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Sat Dec 16 2023

5 min read

Best Interview Video Software: What All Do You Need to Know

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Interview Video Software

Interview video software is one of the primary technologies that a recruiter needs during an interview. It facilitates interviews between the candidate and the recruiter even when they are far away from each other. Here, the recruiter and the candidate use the same software to connect. Thus, making it cost-effective for both parties, it acts as a great source of medium between them. 

This technology has become quite popular in the past few years. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many recruiters, as well as candidates, had no choice but to work from home. There were restrictions on roaming freely on the roads. Hence, the idea of interview video software became popular. 

So, the candidates, as well as the recruiter, need not leave their house. They can attend the interview from the place they are comfortable at. Today, even when there are no restrictions on going outside, people prefer video interviews. In this blog, we will go through various aspects of video interview software. So, stay tuned and scroll down further. 

What is an interview video software? 

An interview video software is a tool that forms a bridge between the recruiter and the candidate to take interviews. In other words, it is software used by two or more parties to connect on a video and audio call. This way, all the parties can see each other clearly through videos and listen to them through audio. The only prerequisite is good internet connectivity. Further, let us look at how it works. 

How can using video interview software benefit businesses?

Using interview software can be quite useful for the recruiter due to the following variety of benefits:

Reduces geographical boundaries 

Using software for video interviews allows the recruiter to interview candidates from far away places. For example, a recruiter in the USA can easily interview a candidate in Japan. Further, they can even appoint them remotely. Thus, interview video software helps increase diversity and also increases the business across boundaries. 

Saves time and money 

Investing in video interview software is not very expensive. Moreover, it is more affordable than attending a physical interview. A video interview needs only two things: a good device and a good internet connection. 

Appropriate judgment of the candidate

The interview video software helps in identifying the soft as well as hard skills of the candidate through the video and audio facility. The recruiter can easily see and determine through the expressions and hand movements of the candidate their soft skills and thinking process. 


Video interviews are highly comfortable and convenient for both parties. The parties need not commute from one place to another. Rather, they can sit in their homes or any other comfortable place and attend the interview. This helps the candidate to relax and attend the interview more stress-free. 

Thus, these are the reasons why most of the recruiters are moving towards interview video software. Further, let us look at the list of the top 10 software for video interviewing. 

List of top 10 interview video software in the US market

Here is the list of top 10 interviewing software that will not at all disappoint you. They are:


Hireflix is very easy to set up. Moreover, it has an easy interface and operating system. It also helps in one way interviewing. It helps to make these one-way interviews more personalized and tries to retrieve the human touch. Also, it allows one to track and review the candidates easily. 


Willow is the best interview video software for remote interviews worldwide. It makes the interview process virtual and more accessible. Moreover, it is flexible and affordable. Also, it supports fast hiring and has multiple remote tools. It allows the candidates to upload their CVs. It takes care of communication through emails and SMS. 


myInterview is a software that allows candidates to show their true potential and skills through high-quality video interviews. It integrates with the calendars easily and allows the candidate to select the timing for the interview according to the recruiter’s schedule. Moreover, it provides good team collaboration tools so that every member is on the same page. 


Zoom is one of the most popular interview video software not only in the US but all over the world. This platform has a high capacity for group video calls. Hence, many use it for online video conferences and meetings, too. It is a reliable software that allows the candidate as well as the recruiter to take notes. 


Vidcruiter is one of the most comprehensive and compelling video interview software with an engaging interface. It provides an end-to-end recruitment facility to simplify the hiring process. Moreover, it helps in customizing the workflow and allows the recording of the video call. 


Jobma is the best interview video software for short interviews or initial meetings. It helps in hiring better people more quickly. It has an intuitive as well as user-friendly interface that helps in better selection of the candidates. 


This platform provides pre-hire assessment to the candidates. So, the recruiter can decide which candidates to interview based on the assessment. This is very useful, especially when there are multiple candidates for the same post. It also provides easy interview scheduling and coding assessments. 


Screenale helps the recruiter to send automatic invites to the candidates. So, the recruiter need not worry about the communication part. Moreover, it allows applicants to record video interviews. So the team can easily access the recordings whenever needed. 

Ninja Interview 

Ninja Interview has an easy-to-use interface that forms a common platform for professionals, interviewers, and candidates. It has a ready-made question library that the recruiter can refer to and ask questions accordingly. Moreover, it provides coding assessments and recording sessions, too. 

Spark Hire 

This platform is used by more than 6000 people. It provides a one-way as well as a two-way interview process for all types of candidates. It also allows interview evaluation that helps in making a better decision. Also provides interview collaboration. This makes it one of the best interview video software. 


Choosing the correct interview video software can change your hiring game forever. Additionally, if you have an applicant tracking system like Pitch N Hire that can be integrated with this software, you will have a robust hiring machine. Integrating the video interviewing software with Pitch N Hire will provide a better quality of hire to the recruiter.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What is video interviewing software? 

Video interviewing software is a platform or a common meeting point for the recruiter and the candidate where both parties can communicate through a video and audio call. 

Q2. What is big interview software? 

Big interview software is a remote interview coaching software that helps candidates prepare for their interviews. It has an all-time access to interactive interviews.