation capabilities helps recruiters reduce the time-to-fill and time-to-hire.
  • The software offers integrations with online job boards, social media, and other tools to make recruitment scalable, efficient, and quick.
  • It offers extensive data security and privacy so you can decide who can access recruitment data and to what extent.
  • The Salesforce applicant tracking system allows you to track and onboard candidates effectively, thus helping you offer a seamless candidate experience.
  • The software enhances the company's reputation in the job market by providing real-time data and analyses to make informed hiring decisions.

Why choose the Salesforce ATS system over Excel?

Today, the job market is highly competitive. In this case, you cannot compromise on the quality of your hiring process. Although many organizations rely on Excel to manage recruitment data and track applicants, they do not know that Excel was not designed for this very purpose.

On the other hand, ATS software offers many more advantages than this outdated method of managing candidate applications. We have already discussed the benefits of using the Salesforce applicant tracking system.

Therefore, to help you understand why ATS is better than Excel, here are some limitations of Excel:

  • It does not provide real-time updates
  • Offers less or equal to no automation
  • Does not have integration capabilities
  • Compromises data security when multiple users work on the same spreadsheet.

All these limitations prove that Excel cannot match the benefits the ATS software offers to recruiters. The ATS not only overpowers Excel in terms of speed but also in efficiency.

According to a report by SHRM, 20% of companies will most likely start using applicant tracking software with artificial intelligence (AI) integration in the coming five years. Therefore, now is the best time to replace complicated spreadsheets with highly functional hiring tools such as Pitch N Hire ATS!

Also read, full guide on why many employers switch from zoho applicant tracking system to Pitch N Hire ATS solutions.

Pitch N Hire: The Best Applicant Tracking System!

Pitch N Hire is a high-quality ATS software that caters to the needs of many users from different industries. Salesforce users can also use our software to manage their recruitment processes without using several platforms and tools.

The best thing about our ATS software is that it also offers CRM. That means one centralized platform will help you carry out numerous recruiting activities quickly and efficiently.

You can conveniently use Pitch N Hire, as the software will become an integral part of your salesforce organization. Here are some features our Salesforce applicant tracking system offers:

Resume screening

With the AI resume screening feature, you can effortlessly screen hundreds of resumes as the feature enables you to extract all relevant data from candidates' resumes.

Not only this, but you can also use this feature to rank candidate resumes based on how well they match the company's job description and requirements. It will help you identify the most suitable candidates from the large application pool.

Advanced candidate search

This feature will allow you to search candidates by specific keywords. No matter where you are in your recruitment pipeline, you can use our Salesforce applicant tracking system to search specific candidates by their skills, education, qualifications, and more.

Built-in CRM

Almost every largest applicant tracking system offers built-in CRM capabilities. And since Pitch N Hire is one of the best applicant tracking systems, it provides advanced CRM features to its users. It means you will get access to two hiring tools in one platform.

Automation and collaboration

With our ATS, you can automate your hiring workflows and, at the same time, enhance hiring collaboration. In other words, besides the hiring department, all your employees from other departments can use our easy-to-use software and participate in the company's hiring process. It will ultimately lead to better hiring decision-making and increased productivity.

These features are not all! Yes, that's right. Besides the four features above, our salesforce applicant tracking system offers many more features, such as interview scheduling, candidate sourcing, career page building, and more.


We hope this blog has given you useful insights into the Salesforce applicant tracking system, its benefits, features, and more. So, now that you know all this, what are you waiting for?

Quickly invest in an ATS software today! However, do not forget to explore the top-notch features of Pitch N Hire ATS. And, if you want to learn more about automated hiring tools, check out our website to find many career & advice and HR & tech-related blogs!


Q1. Why should I use the Salesforce applicant tracking system?

Ans. You must use this software because it provides CRM features. These features can help you track hundreds of candidate applications received from different platforms and channels. It will ultimately reduce your hiring team's effort of managing applications manually by using outdated techniques.

Q2. Which industries can use the Pitch N Hire ATS?

Ans. From finance and marketing to healthcare and education, all companies from various industries can rely on Pitch N Hire ATS software to hire the best candidates. Moreover, no matter if you have a small-scale business or a large-scale one, the Salesforce applicant tracking system by Pitch N Hire will help you streamline recruitment.

Q3. Can employees with no programming knowledge use Pitch N Hire?

Ans. Absolutely! Pitch N Hire is a user-friendly ATS system with easy-to-understand features and an intuitive interface. It means your employees do not need specialized programming knowledge to use this software.

Q4. How can I add your ATS software to my hiring tech stack?

Ans. We believe in being transparent about our ATS product to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. As a result, we offer a FREE software demo to help our clients better understand the features and functionalities of our ATS. Therefore, booking the FREE demo from our website with our experts is the first step to investing in our software.

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